You Meet A Great Woman How Do You Bring Her Back To Your Place?

By Ange Fonce

The answer's easier than you could ever imagine... Imagine you see a beautiful woman at the bar. She's dressed in a skin tight dress, showing off her curves. The music's blasting and the bass is pounding in your chest. And all you can think about is how much you want her.

You work up the courage to walk over and talk to her. You smile, she laughs. She touches your arm. You two laugh, connect and make out for the rest of the night. She's getting closer and closer to you.

You can practically feel the heat radiating off of her body. Now's the crucial moment. You want to invite her back to your place. But if you ask the wrong way, she'll have to say no. Even if she desperately wants to head back home with you.


The answer's simple: She can't look like a "slut" in front of her friends. Or in front of yours, either. You need to make inviting her back to your place discrete. (And it wouldn't hurt if your invitation was impossible to say "no" to, either.

So... I'm going to share my tried and true technique for getting any woman to go home with you. This has worked for me for years, and you can use it whenever you want. 

So you can bring a group of girls back for your friends, and throw an impromptu party your buddies will love you for. Also in this article, I'll share a few more secrets. Like... THE "FUZZY ROOMMATE" - And how a teddy bear can help you get more action than you could ever imagine... WHEN SHE SHOULDN'T LAUGH - If she wants to head back to your place.

This is the one and only time to put humour on the back burner (until she discovers the secret reason you're holding out...) "CRAYOLA CASANOVA" -

How to make your nieces, nephews or a few first-grader friends help you get girls (and all you got to do is feature them on your fridge...) ... And hopefully, a lot more. So make sure you read through this article once, take a couple of notes and then jot down the "Things To Do Tonight" section at the end.

It will help you "solidify" the things you learned today, and use them in your life, tonight. Now, let's take a look at why women wouldn't go home with a man they're attracted to...


First off - and probably the most easy to fix - is she simply isn't into you enough to go home with you. 

For whatever reason, she's not "sold" on the idea. This can range from you not building enough attraction... To her simply telling herself "I've had enough action for this week. I'm not going home with another man." And the super-easy way to get around this hurdle is to use something I call "Intrigue." Intrigue is something that makes her wonder about you. In the movies and modern media, they call it "mystery" and it's what bad boys have tons of. For instance, you'll notice in any cowboy flick ever, the "bad boy" never tells the woman what she wants to know.

She asks him a simple question: "Where are you from?" He answers: "A lot of places. Most of 'em, you wouldn't wanna visit." In her head, she's thinking, "I wonder where he's from... Why wouldn't I want to visit them? Is he as tough as the place he grew up? Can I trust him?" (Instead of simply thinking: "Oh he's from Somewhere land. Man, what a boring town... " )

So instead of asking her flat-out to come home with us, let's make sure we use Intrigue, when we're asking her to leave. Because if she likes you - she'll come home with you, that much quicker. And if she likes you, but isn't 100% sure - a little Intrigue might add the mysterious sexuality you need. What's the other missing ingredient?


Second - she doesn't want to look like a "slut" in front of her friends, or your friends. Think about the crazy double standard women have to live under: It's ok for a man to sleep with as many women as he wants.

But women - who have LARGER sex drives - are forced to repress their sexual desires! If she doesn't, she's called a slut and she loses respect with all her friends. Plus, she'll drive away "nice guys" she may want to date in the future. (Even some of the more experienced guys stay away from "sluts", to keep their reputation squeaky clean) So when you're inviting her back to your place, you can't just say,.. 

"Let's go f69k." 

Because she'll have to turn you down! 

And in girl-speak...

"Let's go back to my place."


"Let's go watch a movie." 

Both translate to... 

"Let's go get naked and play hide the sausage."

So you want to ask her in a way that lets her deny you're going to have sex. You want to give her an excuse to tell her friends in the morning... 

"We went back to his place to watch a video online, and it just happened!" 


"We went back to his place to grab his coat before the after party, and next thing you know..." 

Now we know exactly what a woman needs to hear, in order to feel comfortable going home with you.

She needs to hear an invitation that...

1) CREATES INTRIGUE - So if she's on the fence, you'll turn her on. And if she's already into you, she'll want to go home with you even more.

2) SHE NEEDS DENIABILITY - So she doesn't look like a "slut" in front of her friends or your friends. She needs to feel like sex "just happened" That's why I use the most reliable formula of all, to invite women back to my place.


I'll take her out, turn her on and when it's time to go back to my place, I'll say this.. 

"I'll show you my place, if you promise not to laugh..." 

Do you see why this works so well?

I'll break it down into the two topics we covered above:

1) INTRIGUE - "if you promise not to laugh..." She's thinking, "Laugh at what? Am I going to like it? I bet I can see it without laughing..." And she'll either be insanely curious, dying to know what I mean... or... Eager to prove she can beat my challenge.

2) DENIABILITY - "I'll show you my place if" Admittedly, this exact line doesn't rank highest on the Deniability scale. But adding "if" to the end of ANYTHING lets her think "maybe I'll get there, maybe I won't" I've experimented with lines with much higher deniabiity, and they've all worked well. Feel free to use your imagination.

For Example... 

"You can meet my roommate, if you promise not to laugh..." In this case, your "roommate" would be a stuffed animal. A teddy bear named "Fred" maybe, lol... "I'll show you my art collection, if you promise not to laugh..." You can show off pictures your niece or nephew drew you. Crayon scribbles that make her say "Awwww"... You can even use this formula to get her out of the bar, but not quite back to your place yet. For example: "You can come with me to this after party, if you promise not to laugh..." 

And your after party can be at Denny's, with a few friends... You see how in all the examples above, there's a light-hearted "twist" that makes the whole thing fun?

So it's not like you're tricking her. You're simply adding Intrigue to the equation. And overall - she's going to have a MUCH better experience than if you simply asked her, "I'm gettin' bored. Wanna get out of here?" Now here's how to use this new technique, in your life, this weekend:



2) BUILD YOUR OWN "TAKE HER HOME" LINE - Using an equal dose of Intrigue and Deniability. Remember - start with Deniability, then add a twist of Intrigue.

3) OR, JUST STEAL MINE - "I'll show you my place, if you promise not to laugh...."

4) GET A GIRL WILDLY ATTRACTED - By being your natural, charming self using the techniques you've learned in these articles... and...

5) USE YOUR LINE - OR MINE - TO BRING HER HOME TONIGHT - Celebrate man. You've earned it. 

Now... if you want to know a lot more methods to create ATTRACTION with a woman... then...

HOW TO "Quick Tip: Be in the top 1%

Girls in clubs are all gravitating towards the top 1% of men. In clubs, Social competition is paramount.

So here is the thing... if you attract one girl, you might get a kiss, or a number, but your chances of getting her in bed that night are slim. What you should do is create attraction with multiple girls, not just one.

Meet a girl, create attraction, leave, rinse and repeat.

If you stay with the first girl for an hour, you are not being strategic, and club game is all about strategy.

There are too many distractions for you to hold her attention for an hour, no matter how good you are. 

Her friends are coming in, she is getting a text message, she is going for drinks, sees a hotter guy, some pop star just walked in, etc etc.

So keep your interactions short, touch her a lot, and talk to a lot of different women. Make sure everyone sees you doing it.

Women are very socially savvy, if you attract them and then leave, they will follow you with their eyes for the rest of the night.

If you do this on 3 women, you have 3 watching you - but THEN those 3 women get spotted by the other girls, and now you have 9 women catching you. This works because the effect catches on like wildfire.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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