Gender Education For Human Relationships

Gender Education For Human Relationship is a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP SYSTEM for MEN & WOMEN who desire GREAT Relationships! And is EMPOWERING the way men and women view, Life, Relationships, Career and Sexuality. 

Most importantly, it is showing men and women how to develop their NATURAL CONFIDENCE and high SELF ESTEEM! 

It is for the Man and Woman who wants to GROW in their Masculinity and Femininity and to design a life that excites YOU completely and not just from a financial viewpoint. Gender Education Coaching is a method I have developed to work alongside you to overcome the blocks to your personal and relationship success. 

To help you think about your life and what you want to have in your life. To work with you to have clarity towards what you desire and want to achieve and develop a definitive action plan towards your relationship goals with confidence to deal with any hurdles that may present themselves so you can make the most out of your life.

  • Gender Education Coaching works with the present to focus energy for a positive future.
  • Gender Education Coaching is unique in many ways to other form of coaching as it is designed to fit the needs of the client, as each person is unique, as are their situations, so the most appropriate combination of tools, techniques and methods are individual designed for each person. 
  • Gender Education Coaching uses methods that helps people to work out what it is that they themselves want from their lives and how they can work towards achieving it. It helps them to articulate their dreams and aspirations, clarify their purposes and goals, and then helps them achieve new outcomes in different areas of their life: spiritual, personal, professional, relationships, health…

My role as a "Personal Development" Coach is not to tell my clients what they should do. My role is to be a catalyst for change and and gain results for you in your life and goals. I facilitate and support my clients to make sense of their experiences, work out what it is about their life that they want to change, what they would like to be doing instead and how to make that transition. 

In other words, my clients are treated as mature adults who take responsibility for their lives, but need support. The coaching relationship is an ongoing, supportive non-judgmental partnership, with the outcome depending largely on the client's commitment to action and being prepared to step out of their comfort zone to change past behavior patterns in order to reach their goals.  

 "Ange you so inspire me!!! Thank u so much for this entry I share so much of what you write with so many people. I too see women as so many so unhappy so dead they are always asking me how come I am so happy. It took me many years to so embrace the beauty of the woman that I am!!!! Yet now OMG I can't and do not care to ever be any other way. Being a woman is a precious gift and I so cherish all that I am. Namaste" 

Jaki Pozdzic....USA

Gender Education Relationship Coaching helps you to make the most of your relationships, past, present or future. And can help you even if you are not currently in a relationship.

Many people think that any form of relationship Coaching or Counselling is there as the last resort, only here to help with the major crises in people’s relationships.  In many cases I am the first source of help when individuals and couples are facing divorce or separation; affairs or major conflict. But I am also here for the worries that might seem trivial or minor. Even if things are going perfectly for you, I can help keep things that way. 

What Can I Expect?

We can work together to help you to find the support that is best for you and at a time to fit in with your life and find a way through any difficulties you may be facing. Once you have made an appointment with Me. I will ask some questions about you and your partner, your relationship and what you want to achieve for you either as an individual or as a couple. your contact. At this stage you will also talk about the best times for your sessions, and we will discuss the cost of counselling and payment.

I do also provide an on-line service through Skype. However I can use either Yahoo of Windows Messenger providing you have a camera and microphone.

There is another service that I can offer on line. You–and your partner–can get help over emails which are delivered to a secure inbox . This support is popular with people who have difficulty talking about their problems and may find it easier to write about them, or who find it difficult to get to talk face to face for whatever reason.

You can also receive relationship counselling via telephone by yourself or with your partner, even if you are dialing in from different locations. Telephone coaching can offer great flexibility.

How Will Gender Education Coaching Help me?

It really depends what you want to get out of the Gender Education Coaching, but it is rare that you will leave without feeling a positive change. 

For many people Gender Education Coaching has transformed their relationships and their lives through Coaching! 

Which is a comfortable alternative to therapy, And I have helped many people solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence for themselves, their Lives and Relationships.

"I so appreciate you emphasizing that men and women Are actually more alike than different. Some other Coaches and people who work in this field speak and focus about the differences and it is refreashing for you to focus on how in spite of different sexes, we are All mirrors for each other and Human beings. Thankyou Ange for helping me and my partner come to see that we are ONE Ange...........Uniting rather than separating."

Angnes Napenas....USA


"Attraction is not a choice. Relationship is a CHOICE!"

Social Courting for the Modern Man and Woman

The Art of Social Courting and Relationship Building has become in many ways in our modern society a lost skill. And yet there is a real energy in being able to date and meet members of the opposite sex with confidence and be successful in having a full and enjoyable Dating and Relationship life. This can lead on to sharing a deep and fulfilling relationship with a partner of choice!

And you get to make a lot of new friends along the way.

When combined with techniques from Gender Education. The Art of Social Courting can lead to a very fulfilling and rich Social Life and positive, healthy well being of the self.

Ange Fonce also teaches skills and effective techniques in meeting members of the opposite sex using the Inter-net. A very specific skill that when learnt and, used correctly can lead to many opportunities to meet new people. And enhance your social life!

The Art of Social Courting is a real skill and when learnt, practised with confidence in any social situation. Makes you the Man or Woman a highly desired catch!

"See, women are wired to want to be with Masculine Men." Hence you knew I would be returning for cream.. Arghhh.. And yet this so true... Society is taking that away from men.. and from women! Men are trying to be something they think women want.. And women are too proud to admit to wanting a strong masculine male..Out in the 'world' I have always been the tough one.. I could do anything. I could even lift the same weight as a man. I was called domineering.. ice queen.. And yet during that period, the most intense relationship that I had.. in fact the most intense I have ever had, was with a man who was simply that.. a man.. a masculine man.. No matter how tough we portray ourselves to be, it is a masculine man that compliments us.Merci ♥".#

Karen O'Mooore.... South Africa


"What's her Problem?....He Just doesn't Understand?"

Are You wanting to get back the Passion, Romance And Love?


I know it is that particular connection with your partner that makes both of you feel exceptional and wanted, regardless of the years spent together and the problems of life. It can seem as if there is a distance between you both that you just cannot find a way to cross any more. Despite managing very well for some time, you now realize how separate your lives are now, despite the affection you still have for each other. You would like to re-connect to make your future together better.

Perhaps there may be strife between you, which is creating bitterness and lasting damage between you both. The thought of continuing on like this is unbearable, yet the thought of splitting up is also deeply painful. If only something could change.
Or it could simply be that something in you just want to be courted and wooed in a way that has never been a part of your relationship. And the lack of romance and passion is making you sad.
  • Because one of you has a problem and it’s making life in your partnership difficult. Your marriage or partnership is no longer a happy one.  You are under stress and need support.
  • Because you are unsure about your relationship, and together you can’t find a way to navigate back on track for yourselves.
  • Because you suspect or know that there’s more than just your partner in your marriage or partnership - an affair (confirmed or suspected), in-law trouble, ex-partner problems, or difficulties with the children.
  • Because the situation is now so bad you cannot see yourself going on with your relationship. Separation or divorce are in the offing.

Whatever your particular circumstances, I will support you both to recreate that spark of romance and passion in your relationship or marriage again. You are treated as individuals by myself, and your individual needs listened to. Imagine through the insights you gain about yourself, your partner and each other and the methods I share with you both to help you communicate and rebuild that "intimate" connection, you can re-build your relationship as a couple, allowing your love for each other to be expressed in mutually satisfying ways with intimacy and new-found desire.

The Art of Sexuality and Intimacy

"SEXUALITY is Natures Gift that we as Human Beings.

Men and Women can build a deep Loving INTIMACY between each other!"

Sex not only serves a biological function of producing the next generation. It is also the most intimate way. We as Human Beings have to express great desire and love for each other. 

Ange Fonce teaches advance sexual techniques and seduction for both the discerning individual and couples who want to enhance their sex life and sexual essence to new levels of intimacy and ecstasy!

Sex is very healthy for us as Human Beings. It boosts the body’s health, helps keep us emotionally content and is positive for our physiological well-being.

I also provide Sex Coaching for couples and individuals who are experiencing sexual and intimacy problems. Or who desire to explore and express their sexuality deeper in a safe and enjoyable way.


Is Your Sex Life Becoming a Problem?

"We don't make LOVE any more."

Don't be embarrassed about it.

Sex Coaching can help you if you are experiencing difficulties in your love life. All couples go through periods where they don’t have the time or energy for regular sex. If this has become the norm and you would like to rediscover your sex life, then Sex Coaching and Intimacy Skills is right for you. It is natural to want better sex with your partner and sometimes there are specific reasons for your difficulties. Don’t be embarrassed about it – get help from an Expert.

What Can I Expect?

Once you have made an appointment with me. I will sensitively listen to your description of the problem and gather further information from you to ensure that any treatment suggested meets your needs. . At this stage you will also talk about the best times for your sessions, and you will discuss the cost of sex coaching.

If at this stage sex coaching is considered appropriate, you will start to work with me either on a weekly to fortnightly basis. All of the work you do with me is based on talking, however, you are also given homework to do with your partner in the privacy of your own home. Clients are amazed at the progress they make and how well they get on, once they are over the initial nervousness at talking frankly about their sex life.

Sex Coaching and learning Intimacy Skills can help couples and individuals (gay, lesbian or straight) overcome specific sexual dysfunctions. 

If you would like to read more about the very common problems I deal with, like Premature Ejaculation  which affects 1 in 10 men over the age of 40, then please do Contact Me...

How Will It Benefit Me? 

You need to be committed to embark on sex coaching and it is incredibly rewarding and 93% of couples who have used my service have said that it improved their sex life.

If you have stopped having sex, sex coaching can help you to have sex again – for many people it is the first time in years. If sexual problems are preventing you from starting a family, sex coaching address the psychological and physical issues and help you to conceive.

 "Ange, Ange, Ange! WOW!  

I thoroughly loved the our therapy sessions and will highly recommend it to others if given the opportunity.  [husband] and I went home and felt more connected and in sync than ever.  Oh and had great sex!  You really hit the nail on the head regarding [husband] I needed that.  I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to discover that on my own.  Your advice gave us another key piece of information to growing even deeper.  You are brilliant.  Thank you so much for your raw honesty and your  intensity.  God!  I love that about you. I’m really glad that we got to bond a bit more.  [husband] & I are so fortunate to have you in our lives.  Your words of wisdom and insight are priceless. We are definitely going to rely on you as one of our pillars of strengh. We are always here for you to offer what we can. We are so in love and committed to evolving to our highest levels, individually and as one.  I know that having you on our team will be a key component of our success.  

Love you Ange!"

Claire... UK

Empowering individuals and couples with in- home or office SKYPE Coaching Services.


International Coaching Professional Ange Fonce is delighted to provide Video Coaching via Skype. This virtual service removes the factor of geographical proximity, and caters to clients who find traditional settings limiting. 

One of the many benefits of using SKYPE is working in the comfort of your own home or from the office.

Ange offers a range of Coaching Services to individuals, couples and groups. With over 20 years of experience helping people build healthy relationships for fulfilling lives on two continents, the practice brings a unique skill set and global viewpoint to self-growth coaching modalities.


The Skype service I provide, brings a solid grounding of experience to assist clients in resolving problems or conflicts, make necessary life changes, and gain insight into Individual relationships as well as couples, marriage and intimacy coaching.

To know more about the Skype Service....

"Thank you Ange for the great session we had the other day! My partner Paul felt so comfortable with you and I felt that you helped both of us see new options in our relationship! I would recommend you highly! The fun thing is that we are in Southern California and you are in England! Wow... So great to talk to someone in the privasy of your own home! Both Paul and I enjoyed talking with you a great deal yesterday! My instincts were right, you were a great person to talk to. Paul felt really comfortable talking to you even about a delicate subject and that made me feel good too. You gave us some good food for thought and we ARE looking forward to those assignments you told us about so do remember to send those our way!"

Robin Wethe Altman... USA 


A Superior Service For The Discerning Man And Woman!

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