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Intimacy lives in the tension. 

It is the drive to get your own needs met and the drive to ensure your lovers needs get met... love both covers your lovers vulnerabilities and calls out their inadequacies... love accommodates and demands growth. 

The beauty of loving tension is that it has something powerful residing within it... energy. 

You do not get to choose when that energy will get released from the tension... you do get to choose whether it will be intelligent creative empowering energy or blind destructive destroying energy... it comes down to your personal intent... to rise and empower or to control and manipulate?

When two lovers stand right in the middle of their relational tensions and extend themselves to invest in their own highest best and the highest best of the other... a powerful astonishing energy is released...  it is named and known as INTIMACY! 

And intimacy is a key is to building deep TRUST between lovers... and TRUST is the solid foundation value for those of The Tribe of  Dynamic Lifers!

The Big 4 Feminine Qualities that Attract Masculine Men By Ange Fonce

February 5, 2017

The Big 4 Feminine Qualities that Attract Masculine Men

By Ange Fonce

Here is one thing you can absolutely count on when it comes to attraction... no matter where in the world you live.

If you are like me you are probably getting sick and tired of seeing super skinny women being glorified in the media and in magazines.

You may also be totally confused by those late night commercials that would have us think that we men and women need washboard abs in order to be attractive right?

And despite what the media would have you think most men are NOT into rail thin women with six pack abs.

Surprise... surprise... in fact would you know that the look men find most attractive is not only predictable it is specific and MEASURABLE all over the world.

Femininity The World Over

I have traveled extensively in my lifetime and in the last few years I have grown to know and learn about Arab culture and despite what the Media would have you think it is a fascinating culture!

I have made friends in Dubai... Abu Dhabi and Lebanon and yes the culture is DIFFERENT over there and in a way that very often boggles the Western mind... the Arabic language for example is just enigmatic to most English speakers and I found myself listening and thoroughly enjoying the music.

The food is completely different... delicious and a lot more healthier than than most of the junk we eat in the west which passes as food!

And one of the things that struck me more powerfully than ever during all my journeys was that no matter how exotic or different another culture may appear to us two things remain the same and that is Femininity and Masculinity.

Whatever the social system... whatever the cultural trappings even under a full burqa there is a woman whose femininity is defined EXACTLY THE SAME as for any woman anywhere else.

I have traveled all over Europe the USA and Canada the Middle East and North Africa even a visit up into the Artic! 

Yet despite what you may have been led to think about masculinity and femininity being cultural stereotypes you just can not deny how UNIVERSAL the language of masculine... feminine sexual polarity is.

Femininity attracts Masculinity and vice versa the world over and the fact that the phenomenon transcends culture must mean that there is something to it and it is indescribable and mysterious maybe yet very real as Science is finding out all the time.

And for what it is worth yes you CAN embrace the joyful... life giving... nurturing playful womanly essence within you that makes life so meaningful for BOTH genders and you can do so without somehow sacrificing your sense of personal power and self worth.

Neither femininity nor masculinity are the higher calling as each brings its respective gifts to make the world a better place for Humanity as a whole.

And if you want a masculine man it is your femininity that will attract him and that is true wherever in this whole wide world you may be reading this article from.

The Big 4 Feminine Traits That Attract Masculine Men

I was on a coaching call with a man when an interesting question came up.

And he asked me if there a womens equivalent of the Big 4 masculine traits in a man represent what high quality women desire most in a man are there also four distinct traits in women that really cause the HIGHEST QUALITY examples of us men to recognize greatness in them?

The answer was actually relatively easy to come up with... not only is that answer a resounding yes and there is a surprising twist... it is actually the SAME LIST only the female equivalent of course.

That is right because we as human beings both male or female tend to want something similar from our relationships with members of the opposite sex.

As such the Big 4 are NOT gender specific save for the obvious and highly necessary substitution necessary to ensure proper sexing polarity.

Now let me show you exactly what I mean...

1... Confidence

You have heard that confidence is sexy a hundred times and every time you have heard it there is been no elaboration as to whether that fact applies to men or to women in particular.
That is because it indeed applies to everyone.

There is nothing worse than a woman who does not think she is competent except of course a man who does not and when she second guesses herself or shies away from social situations it is a turn off.

When a woman is sheepish with her man in public as a man you wonder not only who she really is under there and also what she is going to be like in private.

You better know it because men love women who know they have got it and carry themselves accordingly.

2... Femininity

Masculine men want a feminine woman... FACT!

And yes you as a feminine woman want a masculine man not unless you are bisexual or into same sexing relationships and even then there will that masculine... feminine dynamic in play with attraction and sexing polarity.

So it makes sense that the sexing polarity factor is equally important in the womens version of the Big 4 as it is in the mens version.

Of course you want him to visually appear as if he is 100%  by your very definition of the word. 

Fit... Strong... Beautiful... Confident even stunning... yet you also want that joyful energy that sweet heart and that supportive spirit.

Somehow the qualities that make him potentially a great father turn you on also when was the last time you heard an attractive man singing a lullaby? 

Admit it you stopped in your tracks as if the Sirens themselves had begun to join together in chorus.

Hard edged resolve does not cut it... neither does corporate ambition at least as far as SEXUAL ATTRACTION is concerned... likewise the word butch and macho is quite possibly the biggest attraction killer known to women as far as you are concerned.

Manicures... sun dresses and hair that smells great are what do it for you and that is no coincidence... it is feminine nature.

3... Ability To Inspire Confidence

I have had this one before from women plenty already... smiles 

"What is this Ange some sort of joke?"

I do not need some man to make me feel safe and secure... really you do not?

This is not about a men acting as protector per se... modern Women indeed probably do not need that so much now in western society and yet how many times have I heard strong professional and successful woman say to me... 

"I would love to let go and let a "Man" take charge and take care of me!"

And I am pretty sure that among your biggest... gnarliest nightmares when it comes to relationships are that he is going to either humiliate you in public... second guess your dreams or fail to stand beside you when the chips are down.

We as men do not want to even think of our woman ever letting us down... we want to trust in her like she trusts in us and on a personal note here it is one of the BIGGEST qualities I look for in a woman that she is trustworthy and she is going to be there covering my back and flaky woman soon get a swift goodbye from me.

Any other state of affairs leaves most of us men flat out unfulfilled.

4... Character

OK... you have got me here.

Perhaps an even bigger and gnarlier nightmare is getting involved in a long term relationship with a man only to wake up a few years or even months later with someone COMPLETELY different next to you in bed.

Maybe it was a ruse all along or maybe he has changed.

When he switches religions... attitudes or even ... ahem sexing partners on you... you will know more than ever how important being a woman of strong... upstanding character in your life really is and that goes double if he cannot seem to tell you the truth about anything or follow through with what he says he is going to do.

There you go it is a pretty convincing list after all... is it not though?

Truth be told I definitely still advocate as always putting together your own version  detailing the top ten traits in a man you cannot live without and that list needs to include your own subjective criteria based solely on personal taste.

And ultimately just about anything on that list really is going to fall under one of the Big 4... so go ahead and write down your own list and let me know what you come up with and e mail me with the qualities you want in a man and I will write a special article for The Intimate Communion Magazine.

So Ladies that list I just mentioned above equally applies to YOU women because when it come down to the nitty gritty both men and woman the Masculine and the Feminine are the same the world over and we both have so much in COMMON!

It is only the myths... beliefs and quiet frankly the crap that the media and religion spreads that gets in the way so often for both men and women and stops us sharing GREAT RELATIONSHIPS!

And we have to get past those myths and beliefs so that both Men and Women can APPRECIATE the GREAT gifts we each bring to the other.


And practically speaking, that completes this conversation.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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January 25, 2017

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Men only have one type of orgasm and I would argue against that one yet let us leave that aside for moment as the focus of this article is female orgasms.

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When you cultivate the courage to really BE yourself and say what you mean... to your friends... your family... your boss and your lover you become incredibly POWERFUL in your life. 

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I have seen over and over again that this is the master key to...

Great sexual relationships .... deep love... commitment and trust... general happiness and contentment with life and being the SUCCESS you want to be!

Because intimacy depends upon you sharing exactly who you are - which means sharing exactly how you feel no matter how ugly you think those feelings to be... it all starts with being Truthful and Authentic  as YOU.

It is beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind, the essence of you... someone who takes the time to undress and appreciate your conscience and make love with your thoughts... someone that wants to help you slowly take down the walls you have built up around your heart and let them inside to share "intimacy" with you and you alone. 

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The Art of Loving maybe the ultimate gift... to connect the Mind... and Body... the absolute in non-denial." ~ Ange Fonce

People who regularly experience pleasure tend to be more happy... and are almost certainly a lot nicer to be around... sex is one of the healthiest... and most beautiful ways to experience pleasure.

A committed long-term relationship legitimises sex... and offers the needed safety... and security to help you open to the many delights of sexual pleasure.

Sacred sexuality practices such as Tantric and Taoist sex offer the further possibility of elevating your relationship to become a spiritual practice,.. thus reuniting sex and spirit.

In this way it is possible to set your self free by celebrating your body rather than denying it.


"Women are Highly Sexual creatures...  women crave really good SEX and for many women... really good sex is rare to find.

Sometimes they have it... and do not realize how rare it is until later... once a woman has experienced it with a Masculine Lover nothing else will do... she will always crave it... period. 

Woman make the investment to make Sex better and they are frustrated when their man is not willing to do the same... giving a woman an orgasm is not the "goal"... it is the very  minimum requirement... it is the BEGINNING!" ~ Ange Fonce


Do not think about getting sex... instead think about giving really GOOD Sex! 

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