For all inquiries...

The information below will help you communicate with me more effectively by appealing to my natural behavioral style.

The first items are things you SHOULD do to be better understood by me... the Do's and the second list is of things others SHOULD NOT do the Don'ts if you want me to understand you well.

Things to do to effectively communicate with Ange...

Ange will follow through on his part... you be certain to follow through on your part.

• Free up enough to be engaging... stimulating and fast paced.

• Be certain that individual responsibilities are clear and there are no ambiguities.

• Plan to talk about things that support your dreams and goals and what you want to acquire and achieve.

• Be candid... open... honest and patient.

• Use you own words to be direct about the topic or issue at hand.

• Provide clear specific solutions you would like to solve your problems and support your position.

Things to avoid to effectively communicate with Ange...

• Do not stick too rigidly to the agenda be prepared to be flexible.

• Do not be rude... abrupt... abusive in your delivery.

• Do not legislate and be stuck in black and white thinking.

• Do not be domineering or demanding.

• And most importantly... do not offer promises you cannot keep.

Now would you write a few paragraphs detailing what you want to achieve and acquire for yourself or problems you want to find solutions too?

1... Your inquiry must be no more than 6... 8 paragraphs please.

2... Get as specific as you can and to the point... the details help me really get a feel for your unique situation.

3... You will not abuse my trust in you... as I will not abuse your trust in me... by sending customer support emails and spam via my contact request form... if you do that you will not get a response.

4... Please allow 1... 4 days for me to get back to you to arrange a FREE consultation to discus your requirements and my service to you.

Please fill out the contact form below... I will reply to you via e mail or phone to arrange an appointment for a consultation with you.

Yours Sincerely

Please ensure you give your name and email. Other wise I am unable to reply to you. Thank you.

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