Do You Project Low Status That Kills Attraction
The “Nice Guy Syndrome?”

By Ange Fonce

If you throw chickens into a yard... they will come up with a pecking order... a social hierarchy where the dominant eats first... the same is true with people... after a while they will establish a social order of their own... there is no need to do anything about it... it figures itself out... someone will be at the top running the show.

In the “courting” and "relationship world"... status is not about being seen as a socialite... or having money... women are simply attracted to men that they perceive as having higher status than themselves.

If you communicate with humble body language... you give your status and power away... if you communicate to a woman... through your "body language" or any other way... and that you see yourself as a low status person... or that you are willing to let her be the “high status person”...  you kill the attraction instantly.

In this article I deal with the dreaded Nice Guy Syndrome that eventually kills attraction with a woman and takes away your "masculine balls" as a MAN!

Jack sent an e mail to me... unfortunately this type of e mail turns up in my inbox often... a man  who "thinks" he has done everything right... been the "nice guy" and the women he is with leaves him for another man.... sad and often true in the Mating Game.... “Mr Nice Guy”... so often ends up the loser.

Jacks E Mail To Me...

“Hey, Ange… I’ve been dating a girl, Kelly, for the past three years. I did everything I could to be the best boyfriend possible. I was totally faithful. Whenever she had a problem, I was there to listen. I stopped hanging out with buddies of mine that she thought were bad influences. (One guy she complained was just too cocky for her taste.
When she moved to London for work, I even left my job and moved with her. I pretty much rearranged my whole life around hers. Well, last week she dropped a bomb on me. She told me she was leaving me for another guy. When she told me who it was, I couldn’t believe it. The guy’s name is Steve and he’s an arrogant jerk. He’s also one of the big player.
I think it’s only a matter of time before he cheats on her and she comes back to me, but in the meantime, I’m confused and miserable. Is it really true that nice guys finish last?”

Jack... UK

When I work with a Man... I discuss the concept of  REAL... "primal attraction"... and how most men have NO IDEA of how to truly attract women on a deep... lasting... level.

In Jacks e mail... it sounds like his girlfriend liked certain things about him... yet she is not LOCKED IN with the powerful type of "attraction" we are talking about here... she took him for granted... and when a more attractive and “masculine” option came along... she left him... Jacks “real problem" is... not so much about being “nice”... it is he stopped himself from being “masculine” and asserting HIS masculinity in his relationship with this women. 

The good news is that ALL men have the ability to make themselves attractive to women... and it does not have to do with looks or money... it is about displaying dominant... natural “masculine behaviour”... that men have been told for some time now... is wrong.

See... women are “naturally wired”... to want to be with Masculine Men... they need the sense of stability... security and strength that a Masculine Man provides... and I am not talking about physical strength here... although that helps.

As I have explained before in many articles I have written for men... showing CONFIDENT EMOTIONAL strength is far more important... and hugely attractive to women.

In fact... rule 1 is to Master Your Emotions.

Emotional strength is the “psychological equivalent” of physical strength... it allows a woman to feel safe and secure in the clear boundaries that a man provides for her.

She might SAY that she wants a “nice guy”… the sweet caring type who brings her flowers... provides a shoulder to cry on... and jumps through any hoop she puts in front of him... and as you know by now... this is not reality. 

What she says is not what she really MEANS... primarily because she does not like what the truth would sound like if she were to say this "emotional reality" out loud... it would sound UN politically correct... and almost... gasp ...sexist... she has an inner need to be with a man who does not take her crap... and who "leads" instead of always deferring to her decision.

In human relationships... there is a curious need for all of us... even men... to feel the limits of our impact on someone... sometimes referred to as “boundaries”... the problem is... there are not a whole lot of Masculine Men capable of providing this to a women... so most women wind up “courting”... and marrying a wuss...  you could be the sweetest... kindest man in the world... who brings home the bacon... never looks at another woman... and gives her anything she asks for… yet if you cannot stand your ground... your woman is going to secretly resent you for it... and go have an affair ... or leave you for a MAN that full fills that need in her. 

She will “henpeck” you and push your buttons to try to force you to show a backbone... this happens to any man... who lets a woman run unchecked in their relationship... it is like being mad with power... when faced with this situation... most men become ever BIGGER wusses...  they will bend over backwards to try to please their woman... because they want to avoid arguments. 

Men... by their nature... like smooth sailing and calm emotional currents... and this only annoys her even more... we have all seen relationships in which the man is passive.. and the woman is constantly nagging and controlling him... he does not know it... it is HIS wuss behaviour that is fuelling her anger!

The more he defers to her... the more bitter and hostile she becomes... because he is not living up to his "masculine side" of the implied relationship contract... you see... no woman wants to “wear the pants” in a relationship... she wants a man who makes her feel comfortable being the woman and bring her FEMININITY ALIVE.

This means he makes the tough decisions... he has a life outside of her... and is not always available to her at a moments notice... and when she goes through one of her mood swings... he remains firm and steadfast. 

So for men like Jack... from this point forward... whether you wind up reconciling with your ex... or meet someone new... you are going to have to exhibit a "new attitude" and set of behaviours.

You CAN be a nice... genuine and loyal man… and you should be... yet you have got to have a tough Masculine Man foundation that commands "respect" from every person you meet... it is a lifestyle that you cannot avoid if you are ever going to live your life to its fullest and achieve all you are capable of.

Let me ask YOU a question here...

Which things are currently holding you back from being more successful with women?

When a woman senses that you have got "passions and direction" in your life... even if that passion is to improve to be more "attractive to women"... then they will want to come along for the ride... I saw it over and over again as I personally went down this road... and I also mapped this development... and I want you to benefit from my experience. 

A lot of the situations men write in to me about are a bit unclear because many men delude themselves as to their real level of success with women... and the QUALITY of their relationships with women... the reality is that most men DO NOT get what they want from their interactions and relationships with women.

Shitty as that is... there is a cure for the common Lonely Single Guy... and the Mr Nice Guy Syndrome.

It is called EDUCATION.

It is the only way to stop being a whipped... scared... beta guy and get your love life under your control again... if you could learn secrets to attract women... and have them attracted to you... would you LEARN THEM?

Can you see past your “conditioned defence mechanisms” and embrace the power of your Masculinity?

When you have enough women and action in your life... you will not feel like you need to analyse or chase every female that comes into your sphere of influence...  and that is a good thing... you will “chose” to act on it because you have got a sense of "abundance" in your life.

I know there are some men who will not understand how these concepts go together... and all success in life is linked together by some common principles... and if you are not getting what you want from life... it is not life... or women who have to change...  you need to make changes.

Stop putting your destiny off until some other “convenient time”... if you would like to create your plan for making your life what you want... "develop confidence... attract women... accumulate wealth... ENJOY happiness of a family"... then Contact me and I can ASSURE you that will discover and know a world you have never experienced before!

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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