Let us leave women out of this discussion for a minute... just for a little bit, anyway.

Have you ever wondered what it is that a successful man has that the "average" guy does not?

And I am not talking about the obvious tangible things, like money, or a nice car, or a house... those are not the cause, they are the EFFECT of a successful man.

The  personality traits that a dominant man displays are what give him the success he enjoys, both sexually, psychologically as well as materially... he is not the "product" of his environment... he is the "creator" of his environment!

Re read that last sentence... it is actually important. 

And yes, those things - money, car, house - translate into success with women, and not in the way that you think... hmmm, I said I was leaving women out of this for the moment.

I personally started out very low in the pecking order... I was what you would have considered a "Nice Guy"... I was easygoing... I liked to keep things mellow... you know, where you can keep everyone getting along with each other... I was average... and conflict just makes things more difficult, no one has any fun... right?

So I became the diplomat... the guy to keep things running smooth and mellow which in itself is not a bad trait to possess... I still am to this day, yet not in the way of the past... now it is as a Cool Confident Masculine Man who know his own abilities. 

The problem is, I started doing this in all areas of my life... I started avoiding and de-fusing conflict and confrontation wherever it came into my world... and I certainly had to change that attitude in many ways when I joined the Army.

I did not realize that I was actually sabotaging myself by trying to AVOID conflict instead of MANAGING conflict.

If you are a nice guy, or if you have been one for any period of time, or SUSPECT you might be, you might be nodding your head already at what I am saying... and let me finish, there is something else I think you will relate to...

(Now let us bring women back into the picture... forget for a minute that I am going to show you a proven method to improve your life, your career, your friendships, your prosperity.)

I also discovered that I was a little bitter... I was angry at all the guys who seemed to be getting the women I thought "I" should be getting... I mean, I am so much BETTER than these jerks... what do THEY have that I do not have?

I got angrier and angrier about this because I thought I was being ignored, and these guys who did not have half the goods I did were getting the hot women.

Do You Want To Know Why Nice Guys Finish Last?

Here's why... you ready for this?

I am reminded of Jack Nicholson's line... "You can't handle the truth!" 

And I know you can handle this...

Nice guys finish last because ... you are not really being "nice."

It is true... you are not as nice as you might think you are when you are sacrificing your own desires and needs to accommodate and supplicate to women...  when you try to be "nice" you are showing a woman that you do not have natural qualities to attract her, and you are denying your Masculinity.

You see, by being nice, you are actually doing the WRONG thing for women. 

What nice guys have got to do is bring out this "warm masculine" quality WITH your innate MASCULINE DOMINANCE.

Women need to see men who are capable of being STRONG and protecting them, not giving up their Masculine Male Power to women.

You have to learn how to mix in the assertive behaviours that will show women that you are fit to be their mates... this means short term as well as long term.

Women Want STRONG Masculine Men.

Women want men who can lead them and protect them.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that women want "bad boy" jerks... they only desire certain "macho qualities" the "bad boy" possesses and that the nice guy is afraid to show. 

These macho qualities act like a potent drug on her nervous system, blinding her (temporarily) to the reality of the bad boy's narcissistic influence... eventually she finds herself emotionally locked to someone she does not like, possible "abuses" her and cannot seem to get away from.

And I have a lot of experience of working with a lot of women who have been "seduced" into this trap and helping them break free from this kind of relationship.

Ask a drug addict sometime if they like the drug that addicts them... they will tell you NO... and yet they cannot stop going back to it.

Now, there are a lot of dating guides out there... dating tips and secrets on how to entrance and captivate women... and some of them... well it is not the kind of "advice" I would give a man who wants to enjoy "healthy" relationships with women.

And What About Improving Yourself WHILE You Are Looking To Attract Women?

Become a better man physically... mentally ... emotionally... financially... romantically?

What about becoming a Man who has a good "understanding" of the rules of the mating game and the game of LIFE?

Let me throw you a quick quiz... no need to get a pen and paper, just nod or shake your head...

  • Do you ever find yourself feeling nervous and uncertain when you are around women? 
  • Do you do not want to use stupid pick up lines that do not work?
  • Do you ever find yourself afraid to approach a woman because you do not know how to handle the situation? 
  • Do you feel afraid of rejection from women?
  • Do you feel like you do not posses the assets a woman wants in a man, like fame, wealth, a nice car, good looks? 
  • Do you ever feel like you need to BUY a woman's affections?
  • Do you want to build your status and grow to become more of your own masculine potential?
  • Do you find yourself reluctant to go out and meet women, that it is just too painful to go through the hassle of courting?
  • Do you want to find out more about the "System of Success" so you can apply them to your own life?
  • Do you feel like you are playing a "manipulation game" when you try to meet women to court or just have fun with? 
  • Do you feel like women have all the power and make all the rules?
  • Do you ever wish you could meet beautiful women and feel confident that you would succeed with them?
  • Do you feel ashamed of your ability to approach women, and that you do not know where to go to get help and understand "courting" and "seduction"... have you just started to "socially court" after divorce or a bad breakup? 
  • Do you want to make an investment in YOURSELF for once, instead of just throwing your money away on bad women, bad investments, and bad decisions?
First of all, these feelings are experienced by every man... I have had them at one point or another... and what will set you apart is what you DO about it... what are you willing to do to improve your courting and seduction skills... social skills... life skills for YOUR SELF! 

To attract  more women into your life... and not just women... other "cool" masculine men and to have a life YOU want and deserve!

You see, most guys will never learn how to handle the situations I asked you about in those questions, and then they will never get the "life" they desire... they will never get the success they deserve... they will let their "small minded pride" get in their way, refusing to admit that they do not know it all.

They may NEVER get to be the fullest Masculine Man they really are... I know that you are the kind of man who wants to do better, or else you would not be a reader of The Intimate Communion Magazine. 

And I know a lot of women read what I write and publish... they want to know how a real Man thinks!

I receive the e mails, messages on Facebook and the phone calls! 

"See, women are wired to want to be with Masculine Men." Hence you knew I would be returning for cream.. Arghhh.. And yet this so true... Society is taking that away from men.. and from women! Men are trying to be something they think women want.. And women are too proud to admit to wanting a strong masculine male..Out in the 'world' I have always been the tough one.. I could do anything. I could even lift the same weight as a man. I was called domineering.. ice queen.. And yet during that period, the most intense relationship that I had.. in fact the most intense I have ever had, was with a man who was simply that.. a man.. a masculine man.. No matter how tough we portray ourselves to be, it is a masculine man that compliments us. Merci." 

Karen O'More

So by you being here reading what I have written.. you want to know how to improve, and you are willing to put aside your "small nice guy" pride to accomplish it.

And I have all the Respect in the world for such Men who desire and have ambition for Masculine excellence... from goal setting to getting the right attitude... from meeting women to handling rejection ... from overcoming your limitations to using persistence to get ANYTHING you want from life ...that YOU want from your career... your family... your relationship and sex life... your financial means... from handling other men, to handling the tests a woman throws at you... and they do... all the time... testing how solid you are in Your Masculine core!

And do you find yourself worrying a lot?

(Brief side note: old mentor of mine's statement... "Worriers (and spellers) can be hired for minimum wage.")

A lot of men waste a lot of time and energy worrying about what others think of them... which is actually the combination of "raging insecurities" and "low self-esteem" with a complete lack of "trust" and "confidence" in themselves.

Worrying Is The Most USELESS Mental Effort You Can Expend.

Mr nice guy spends a lot of time worrying!

This is an important lesson to you when you are out there trying to talk to women and get this part of your life under your control. 

It accomplishes NOTHING... usually worry immobilizes you so much that you even fail to PREPARE when you know there is a chance of the thing you are worrying about actually happening?

Remember what I say about worry...

"A lot of men waste a lot of time and energy worrying about what others think of them... which is actually the combination of "raging insecurities" and  low self-esteem" with a complete lack of "trust" and "confidence" in themselves."

90% of the things that you worry about NEVER happen... and 90% of the things that happen to you never give you the chance to worry about them.

If you are in this mindset when you are talking to a woman, you are not only ensuring that your conversation will not arouse her interest,.. you are also going to emotionally condition and cripple yourself in future interactions, because you will be practising the fine art of MESSING with your own head.

The best state to be in with women is worry-free, relaxed, and independent of her judgement and evaluation.


No woman or man can judge you... they are NOT qualified for this job.

Only YOU are.

You do have a choice... passive-aggressive "nice guy" or Confident Masculine Man?

And you can Contact me to know more.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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