DYNAMIC DATING Technique's For That "First" Crucial Date!

I've got a special dating tip for you today..."Date" strategy" which comes from my DYNAMIC DATING program, which is part of Dynamic Life development

I've used this one for years, and it has DOUBLED my success with women. Recently I recieved an e mail from a local guy to where I live.Where he asks me "where are good places to go for a date?"

Read oo for my answer...

QUESTION: Where should you go on a date?

"Ange, I've been reading your information for little while now, and I'm really excited about getting this part of my life handled. I have a question that I'd like to ask about the logistics of dating.

I asked a girl I know out, and she accepted. The problem was, I didn't have any clue where to take her.

Where should a guy take a girl out on a date?"

Norman, Portsmouth UK


Hi Norman,

Thank you for writing to me.

This is one of the questions I get quite frequently, and I think it's because guys suspect on some level that taking a woman on a traditional "date" is not the best way to create attraction with a woman.

Look, the reality is that guys have been sold a bogus product when it comes to the whole "buy her flowers and dinner" crap. This method just DOES NOT WORK.

Here's why...

By starting off with a "Let me buy you something" frame right at the start, you've just created the worst starting point for a relationship.

What you're communicating is this: "I'm not really good enough for you, so I'll resort to bribery and cheap tricks to sneak past your radar and get you to think I've got real value to offer you."

Remember when you were younger, and some other kid tried to buy his way into being your friend? 

You could smell the desperation and insecurity - and it repulsed you. It's even worse for a woman to sense this from a guy.

So why do guys still do this flowers-and-dinner program, even though it doesn't work?

First off, it's the option that takes the least amount of effort and thinking on a guy's part.

And, occasionally, it DOES work, but not in the way that you think. You see, if a woman does not have very many prospects herself, or is stuck in her own "La La Programming" as I call it, where she's waiting for her knight in shining denim to come sweep her off her feet, she'll fall for it.

Hey, women spend a lot of time fantasizing about what their ideal man and relationship will be, and she got a lot of her ideas about dating from those fairy tales. 

But high-quality women who are attractive on all levels do not lack for attention, and they see this kind of "buy her flowers" behavior all the time from guys.

And it ALWAYS runs out of gas somewhere around the third date or so, when she's wondering if you've got the stones to be a MAN for her. She can see this program start before you even put the disc in the drive, my man. That's why they almost always end with a "let's just be friends" from her.

She wants to know...

Will you be able to make her FEEL good and create "Sexual" attraction?

Will you be able to show her some FUN?

Will you be able to take the lead and CREATE interesting experiences and adventures for the two of you?

Women don't want gifts.


They want to be swept away in an exciting storyline, where she's part of something fantastic and cool.

So let's get back to your question...

When it comes to dates, I say that you shouldn't go on "dates." 

The very word brings to mind a bunch of pre-programmed behavior that usually ends with you dropping a woman off and hoping you'll get lucky.

Masculine Men never play to get lucky. 

It's not about probability. It's about ACTION and RESULTS.

And if you have the right system, it's all predictable, my Alpha Brother.

Here's what you do when you go out with a woman...

Think: FUN.

What could you two do that would leave her so thrilled that she'd tell all her friends the next day about this "incredible guy" she just met...?

Reverse-engineer the excitement.

Think of the result you want to achieve, and work backwards to figure it out.

Here's one of the things I like doing:

I invite her along on a shopping "adventure." I tell her that there are some stores that we're going to go find that were voted the "Best of the City," and we're going to go see what cool stuff they have. (They actually print this in a local newspaper here every year, and there are lots of places to go.)

This idea is cool because, well hey, it's shopping (I'm not likely to buy anything from the stores), and it's fun because it's an adventure. you don't know where you will end up. And you can slip in a "get together" moment in a "coffee" bar.

And honestly, that's probably my least creative meeting idea.

You could also take her on an exploration of some excellent hiking trail. There are some beautiful walks over the hill. Or you could do a scavenger hunt, looking to find things to make a weird modern sculpture.

The date should cost just about nothing, and it more than makes up for any lack of gift-giving in electric CHEMISTRY that you create from the sheer fun of the event.

You're not just taking her out to ask her where she works, what she does, where she's from... Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn....The typical "interview" which most dates are!

You're taking her out of her boring life and showing her a fun time that she won't soon forget. And that's all that any woman wants.

Doubt it? 

ASK her.

Then you can do the dinner thing later on, some other time, once you've figured out whether this girl is someone appropriate to allow into your life.

Remember, a "date" is not an event where you're "proving yourself" to the woman. That's the old program. That's SO 20th century.

This is your ADVENTURE, where you get to see if this girl is cool enough to add to your lifestyle, and deserves to experience what you have to offer.

You need to start thinking "Does she qualify?" instead of "How can I GET her..."

This difference in thinking is what separates the average guy from the Alpha Masculine Man, it's the next step to incredible success with women.

And don't forget.......You have one of your best "friends" in your pc.....He is called "Mr Google" get on the internet and check out all the local events that are going on.

And as I mentioned before.........Set a Goal. The "outcome" you want and then work backwards to plan the steps.

Give the woman something "different" exciting........That you "standout" from all the other guys who just do the same old "dating" routine.

So when you leave her at the door of her home and say "I'll give you a call.....Soon"....She walks through that door thinking to herself........"Cool Guy....he is different!"

Let me know how you get on.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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