What To Do If He Has Rejected You How Do You Deal With Rejection? 

By Ange Fonce

If you are devastated because a man you have fallen for has rejected you in some way... I want to help you with a PLAN.

The best way to do what is right for yourself... and in the process change your... "vibe"... so radically that he cannot help... sit up... and NOTICE... a woman with such confidence... and inner beauty that a man cannot RESIST wanting her all to himself... and to learn how to tap into your inner Feminine Essence.

Now let me ask you this question...

Have you ever had the rug pulled out from underneath you because of a man?

You are enjoying his company... he is being very tender... and affectionate.. he is even talking about things you will do together in the FUTURE... when suddenly he does a complete about-face... and tells you he is moving on... not in love with you... not interested in a commitment.

All this time... you thought things were going so well.

You courted with him exclusively... saw him several days a week... spent time at his place... and he at yours... you got to know his friends... and maybe even his family... you felt very comfortable in the relationship and you were sure it was... "going somewhere."

And one day he just seemed to change his mind...for absolutely no reason at all that you could think of... worse yet... he may have even said something cruel... or hurtful... to really rub it in that he was not interested any more... if this has ever happened to you... I know how you feel... I have experienced this with women... there were times when it completely side swiped me... and left me feeling utterly puzzled... even after all these years after working with with women... and courting I still get thrown a curve ball by a woman... and you know what ladies... it's no different then men... and the way they act.

Then there were times when I told myself it just was not meant to be... and I willed myself to pick up the pieces... and move on.

Rejection never feels good... even if it' is a man you were not really sure about... anyway... the stronger your attachment... the more devastating the news... I will share with you an e-mail from a reader who was shocked to be rejected by a man who told her that what they had was... "special"...  and yet did not want to commit to her... and ended up rejecting her in a very immature way.

The reason I want to share this letter with you here is because she found a way to get her GROOVE back rather quickly... and it was not because she did not want him back... It was because she KNEW SOMETHING about herself that allowed her to do what was right for HER.

Here is what she wrote... I have shortened her letter a bit... and kept only the most important points...

"Ange, I've been reading your articles for a few months during the course of dating a new man. I wanted to let you know how helpful they have been, especially since this has been a difficult and confusing relationship...

The man I've been dating and getting to know has recently done a 180 literally over night. He is a successful international musician and because of that he has always been somewhat elusive. I am also a musician who is just beginning a professional career...

We were physically intimate early in the relationship, and I wasn't comfortable with it, and let him know that, so spent the next couple of months just getting to know one another on other levels. He contacted me everyday sometimes just to say hello how ya doin' during that time. Then he asked if we could be exclusive with one another because he felt that what we had was special. At that time he also stated "not saying it's not possible with you but I'm not ready for a commitment at this point in my life".

Needless to say I was confused but agreed to not sleep with anyone but him and not see anyone but him. That was two weeks ago that I agreed to that and stopped dating other men... (Recently) we both had gigs in cities only 20 minutes apart...I had no plans to leave the festival where I was performing to go to his show. However, he had his bass player call to relay a message for me to NOT surprise him and show up to their show.


Now I am even more confused right? I went about my weekend but gave things a lot of thought and decided to not date him exclusively anymore.. made that decision Friday night after the phone call from his bass player...

Thanks to your articles and the books I've read, I at least know that I didn't do anything wrong. The old me would have fell into a self-destruct mode and started calling him, desperately trying to hang on...instead I am hangin' on to ME.
I have a lunch date today and am looking forward to it!!! I haven't given up hope that HE will contact me but am not waiting around for it to happen. Thanks for the inspiration..."


Great email and yes I do like it when I know what I is useful to you Ladies.

Women so often make excuses for men... and ignore early warning signs... THE BIG RED FLAGS... because men CAN be so utterly confusing sometimes... and you are full of... "Chemistry!"

Like when he told you that he thought you had something... "special"... and wanted to be..."exclusive"... and at the same time... he was not ready for a commitment... what he was really saying there was... 

"I enjoy your company and I want you all to myself because that makes me feel good. And I will only stick around as long as I am feeling good about this."

I have yet to hear from a woman who would be OK. with this arrangement... and yet women do it ALL THE TIME... you become exclusive with men because you think it is the way to something deeper... long-term... and meaningful... you agree to exclusivity without getting anything in return... except some affectionate words...  a nice companion for weekend activities... and a man to call... "your boyfriend".

What you DO NOT get is a guarantee... a commitment... a safe place to put your heart... and mind... because he can decide to pull the rug out from underneath you any day... like this fella who had his associate call you and tell you not to show up.

Very cowardly on his part... I might add.

This is why... like I have said many... many times before in my articles... and those who work with me face to face... exclusivity with the wrong man is a trap... if you want to feel good about attracting the kind of man you want... you need to learn how to... “Social Court.”
Social Courting allows you to keep your options open... it allows you to approach... “courting”... and attraction with the mindset of allowing a man to SHOW you who he is... and what he is capable of... instead of approaching courting as some kind of... "means to an end"... with just one man who may... or may not really be the best man for you.

A man will know... without you even having to say anything... if you have decided that you are... "off the market"... and have... "set your sights"... on him for a future together.

Most likely... this will feel like PRESSURE to a man... and it will smack of neediness... and desperation to him... even if you are FAR from being needy... or desperate... if you are fortunate he will feel so in love with you that he will not care... and he will not be able to wait to make you his forever... and that last scenario does not happen that often... In fact... what happens MORE often is that a woman will be rejected over... and over before she finally ATTRACTS the man who will want to marry her.

And that is a whole lot of heartache... and pain to have to go through along the way... for some women this can go on for YEARS...and YEARS... much longer than they want... It does not have to be that way.

You CAN enjoy... “Social Courting”... you DO NOT have to settle... and you can quickly find the man you want to.... “Attract”... all without a lot of drama... emotion... and pain... you do it by courting... and attraction... and you do that until you have a ring on your finger... period.

If you have recently been rejected by a man... and you are hurting right now... it is time that you let me guide you to a better path... I want to help you lift your self-esteem... and your... "Degree of Difficulty"... you will feel better... you will be more attractive to any man... and you will relax knowing that you are not wasting your time on one man who holds your heart in his hands.

In... “Social Courting”... you will learn what to do FIRST... you will get step-by-step Coaching from me.... and how-to's on where to go... what to do... what to say to each... and every man you come across... and how to be DISCERNING... and pick out the... “time wasters”... and the men not worthy of you.

You will have me  encouraging you... supporting you... and explaining how POWERFUL this process is to getting exactly what you want... whether you are single now... involved with a man... or even in a relationship that is just not so great right now... you will learn...

"The Feminine Rules"... 

Learn about Social Courting that make it all easy... and FUN for you... so you will not have to worry about making mistakes... you will know what to do... and say no matter what is happening... or what a man is doing.... and right from the start... you will feel so much more CONFIDENT!

Where to focus your attention...

And exactly how to do it... so you will never have to worry about scaring a man away... or intimidating him... you will finally LOVE your energy... power... and you will see instantly how ATTRACTIVE your new vibe is to a man.

What to do about sex and build... "Intimacy"... with a man.

This is a big topic and I go into great detail when you work with me... and if you are not aware I publish articles each week about relationships... sex... sexuality and intimacy in The Intimate Communion Magazine and much more...

If you want to know more about how to handle Rejection... Contact me.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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