How to Develop Outcome Focused Thinking To Acquire Success In Your Life

Why do so many people struggle to 'ever' get what they want?

And why do a few people seem to have some kind of magical power, luck or the MIDAS TOUCH?

Well, it has to do what they focus on.

Typically, people use one of two main strategies and motivations to 'make things happen.'

Both are important and necessary but still limiting.

Let us discuss these two 'older' and LESS EFFECTIVE METHODS for change first, then we will look at the best way to get what you want.

What is GOOD...

Problem Focused 

This is where you are focused on overcoming obstacles, challenges and finding relief from the stress that arise along your path during change. 

The mistake with this is that your subconscious mind is directed by what you focus on most.
So, if you are focused on problems then they will actually expand and happen even more. 

This is debilitating over time because it only robs you of energy, power and optimism. 

Plus, this mindset of 'moving away' from pain and problems actually keeps creating and finding more problems like a SELF FULFILLING prophecy.

What is BETTER...

Goal Focused 

People who have the mindset of 'moving toward' the payoff tend to do better because it creates more positive energy, enthusiasm and power the closer you get to the goal. 

And remember, your powerful subconscious is directed by what you focus on most.

Obviously, being focused on the goal is much more effective because your subconscious marshals it's efforts, wisdom and resources towards achieving the goal and the payoff rather than problems. 

And, goals are mostly external, tangible things and conditions which actually do not mean that much to you emotionally as compared to the 'outcome' or result that the reaching your goal will bring you.

In other words, goal-focus only provides motivation for a short time and once you hit the obstacles you will quickly lose your momentum and motivation and wind up just sliding backwards with no real results. 

(sound familiar?)

What's BEST...

Outcome Focused 

The most successful, influential, happy, healthy and wealthy people have got this nailed.

They know that by dialing into and ONLY focusing on the result, or outcome they want FIRST is how to make things happen faster and easier.

So, what is the difference between goal and outcome?

Goals are typically external, tangible, measurable things like, losing 20 pounds, buying a new car, finding a new lover, etc.

And, outcome focused are about the results that you will EXPERIENCE by acquiring your goal. 

This is much more motivating and clearly identifies what it is you really want.

Again, your powerful subconscious mind is directed and instructed by what you focus on most. 

Just like using a GPS direction finder in your car, what you focus on tells your subconscious where to take you. 

And the more specific the 'address' the more clear, direct and fast your path will be determined.

Also, clarifying, visualizing and AGREEING to your desired outcome is inspirational. 

Especially the more specific you are about the details.

The TRICK...

The really powerful thing is when you combine ALL 3 of the above methods...and backwards.

First, get super clear about what it is you really want to experience as a RESULT. 

Imagine it, write about it, talk about it.

Make a mind map on paper about it.

Then work backwards. 

Identify the goal, or external thing, condition, event, circumstance, etc that will most likely LEAD to your outcome happening.

Next, working backwards further, figure out what obstacles and problems you need to work past. 

Break it down into 3 - 4 phases in a general way.

Finally, look at your first 'phase' and break it down into actionable steps. 

Specific tasks. 

Not generalizations. 

The more specific and task-able the better.

Do that and you have got a winning FORMULA for getting what you want in record time with the least amount of effort.

In fact, you may even find that what you really want as a result is much closer to you than previously thought.

One more thing. 

You cannot be attached to the results or worry about 'how' things will happen. 

That is where most people SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT.

The RISK...

The risk is that as soon as you kick things into gear and get excited about your new outcome happening, your mind's habitual tendency is to worry about the HOW.

But the how is none of your business. 

The world is too complex and there are too many variable elements at play to fool yourself into thinking you can control things to occur a certain way.

Trust and have CONFIDENCE in yourself. 

You always get what you are focused on and aligned with.

Most people are VERY focused and aligned with their problems and WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT!

And they get exactly that. 

Then, they fortify even more the 'thinking' that they CANNOT get what they want and everything takes hard work and struggle.

Whatever you think and focus on BECOMES your reality. 

So you might as well make it a good one, right?

Try this out for a month and just watch what happens for you. 

And you have really got to follow what I have outlined for you and stay focused on your outcome everyday.


You may not realize it but CONFIDENCE is the MASTER KEY TO YOUR LIFE. 

It unlocks your success in everything.

Without real, true, NATURAL dynamic confidence that comes from the inside you will always struggle to reach your potential in all arenas of your life.

UN-confident people are plagued with self doubt and worry about failing, being overpowered and controlled, not fitting in or getting the love, attention and acceptance they really want.

UN-confident people have to FAKE IT and act like someone they are not (at least in situations where they are uncomfortable) OR they just shut down, hide out and submit to the control of more powerful people.

Whether it is your bosses, your friends, co-workers, romantic partner, family or beautiful and successful people... they have all the POWER OVER YOU (even when you do not know it) because of your lack of confidence and solid self esteem.


The 3 main reasons that 99% of people lack any kind of real, natural confidence and high self esteem are:

They rely on DYSFUNCTIONAL and limiting strategies to get their needs met. 

This leaves them in a constant state of insecurity, uncertainty, doubt, worry and dis empowerment.

And since most people are living this way, they think it is 'normal' to be living in a continual state of SURVIVAL, struggle, dissatisfaction and lack of power.

They NEVER question their strategies, thinking, views and their behavior which just leaves them RIDING THE MERRY-GO-ROUND getting nowhere fast.


Un-confident people are totally and completely POWERLESS over their emotions (and do not know it or admit it). 

Did anyone really teach You about emotions, what to do and how to handle them in an empowering way. 

So many people learn to avoid, suppress, numb-out or medicate themselves until they EXPLODE WITH NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.

This is why adults do all sorts of CRAZY, IRRATIONAL and stupid things even though normally they are mature and in control of themselves.

Emotional Intelligence IS A SKILL that must be learned, and improved upon all the time in order to really reach your true potential, attract the kind of people you really want, and have the time, things, money, career, love and lifestyle you desire.

REASON 3... (This ones the most important)

Un-confident AND even reasonably confident people are CONTROLLED by their STORIES, 'false Stories' to be more exact.

What I mean is, everyone has a set of false, fear-based stories that they ACCIDENTALLY MADE-UP in childhood about themselves, who they are, how life works and what happens to them.

I talk all about this all the time and it is the number 1 most important thing anyone can learn about to radically improve their confidence and their lives.

These false stories are based upon early childhood experiences when a positive event collided with a negative experience.

The subconscious mind makes up a 'false equation' that the positive thing caused the negative thing, thus forming a false story.
Why you don't know about yours...

The trouble is that these false stories go undetected... for decades, if not a persons ENTIRE LIFE. 

False Stories are like viruses in your computer that you accidentally downloaded the day you bought your computer.

You do not realize it and just assume the computer is functioning normally when it is actually not at all. 

It is limited, malfunctioning and 'out of order.'

One of the core of principles of Dynamic Life Development is centered around FINDING AND DISSOLVING your unconscious false stories that blocks you from accessing your natural powerful energy. 

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