5 Smooth Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Guest Article By Madison Fields

The only thing permanent in this world is change or so the saying goes and that is why people should always look for ways to adapt and evolve with the passage of time. 

They need to have the ability to shed off bad habits and personal issues that weigh heavily on their shoulders and slow them down to a crawl as they move forward towards their goals and dreams in life. 

This goes especially true when it comes to handling and maintaining relationships with other folks because they need to be sensitive to the wants and needs of other people in their life. 

That is why we see people fighting and falling out of relationships because of lack of communication, mutual understanding and the unwillingness to meet in the middle to compromise.

When it comes to sex and intimacy, couples need to be on the same page all the time to make sure that there is no room for misunderstanding. 

The drive and desire of lovers (especially married couples) either intensifies or wanes through time and that is why lines of communication should always be wide open all the time. 

Feelings of rejection and neglect can cause frustration and insecurity that, in turn, can lead to fighting or even extra marital affairs which can undoubtedly wreck relationships and families apart. 

This is the reason why couples need to talk openly about their sexual life and preferences when it comes to romping in the sack. 

The ability of lovers, married or not, to communicate and openly share their desires when it comes to sex without shame, guilt or the fear of judgement can save relationships and make them stronger. 

For those who want more fire, zest and passion in their relationship, here are some smooth ways to spice up your sex life that will surely enhance your intimacy and bring you closer with each other.

1.Role-playing is Not Just for Video Games

At one point in their life, most men will readily admit that they have fantasized about getting hot and heavy with a nurse or a doctor. 

And some women are really turned on by men in uniform because they emanate an aura of authority, strength and power. 

But this doesn't mean that they are willing to take a huge dump on their relationship and cheat on their significant others because of these fantasies that they entertain in their heads. 

Couples can hit two birds with one stone if they incorporate costumes during their playtime in their bedrooms because they can fulfill each other fantasies simultaneously without jeopardizing their relationship. 

There are novelty shops out there that carry a lot of different costumes and all that couples have to do is choose something that can keep their blood boiling all night long. 

2.Toys for the Big Boys (and girls)

Gone are the days when sex is just for procreation because people are now having fun under the sheets as they lost their inhibitions and try new things out for entertainment and to release some pent up stress. 

And sex toys can multiply the fun that people have behind closed doors because these stuff are specifically designed to excite and arouse the human body in more ways than one. 

Aside from vibrators and dildos that vary in shape and sizes, there are also games that people can try out involving instructional cards and modified dice that will diversify the way people get down and dirty in bed. 

There are also toy handcuffs, edible garments and lubricants that can excite and heat couples up to get them ready for some serious action in the sack.

3.Have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Bed

They say that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach and this is also true for some of the ladies out there. 

And that is why there is nothing wrong with bringing some food in bed especially those that have allegedly aphrodisiac effects. 

Chocolate syrup, honey and whipped cream can make foreplay more tasty and there are some innovative ways to use fruits like bananas, grapes or even cucumbers in the teasing game or the main event itself.

4.Talk Dirty and Communicate

Stifled moans and loud grunts are pretty boring ways to express yourself while getting it on and that is why couples should be more creative when vocalizing what they really feel and want deep inside, pun intended. 

This doesn't mean that people should get carried away and shower their partners with curses and other expletives because this is a major turn off for some and downright degrading. 

Couples can instruct each other with what they want at the exact moment without being mechanical and robotic about it. 

This is especially effective when exploring erogenous zones or getting into a sexual position that they really like because pushing the right buttons and paying attention to key areas of the body can turn people on and get them off in more ways than one.

5.Scheduled Sex Can Be Just as Great as Spontaneous Sex

Because of their busy lives and tight schedules, some couple can end up dead tired and drained at the end of the day. And this can really dampen their sex life and not in a good way because dry spells can cause cracks in relationships. 

While having sex at an unexpected time and place is truly exciting, intense and somewhat romantic, couples can also schedule their play dates to ensure that they have some private time for themselves despite their busy schedules. 

They can incorporate these steamy sessions in their regular date nights and the anticipation for some serious lovemaking will give them something to look forward to at the end of the day. 

These are just a few tried and tested tips that can work for new couples exploring their young relationship or long time lovers who are willing to try new things out to spice up their sex life. 

Sex is an important and fun part of intimate relationships and it is up to lovers out there to learn more about their partners and themselves as they talk things out and get things done, in and out of bedroom.

About the Author...

Madison Fields love watching movies with her friends or simply fooling around and getting intimate with the man of her dreams. When she is not busy writing the best essays for all her classes in school, she also likes to go camping with her family. 

She just loves the outdoors because it makes her feel one with Mother Nature again as she escapes the stifling confines of the city. 

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