When The Sexing Stops He is unhappy... She is unhappy 

Proven ways to ignite "Intimacy" in your Relationship 

By Ange Fonce

If you have been in a "relationship" for some time... you maybe finding things are not as "hot" between you both as they used to be.

Sure you maybe you are "sexing" with your partner now and again and you are finding things... the "sexing" between you has cooled down quiet a bit... sometimes they may even reject your advances leaving you disappointed and frustrated.

If that is happening to you then read the rest of this article where I will share with you "techniques" for easily rebuilding "intimacy" between you both again.

You see one the most dreaded excesses both men and women get to hear in bed ...

"Not to tonight dear... I am tired!"

And do you "know" that when your "lover" rejects you like this there are "deeper emotional" and "psychological reasons" for this... very often their tiredness is used to cover up their disinterest in "sexing" with you... especially for couples who have been having "hot... lustful... passionate sexing" at the beginning of the "relationship" and this disinterest in "sexing" by your partner can be very worrying to you.

Now before we go any further I am going to talk about 3 things you must absolutely not do if you are in this situation... no matter how tempting they maybe.


STOP pornography... must men and some women who have dead in the water "sexing lives" turn to pornography to relieve themselves.

And what happens.

While pornography satisfies the urge temporary... it is not really a healthy outlet for your "sexing urges"... those who watch pornography will tell you they end up more disappointed with their own "relationships" in the end and even fell more inadequate and feel guilty they do not measure up.


Stop looking elsewhere to fulfill your "sexing fantasies"... I understand how difficult it maybe when the "sexing tension" is mounting and your "lover" is unwilling to satisfy it with you... and consider this "porn addiction" is fast becoming a serious issue in "relationships" these days!

You maybe tempted to indulge in a little sinful pleasure......a quickie with someone you should not... so STOP and "think" of the consequences in your "relationship" which your have "invested" so much "time" and "resources" into.

Like pornography... indulging in an affair maybe thrilling and exciting... and the thrill is only temporary until the guilt and frustration of the reality sets back in.

The Third thing is...

Do not suffer in silence as most men and women do!

They are unhappy with their non existent "sexing lives" and do not tell any one or do anything about it. 

I am here to tell you that the only one who can revive and  reignite your "sexing life" is YOU!

Do not even depend on your "lover" doing it they maybe as clueless as you!

And as your "lover" looks to you to fulfill their needs... just as much as look toward them... so is it not better to KNOW that you have the "knowledge" to do the job... which you can both BENEFIT from!

Do not let you ignorance ruin you "sexing life"... your "relationship" and "personal esteem"... stop suffering in silence and do some thing about it... and bring that "passion" back into your "relationship"... and "learn" some highly "effective techniques" you can put into action right now.

Ready here goes...

First of all you have to "understand why" your "lover" is losing interest in "sexing" with you?

Here is the "positive news"... that while your "lover" maybe rejecting your advances... it does not mean their "sexing desire"... their "passion" has gone... it is there underneath the surface... waiting to be uncovered by you.

Let me explain...

One major difference between men and women is how they are "sexually wired" and become "sexing aroused."

Men are highly "visual... imaginative" and "creative" creatures... and are aroused "visually"... you can probably "understand" what I mean by this... you can be staring at your lovers breasts and her erect nipples and stand to attention and erect by just "viewing" her.

Now... for women this is not the case.

Women do not get so aroused visual in the way men do... and that means they can be staring at your body all day and not "feel" a thing "sexually"... yes... she can feel "attraction" and "love" for you... yet it actually takes a whole different path for her to be aroused and "feel" she wants to be "sexing" with you.

This is the "first fundamental difference" you have to "understand" about men and women... and when you ask your "lover" for "sexing" with you.

As a man... while you maybe be aroused by her body or simply by the "thought" of "hot... kinky" and "passionate sexing" with her... "know" and "understand" that your "lover" is not aroused by the same thing and function in the same way you do.

It actually takes a whole different path for her to get "aroused" than you do... and here is a key secret... woman love AFFECTION!

If you only remember one thing from this article then remember this and write it down... Women Love AFFECTION!

What does it mean to be "affectionate?"

The definition of "affection" means to show a "fondness" or "liking" for... this means you must show "actions" that show you "like her" and "care" about her... and "genuinely" mean it!

Now most men make the mistake of saying...

"Hey... I am not an affectionate person"

That is because most men like to be perceived as a macho... rough or manly... yet Masculinity is about being a solid Natural Man... who does "care"... is "affectionate"... is "playful"... is "passionate" and has no fear in "expressing" him self... and the "common mistake" men make is "thinking" women like macho men... well yes this will be "true" for some women only... and this is a common mistake many men make and is actually a BIG turn off for most women.

A Man can be Masculine and not even bother with being macho... and women do adore Masculinity and are "attracted" to it... as they see Masculine Men as being more able to better to "protect" and "support" them... because one of the things that a woman wants to "feel" with a Man... is to feel SAFE!

Do you see "how" this works a woman is more likely to be "attracted" to you by "how" you make her FEEL... if a woman is "sexually attracted" to you it is not about your looks... it is rather "what you do" and "how" you make her "feel" and "care" about her.

This brings us to the Second Secret...

You Show AFFECTION Through Your ACTIONS!

Think back to the beginning of the "relationship." 

If you are like most couples your would have jumped at the chance of having "wild passionate sexing" and quickies in all sorts of places. 

Your "lover" would have been a willing partner too.

What made him or her so "passionate" back them and a willing partner too?

Why is he or she not a willing partner now?

What has changed?

It is simple back then you more and likely did lots of little "affectionate things" that showed you "cared" about him or her... "actions" such as holding the door open for her... sending her flowers... cooking a special meal for him... making the effort to look great for him...  telling her or him you "loved them" and whispering "sweet nothings" in each others ear... as you "romanced" each other.

And you "know" what... most of these "actions" turned each other "on" and showed you "cared"... and made him or her a willing partner to share with you in "sexing."

So do not make the mistake of "thinking" all these things no longer turn her or him "on"... they still do... you have just forgotten to "show" you "care"... and take each other for granted now... and he or she is just not telling you because of maybe embarrassment or their own lack of "personal confidence."

And if your "sexing life" is down in the dumps I bet it is because your hardly ever do any of those things any more... as I mentioned before... you have taken him or her for granted... you hardly tell him or her you "love them" and do those "special things" any more.

So what do you do to reignite the "passionate spark" in your "relationship" again?

You start right now.....you lay the groundwork before you pop the question... you lay out the red carpet treatment long before the Big Bang!

Here are 3 things you can do right now...

I call them "innocent sexing clues"... innocent because they have nothing to with "sexing"... yet they build "sexing tension" until it overflows into "sexing" each other.

First... hug your lover... give them lots of hugs. 

Women "love" to be hugged... and so do men too... just watch them with their friends... children... pets and especial women with other other women... they HUG each other... and thankfully certain social conventions are being broken down now to the point where men can HUG too!

That's right "hugging" is "very affectionate" for a woman and it turns those "romantic switches" on in her "mind" and makes her more receptive to "sexing"... and if you are not hugging him or her now then start doing that a lot more often... do not make it "sexual"... make it "affectionate... loving" and "caring"... and show you really "appreciate" them.

Remember women work in a different "sexing" way then men... yet both sexes like to "feel" they are "appreciated... valued" and "cared" for... and "affection" and "caring" is a powerful way to show this... so make this a "genuine move" to get reconnected.

Second now that you get that sorted...

Hold hands a lot more often... when you are out walking or you are sitting together.....hand holding is a powerful gesture of "affection"... so do this more often... he or she may not tell you "how" they are "feeling" and he or she is picking up on all these gestures of "affection."

The third thing to do is to spend more "quality time" together. 

Go out to dinner or places you can go... where you can both be together... I know they maybe be busy with work or have children... yet "invest" in "quality time" for YOU BOTH to be alone with each other with NO distractions.

And as the Man... you take "charge" of the arrangements... you make it happen... and not just as a one of special... you can make arrangements to meet up for that lunch... a nice little coffee bar or cafe... even to meet up in the park... use your imagination... and as a Woman... you can always "suggest" these things and "how" you would "appreciate" such "caring" from your man... there is a technique called "back leading" you can use... because by doing this it shows you "care" and "appreciate" him or her and you are bring the spark of ROMANCE back. 

Your "lover" will "feel" all this and that he or she is "special" to you... and say...

"I want you to feel how special you are to me and how much I love and appreciate you!"

On the surface he or she may roll their eyes and I can tell you now underneath he or she will be "feeling the energy" he or she first had when "attracted" to you... they are going to "feel" warmed up to to you like they have not "felt" in that way for a long time.

Here is a simple Truth.

How come both men and women lose their lover?

One of the biggest reasons is because they stop make the effort to "romance" and "seduce" them... stop making the effort to keep that "passionate fire" alive... your "lover" was once worth all the effort... so what stopped and "changed?"

You got LAZY... and went on "automatic pilot"...and there you have it!

3 Simple Innocent Sexual Clues... 

As I mentioned they may not mean much to you... yet your "lover" will be lapping it up... and they are simple and to make them part of your daily life.

Now show some sense here... if you have not done any this in a long time... you have got to start this slowly and bit by bit... other wise instead of your lover warming to you... he or she is going to become suspicious and the whole thing will backfire on you... and make no effort to get "sexual" or that your "intention" is just to get "sexing." 

This is not about getting "sexing" although "sexing" will be the end result... this about getting that "fire" of "romance" back burning again... and having that "seductive passion" flowing again... and yes... rebuilding the bonds of "love" and "affection" back you once both shared and "cared" about.

So lets recap.....a lot more "hugging"... telling him or her how you "love" and "appreciate" her... making that "special time" for you both... and "holding hands."

And yes you maybe saying...

"Ange this is so simple!"

And you will be correct... and when you look back at when you first got together with your "lover"... it was simple because you "cared" about them and you SHOWED your "cared" and "appreciated" them... for that "passion" that once glowed hotly is still there... you just neglected to keep it burning.

Now these are just 3 Innocent "sexing primers" of the many I know... I have a whole chest full of them. 

And if you want to "know" more then Contact Me if you have let your "relationship" with your "lover" slide into neglect.

Because I will tell you now... if another man or woman comes along who can light their fire.....you "know" where they will be going to be HOT and "passionate" with... yet me just say... it will not be you.

So many "relationships" can be saved before he or she finally loses that spark and is gone... and as the MAN make the effort... because it is the Masculine that leads the Feminine!

Now... be the MAN and be the WOMAN and "connect" again with your LOVER!

And practically speaking... that completes my conversation for this article.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own "life" and "wealth!" 


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