What To Do If You Are "Waiting By The Phone"
And A Man "Flakes" on You

By Ange Fonce

Okay... I would like to think that we are all adults here... so I am not about to presume that any of you are actually... really "sitting by the phone" waiting for a man to  call you.  

This is not high school anymore... and realistically speaking... by far one of the most frustrating things in the world of "courting" is when a man SAYS he is going to call you... and then does not... and to put it simply... "that sucks!"

Now... if he leaves the whole idea of calling you "open ended"... that is one thing... and to be honest... if he has apparently been "thoughtful enough" to set up a "particular time" to call you and THEN fails to do so... it is even more of a head scratcher... and when you have scheduled "your time" accordingly so you would be ready when he calls... and he does not... you really can be left "feeling frustrated" like you were duped into "sitting by the phone" and been "flaked" on.

Well... here is the thing.

I could recommend that you take the "velvet hammer" approach and warn every man you meet sternly that you have been "disappointed" too many times already and that you have a "one strike and he is out" policy when it comes to men who "promise to call" and then do not...  so he had better call you like he says he would if he ever expects to see you again.

I could also recommend that if and when he "flakes" on you to pick up the phone yourself and CALL HIM... probably with a terse inquiry up front as to why he did not bother to call you.

And you can probably already sense that neither of those ideas would work in your favour...at all... because you would come off as being "upset"... and probably defensive and even a little bit desperate.. and to be frank... you do not want that.

When you meet a man and he says he will call you... it is best to simply "smile" and say something to the effect of... 

"Thank you...  I will look forward to that."

You want to remain "friendly" and "attractive" of course... and it is certainly a "good idea" to let a man know that you are likely to answer the phone when he calls... after all you might be surprised at how many men actually "fail to act"... when it is time to "pick up the phone" because they either "draw a blank" as to what to say... or they fear the "rejection" of having been given a "fake number" and yes women do give out "fake numbers."

So a giving a HINT of approval... without going overboard... can indeed serve you well up front... that he might actually "call you."

And the truth is... men do indeed "flake out" because he simply is not as "interested" in you as you may have liked him to be... and "importantly"... it may have nothing to do with YOU at all.   

There is a lot of "gray areas" when it comes to "courting" and "attraction" and there are numerous "convoluted reasons" why a man would not call you... for example... 

What if he actually HAS a woman in his life already and got a "stroke of conscience" shortly after meeting you and suggesting a phone conversation?

Or for all you know he may have met another woman right after meeting you... and I know that sounds far fetched... yet I have gone on a "meet up" with someone I really liked a day or two before meeting someone where the "chemistry sparked"... and I cancelled my "second "meet up" with the other person... and I had the "good manners" to actually CALL them and tell them... unfortunately not everyone has "respect" like that nowadays, 
That... of course now brings up the "valid point" that if a man SAYS he is going to "call you" and DOES NOT you may have "saved yourself" the "pain" of getting into a "relationship" with a man who just simply lacks "character"... and I know from both personal and professional experience... that women tend to LOVE a man who has a "strong cornerstone" of "character" and "integrity"...  he is a Man "who does" what he says he is "going to do"... and usually that is an EXCELLENT indicator that he will be a good "protector" and "provider"... I mean... how "safe" will you "feel" around a man who is "unpredictable" at his very core?  

Anyway enough about men...  let us turn our "attention" to YOU now.

Here is the basic truth at play here...  if you meet a man who you like... it is "perfectly natural" for you to look forward to his call... in fact  if you DO NOT... you probably were not all that excited about him to begin with.  

Let us face it... if you FORGET that he was going to call you... then you really have not exactly been "sitting by the phone" even in the figurative sense... right?

Now... let us  assume you have met a man you are a bit excited about... you will be LESS concerned about whether that ONE PARTICULAR man calls you back or not... when you see yourself as a woman who has OPTIONS when it comes to who she “courts”... when you see yourself as a CHOOSER... and not one to be “chosen”...  you will “invest” far less “emotion” in a man so early on.

That alone will allow you to “relax” and "just “enjoy" yourself...  if he “calls you” as he said he would... well that is great...  if he does not... well  you have not “lost anything” and you will be probably better off anyway... just like I said... and now here is the “powerful part”... if you can “adopt” this “mindset” as your own you will actually SOUND more “relaxed” and more “attractive” on the phone when he DOES call you... as opposed to being overly tense or nervous.

This will in turn put him more at ease while causing him to feel “greater attraction” for you....  the conversation cannot help go more smoothly that way... right?

So when you look at the “big picture”... everything tends to work for the better when you “obsess less” about whether a man calls you or not... and is far better than “hanging on the phone” waiting for a man to call.

How "powerful" is that?

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author.. Speaker... and International Psycho Dynamic Personal Development Consultant and Peak Performance Coaching Psychologist who works with men... and women who desire to develop themselves... their lifestyle and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers from around the World!


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