What makes a partner great in bed? Here is a very SIMPLE tip to Turbo Charge your Sexing!

What quality does a man or a woman have that - beyond our attraction, beyond the affection we feel for them, beyond all that "already a given" stuff - makes us say, "wow! that guy/girl was amazing in bed!"

After teaching this stuff for a while I can honestly say that on one level, there is very little substitute for chemistry.  Some people just "feel" or "smell" right to us and we find our rhythm together in a way that feels like instant familiarity.

But just as there are plenty of things that a man could do that would make you feel more turned on, more comfortable, sexier in your own body, more free, more appreciated...so too there are things that YOU can do that will make a man feel all of those things with you.

This one is about the easiest I can think of...

It requires almost zero effort, no skills, no practice... and it is almost always something a man will strongly appreciate.  

It will make him feel more turned on, more appreciated, more free, sexier... all of which will translate not only into him enjoying sex with you more...but will also give him the boost of confidence that will turn him into a better lover for you too.

In other words...

Just try this.

The super simple technique is this:


Now, for sure, some of the women reading this are already the subject of discussion with the neighbourhood association or have received nasty letters from the folks in the apartment next door...or even complaints to the police department...

Awesome for you (and for your man)!  

Obviously you can disregard this particular article and read some of my other articles at this point.

But according to most men, most women could definitely make some more sound during sex.

If you've been in a relationship for a while, it's probably not a good idea to go from silence to screaming the walls down in one night... you don't want to freak him out, or hurt his feelings when he finds out that it wasn't his performance, but my article that changed things...Nor is it a good idea to just put on a big show for the sake of being good in bed.

What I am inviting you to try, is to feel into your own experience during love making for the sounds that feel right... or would feel right if you were the kind of girl that made more noise during sex.

Find something authentic, find something that it is in you, but you've been filtering.  

Experiment if necessary.

Not feeling it?  

It's just not a noise-worthy performance on his part?  

Okay... what might it feel like if it was?  

What would the feeling be if that feeling you get now was just a little stronger, a little more intense?

What sounds might come of you then?

You might be very surprised to discover that when you play that game and you make those sounds, that you are giving your body PERMISSION to feel those feelings more intensely, that your pleasure actually will grow.  

And then maybe you'll get even louder.

If you are currently just a heavy breather... try just engaging the vocal chords a bit.  Even a soft moan can make a man feel powerful arousal.

(And, of course, if you're a breath-holder, try some heavy breathing!  

Orgasms require massive oxygenation of the brain.  You will definitely enjoy sex more if you breath more deeply).

If you are a soft moaner already, try louder... try some words:

"Oh god that feels so good" is always a man pleaser.

And I think you might really be amazed by how much he will appreciate it if you actually use his name.

Already doing that?  

Try a little screaming.


Nothing makes a man feel like more of a hero than a deafening shriek during orgasm.  

Does the thought of that make you incredibly self-conscious?  

That's okay.  

Most women are a bit self conscious about being that sexually expressed.  Consider who you would be, and what your relationship to your own sexuality would be, if you allowed yourself to really let out an animal shriek that felt congruent with your pleasure?

You might discover that thinking about it makes you smile.  It might even feel yummy to think about it?

A good tool to manage self-consciousness as you experiment with being louder is to play some loud music in the bedroom.  It definitely helps when you feel a little more drowned out, a little less alone in the noise department.

Try it out... just a little bit louder... see how he responds.  And see how it makes YOU feel.

I think you will discover that it's much easier than you thought to be great in bed in his eyes.

Of course there are so many other, deeper ways to make him feel more connected, make him feel more passionate and alive, make him feel that mad, craving attraction that makes him desire you all the time and smile while thinking about you all day long...

For Passion,


P.S., As always, I'd love to hear from you...Questions, comments, success stories, or complications/frustrations are all welcome.


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