What Is The Most Important Skill With Women?

By Ange Fonce

In this article I would like to talk to you about the most important skill you can possibly develop with women... can you guess what it is?

No it is NOT banter... it is not storytelling or conversations threads as I call them... not Kino... not being skilled at approaches and certainly not sneaky techniques for dates... phone numbers or sex... it is difficult for me to admit it is not even the ability to develop truly DEEP rapport with a women.

I have listed some skills here and you could probably think of several more and which is the MOST important?

Stick with me as I am going somewhere with this... what do you think it is?

Go ahead come up with an answer... do not worry there is no wrong answer and this is not really a trick question... got it yet?

Okay great whatever you came up with you are right... you are right because you imagined a common situation and then thought of the skill that would be most useful in that situation and it was personal to YOU.

If you imagined being in the supermarket and seeing lots of women that you never talk to... then approaching them in the daytime would be the most important thing... if you imagined being out with a woman without a real feeling of connection then deep rapport would be the right answer... if you imagined having a friendly relationship with a woman you just met... then creating attraction with physical awakening through playful touching would make a lot of sense.

You get the idea... any of the skills I listed above are effective in certain situations and not as much in others... in fact that is true for ALL skills you could develop with women... except for ONE in particular that I will mention in a moment... bantering with a woman who is already attracted to you yet feels a lack of trust will get you nowhere... actually it will take you BACKWARDS the more you banter the harder it will be to develop deep rapport later.

Escalating physical touch with a woman who is already feeling uncomfortable will NOT give you great results you want either... ESPECIALLY if she just needs you to respect her space for a bit before she can open up to you as is often the case with some women it is pretty frustrating if you think about it... the truth is that ALL the skills you develop can TURN AGAINST you if you use them in the wrong way or especially when you use them at the wrong time... this was pretty frustrating to me when I first became aware of it.

If there was a way to make all the skills you have work exactly the way they are supposed to and to NEVER work against you... THAT would be the BEST thing to learn and I like learning to be as simple as possible... could it be that the most important skill you could possible develop with women is the...

Skill Of Observation

The skill to just read what going on inside them so that you can be sure what you had planned to do next is congruent with what she is feeling?

The skill to know WHEN you should touch her to create a physical connection or when to add a little bit of banter to lighten the mood... the truth is that knowing what to do now is WAY more important then knowing how to do it well... it makes sense if you think about it... after all the right thing to do is almost always the thing she WANTS you to do deep down inside... whether she is consciously aware of it or not.

If you can be just be aware of what that is... it often does not matter whether you are doing it perfectly or even whether you are doing it well... if she WANTS you to do it she will cut you a little slack... if you are not quite as smooth as you would like to be... on the other hand you can be the best person at banter in the WORLD and it still only going to work against you if the woman really just wants connection... so how do you develop this elusive skill?


You Focus On It

By focus I mean you need put 100% of your attention on reading women... that means you are not talking to them or any one else or doing ANYTHING other then pay attention to every little sign that a woman is giving off... you see I have invested a lot of time watching and studying studying interactions between men and women and practising the art of observation is so important... I also invest A LOT of time pointing out different types of reactions to men so they can recognize them later and the good news is you DO NOT need to buy a product or take a workshop to practice... you go out to any public place and just watch men and women interact and make a commitment to do nothing and watch for a while. 

If you have a friend... tell them what you are doing and only let them come if they are interested in doing the same thing women are especially GREAT to bring along for this kind of exercise... getting some guidelines on reading non verbal body language is great as well and ask your self questions about how the woman is feeling.

Does she like him?

Is she uncomfortable?

Are they a couple or friends or are they just meeting for the first time... if you do this a few times a week you will be AMAZED at how much you were missing... keep it up and pretty soon you will find yourself in a conversation bantering away and touching a woman at every opportunity and something AMAZING will happen... you might notice that even though she is smiling she is not totally comfortable and is drawing away from you... except this time you will notice it before it is too late.

All you need to do and know to say...

"I am sorry am I making you feel uncomfortable?"

That is it she will immediately relax and start to open up because YOU have developed what truly is the most important skill you can have with women OBSERVATION and she will reward you for it.

Now go watch the interactions between men and women... relax... observe... learn and enjoy.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

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