What Is Better Than Foreplay A Little Known Secret Of Sexing! 

By Ange Fonce

Now do not get me wrong here when I say what is better than foreplay. 

Foreplay is good... foreplay has its place.

Every excellent lover has a great gift for the art of foreplay and can skillfully enjoy the process for hours when they are in the mood to play that game.

I have written other articles about how to give foreplay and I will again in the future and this article is about something that I know is more powerful and will do much more to set you apart as an incredible lover... the kind of man that a wife... girlfriend... lover will brag to her friends about the next morning.

And please NOTE... if you are in a same sex relationship you can learn and practice this too.

It is the art of the afterglow.

That beautiful special time after sexing which is so often neglected especially by men... it is actually the time where you can share the greatest intimacy with your lover... I learnt this practice from my Tantric teacher Vanja Vharash a genuine Indian Tantric Master.

Now I am not going into the deep sexing energy of Tantra in this article 

However there are some more basic skills that you can master first and let us assume you know how to give orgasms to a woman... if you have reading been my articles or have worked to develop your skills as a lover.

The afterglow is the neglected art that can create massive trust... intimacy and make your sexing life better and better each time you are together.

It is a way that lets you make just about any decent sexing experience into something memorable... beautiful... intimate and special for her and ff you are in a committed relationship or you want to take a more casual dating relationship to a much higher level of intimacy you will be blown away by the power of only 10 MINUTES following sexing when you are both flooded with good hormones and feeling open and vulnerable to create lasting intimacy and trust.

And I can assure you that when you do this with any woman after sexing... you will set yourself apart from other men... even if you have been in a committed relationship for years and you do this with your woman she will view you in a very different way and after powerful orgasms... your woman will be incredibly open and very sensitive to you.  

Investing the time to fill her with good feelings and emotions in that space will contextualize those orgasms and make them into profound and powerful memories of intimacy I would like to think for BOTH of you.

Joe Average

I cannot even begin to tell you how much the opposite is true as well... you can be the worlds greatest stud in the sack and last 2 hours and give her dozens of orgasms and still leave her feeling like you are just joe average if you seal the deal with a zip of the pants and a dash for the kitchen or just roll over and go sleep. 

One of the biggest complaints I get from women is just that... it is like a great movie with a stupid ending and it can just kill the whole thing. 

The Abyss comes to mind for me and I liked that movie until the totally silly ending saves the day after a good movie with a stupid ending you say things like... 

"There were some really good parts and overall I would not recommend it."

Your can be a fantastic sexing atherlete who can pound for hours and give her plenty of orgasms yet where is the intimacy?

Women crave intimacy and that is where porn completely sucks and give totally the wrong impression about truly sexing a woman and it is just f69king and there is no intimacy and the Man who can share intimacy with a woman will be top of the pile even if he is not a sexing athlete and cannot pound for hours as he is giving and sharing something with a woman no other man can... INTIMACY!

Now on the other hand and let us stick with the movie metaphor... an average movie with a shocking twist that just blows you away at the end and it is like you cannot wait for your friends to see it so you can debrief the experience with them.

And I am not saying that good afterglow will be her calling you the most amazing lover on the planet... yet I am saying that paying attention to this area will set you apart in a powerful way both in her heart and in her erotic feelings towards you... it will reframe a good sexing experience into a very special one.

So here is some specific ideas for you...


You cannot beat the soap opera tested and approved position of laying her head on your chest and talking in a your quietest and most soothing voice about how beautiful she is and how good she smells and you may have noticed that some women particularly very attractive women sometimes do not respond sexually to praise and flattery during seduction.

This is not the case with afterglow... you can tell her every bit of how much you like her... how beautiful you think she is and any other flattering truth that might otherwise make you feel good and she will love it.

Find your softest... gentlest voice and tell her exactly how much you loved touching her body... being inside of her... feeling her have orgasms in your arms.  

If you enjoy stroking her hair and running your fingers through it and generally petting her then good news she will love you for doing that.

Running finger nails gently along the scalp and nape of neck will get you extra bonus points that will be worth huge numbers of sexing favors... gazing into her eyes and very softly caressing her face while you do this could actually be TOO powerful when she is a new lover and not use this kind of attention from a man or she has experienced problems with men... she has had the wonderful delights of a guy rolling over and snoring or worse... yes you know who I am talking about!  

If you are in a committed relationship then BRING IT to your relationship... if it is a casual relationship then be careful here... if you are not in love with her you do not want to do this kind of thing because it will break her heart very badly if you ever stop calling her.

And there is one thing I say to every man who works with me...

DO NOT BULLSHIT Women... be your AUTHENTIC MASCULINE self and leave every women who meets you all the better for knowing you!

Here is some more important thoughts...

When you make sexing late at night after work and the meal and dishes and you are completely exhausted afterwards... it is hard not to roll over and go right to bed.

Consider doing what it takes to stay up for just another 10 minutes to do this for your woman... if it is daytime sexing then budget your time... do not just bang away right up until you have 5 minutes until that conference call... plan to end it a little early so that you can indulge in the afterglow.  

If you are stuck in that male competitive mind set of lasting longer is the definition of better in bed you have no idea how much you are missing.

This is also a really big argument for learning how to have non ejaculatory orgasms because after several orgasms without ejaculating you will feel both satisfied and energized after sexing instead of drained and weak. 

I used to avoid daytime sexing before I fully mastered this art and if you are still not having male multiple orgasms and want to learn more about this brilliant piece of love making skill... you can.

And finally for this article the most important tip to making all of it work.  

Treat the afterglow as if it is a sacred space.  

It is NOT time for casual banter asking whether she remembered to pay the electric bill or complaining about the new guy at work who is turning out to be a jerk... do not get up to answer a text message or turn on the television and I can assure you there has been many a women finding their phone going out the window and if she does not wise up... going out the door.

You cannot just fake it or just put in the time with afterglow... you have to actually do it with deep intention... respect and your focused attention... be AUTHENTIC!

You can get out so much out of ten minutes if you are willing to treat it as something special.

Now I have gone into some basic stuff about the afterglow in this article.

In the coming future I will be writng about the more advance methods where you can turn special into blissful and Ladies although I focused this article towards men because I am being honest here as men need to know this stuff and as a woman there is nothing stopping you doing the same for your man.

The afterglow is often a very neglected part of loving and sexing and yet it has a very special energy and time all of its own.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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