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This one is especially for my friends out there who are single... though obviously many couples in committed relationships find condom use to be necessary for a variety of reasons...But the fact remains: Most guys hate 'em.

Yet the reality is, condoms are pretty much the only birth control method that also dramatically reduces your chances of getting STDs... so if you are single, they are part of  your reality.

Or they certainly ought to be...

But the truth is, with VERY few exceptions, most of us have been guilty of being less than careful once in a while.

Well, let me be clear on the subject:

There is no good excuse for it.

Unless you've both been tested, recently (and better would be twice a few weeks apart), AND you are using some other reliable form of birth control, you should be using condoms. And, as I said, even for committed couples who have been screened for STDs, their are many reasons why you might be using condoms instead of other, less intrusive birth control methods.

That's why I decided to write some great tips that will make you feel a lot better about using them.

Don't think for a moment that I don't feel your pain... I know EXACTLY why you might get lazy about using a condom when youknow you should. It looks like this: She's a bit shy but you can feel the sparks and attraction happening. So when you are finally there, kissing on the couch or in your bedroom, and she's half undressed, and pretty soon things are heating up way faster than either of you expected...

And you know that RIGHT NOW is the right moment... the PERFECT moment!

And NO, the perfect moment will NOT be 2minutes from now when you stop kissing her, get the condom out of the drawer, figure out how to get the darn thing open before your erection goes away...And meanwhile, that perfect romantic bubble is popped and she's cooling down and having second thoughts... and you're getting less hard by the second just thinking about the dilemma...And if all goes well and you manage to get the thing on, she's still hot for you, and you're still ready...You still don't get the same kind of pleasure that you'd get from bare skin.

I know.

Call it an excellent argument for monogamy.

But don't get caught in that little-boy, irresponsible mentality. A man takes precautions to protect himself and the woman that he is with. Even if she tells you not to. In fact, ESPECIALLY if tells you not to. As it turns out, if you are single and sexually active, you will run into a certain percentage of women who, when they get emotionaland sexually turned on, also get...stupid.

Just remember this:

If she's telling you it's okay not to use a condom, it's very likely not the first time she has made that statement.

In case I haven't convinced you yet, go check out some websites on herpes, gonorrhea, or syphilis, preferably ones with lots of pictures,  and then get back to this article!

It ain't pretty.

So now we're all on the same page.

Condoms are a necessary evil, so pay  attention to these tips that will make your sex life with condoms much more enjoyable.

Figure Out How To Use Them Safely

I know this is a weird one, but I have to say it:

Read the directions on the box and make sure you're using them right. There are some good tips on there and if you are going to break any of those rules on the box, at least know exactly what rules you are breaking...And what risks you're taking. One important point that I'd add, that I've never seen written on the box is this:

Condoms sometimes break.

Make sure that before you come, you pull out a bit and see that it is still whole before you make your sprint for home plate. Pregnancies can happen that way if you are not careful. And remember to obey that bit of advice  on the box about pulling out very soon after you come and disposing of the condom... If you go soft while still inside of her, it can leak.

Figure Out How To Put It On Smoothly

Look, you can use condoms a hundred  times and still not figure this out if every time you use it, you are in the middle of heated passion. They are not that expensive... take a  few of them and practice when you're not with a woman. I know it sounds stupid, but it's a very worthwhile thing to figure out a quick and easy  way to get it on with one hand and without looking.

If that sounds complicated to you, remember that Special Forces soldiers train to take apart and  put back together a rifle with like a zillion parts, in 3 seconds, in the dark, with other guys trying to shoot them.

Amazing what you can learn to do with a little practice...

So take some time to figure it out and then  practice. You should be able to get a condom  onto your rifle, in the dark, in just a few  seconds, with a girl in your arms.

I turn my head and use my teeth for a quick opening... And I can do this with one hand and in the dark. You never know when you are going to find yourself with a woman in tha "hot, wet, sweet spot" but I got to warn you that the box says this can lead to accidentally ripping  the condom, so if you use this trick, use it CAREFULLY.

I have a friend who does it with both  hands, but behind his back while still kissing the girl. He claims it works.

Anyway, fast is nowhere near as important as smooth. Just try to keep a bit engaged with your partner while you do it to keep the emotional flow alive.

It'll make a big difference in the experience.

Another obvious one, especially if you are already in a relationship, is to hand it  to HER with a knowing smile. Let her then do the work of opening and unrolling. It can be fun for the both of you-- it's good because if you do it right, you can make it feel a either playful or a bit sexually "dominant" to  have her do it for you.

Make It Feel More Natural

Wearing a condom does not have to feel like having sex with a plastic bag.

The first thing you should get yourself aware of (if you are not already), is how very different the different brands of condoms feel. Find one that fits right, is made of the right material, and has the right balance of texture and lubrication for you. This is very much a matter of personal taste and personal choice-- but I was amazed when I started to really experiment with it, how very different condoms are from each other.

I also recommend you try out some of  the new polyurethane condoms-- there are a few brands of them, and some guys really like the way they feel. But either way, single guys should keep some on hand because some women have  allergies to latex.

Also, consider trying the "larger size" that some brands make now... even if you aren't  larger sized yourself, many men find them much more comfortable-- but note that it MUST be nice and snug to prevent leakage, so be sure before make the switch. One of the tips right on the box of most condom brands is almost always ignored by the  men who use them-- and it really works!

The advice is to put a small amount of  water-soluble lubricant on on the tip of your  little champ before putting on your condom.

(note: it's important that you use water-soluble lubricant and not petroleum- based lube, because the latter can break down the integrity of the condom)

This really improves the sensation  dramatically...

The problem is, who wants to take the  trouble and time to take out the bottle of lube as well as the condom?

It's just one more step between you and remaining "in the zone."

My solution:

I use a brand of lubricated condom, so when I open the condom, I swab out the inside of the wrapper with my finger-- and use that. There's usually just enough extra lube inside there to do the job.


Change Your Attitude

There is so much trash-talking of condoms that the idea that "condoms suck" can get in your head even if they actually don't bother you that much. I suggest you try to reframe the issue in your mind. Look at it this way, because condoms cut down a bit on the stimulation, usually when you use a condom you can last longer...

Now that's an advantage, right?

And let's face it, there's way less of a mess to clean up afterwards... nobody has to sleep in the wet spot. And it's definitely nicer if you want to  go down on her again a little later in the evening. So look on the bright side. There are lots of advantages to using condoms every time.

As my grandmother used to say:

"Be good. And if you can't be careful."

If your problem with condoms is more serious than that-- for example, I know that many men have a real problem with losing their erection before they can get the condom on... which then prevents them from getting laid at all! If you've got that kind of issue, it  can be especially tempting to go without.

Don't do it.

This is not a problem that you will solve by ruining your life from exposing yourself to a disease or by getting a girl pregnant by accident...It's a problem that you will solve by LEARNINGyour way out of it.

You just need more information.

There are so many aspects of sexual confidence, self control, and learning to stay "present" in the intimacy zone with a woman. And if you learn any ONE of them properly this will no longer be an issue for you.

Better yet... Learn ALL of them.

Obviously I recommend that you learn these things with Me through Coaching in My DYNAMIC LIFE DEVELOPMENT Program where I teach you not just about SEX but to enjoy and experiance REALLY GREAT SEX and INTIMACY and with lots of other great infofmation too...But do yourself a favor-- if you don't learn  your way through "performance anxiety" from My Program, be sure you learn it somewhere else.

It's just plain stupid to pretend it's not an issue and hope it will go away.

Have fun and play safe!

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