How to be more Masculine Confident in Sexing your Lover to deep Orgasms.

Guys, if you tend to be rather passive in bed you could try the following tips. 

However, be sensitive and tune into your lovers responses when trying out any of the methods below.

And of course respect when your lovers says NO that it means NO.

Many women want a masculine man in bed. They do not want a little boy!

She wants a strong man to lead her to deep sexual pleasure.

She wants a real man who is in touch with his sexual power and his desires and free from inhibiting social conditioning.

She wants a man to feel her sexual energy in his body, be emotionally available and in his heart and feels free to express his energy verbally.

Unfortunately, many men are much too nice due to social conditioning and just try to please in bed.

They ask permission to do something new and they take no risks in bed .

So most women are turned on by a sexually confident man who knows what he is doing and takes the lead.

It is very important to take the lead in lovemaking. Most women want to get out of their heads and into their bodies and pleasure in sex. They want to surrender to a strong male presence that can feel them at the same time.

One thing to avoid doing in sex is to ask questions that gets a woman into her thoughts. So, do not ask permission to try

something a bit new, just do it and she can say if it is not working for her.

Tune into her energy and body language to see if she is responding and that her pleasure is increasing. 

Change sex positions because you feel that is the best thing to do based on your intuition without asking permission.

Strong men tend to express their energy and pleasure fully.

Boys are ashamed of sex on many levels. 

Tell her how much you love making love to her. If the energy is right, use dirty talking and four letter words.

Dirty talking is one of the most powerful ways I use to access my masculine energy. 

One can actually learn to give a woman on a verbal command with repeated practice.

Talk about what you both want in sex out of the bedroom. 

What does your lover really like and what do you really want.

Take turns masturbating in front of the other as this can be a real eye opener and very educational!

One topic you could discuss is bondage and how it can lead a man to be more masculine and for her to learn to surrender more. 

Then tie her up and become the dominate male energy,and this could help her surrender more and more.

One could hold her hands out to her sides when she is close to coming to get a feel about how bondage can deepen surrender.

If your lover has sexual abuse I suggest being very careful in following this advice or you could trigger past abuse issues.

Introduce new actives into lovemaking; educate yourself to new ways of making love.

Take the lead in introducing new sexual practices.

Explore anal sex and Prostate Massage.

Practice role playing and playfulness.

Have you ever had an idea to spice up your lovemaking but were afraid and concerned of what your partner may think?

Statistics has shown that, in 90% of cases, your partner would LOVE to try something new, too, but they're just as uneasy or shy about bringing it up as you are.

Guys, be a real man and move through any fears and just lead.

Also experiment by taking the passive and more feminine role in sex. Let her do you, be on top, let her tie you up etc

Attempting To Make the Female Orgasm ONLY from Sexual Intercourse

Men often feel they are not a real man if they can't give orgasms from intercourse. But what they need to understand is that a large number of females (70%) can't achieve orgasm through normal sex intercourse.

I like to think this will takes the pressure off men completely just by knowing this. 

Now there's no need to get upset when your woman does not reach orgasm. 

Instead, men should master the art of cunnilingus and genital g spot massage.

But for a woman, orgasm is not the sole purpose of sex. And sex without orgasm is not automatically the frustrating disappointment that it would be to a man

And the funny thing is that when there is no pressure to orgasm, some of the time a woman can relax more and can find that she let go more and this can even result in orgasms.

Guys, if you follow most of the advice in this short article, particularly the g spot massage tips, after some time you could will find your woman starts to open up to g spot and vulva orgasms. 

Once this happens, it is likely that she will be able to orgasm in intercourse.

Do Not Ejaculate Too Soon

I share this advice with my male clients and I feel this rule is great advice for men that tend to come too soon.

"Thou must not insert thy penis into thy woman until she comes 3 times."

Simple hey, lead her to have a minimum of 3 orgasms. Most women never have 3 orgasms in one night. You will find she will even tell her friends what a great lover you are.

Guys, I suggest you become expert at giving head, clitoris, vulva and g spot massage.

For the more advanced, explore tantra and in time, you will be able to both have hundreds of orgasms a night.

The key not to come too soon is simple, really...

Men, when you are close to loosing it, take your attention to your body. Now slow down your stroke or even stop. Relax your buttocks, legs and any areas that are tight.

Deepen your breath and breathe from your belly. It is very difficult to come if you are relaxed and are taking deep breaths.

I suggest you practice the above in masturbation. 

Do Not Always “Space Out” During Sex.

Some guys make love by closing their eyes and shutting out the woman to focus on the sensations. (Some women have sex this way too)

I feel this is an issue if this is how you ALWAYS make love.

You may be on her, but you’re not WITH her if you’re lost in fantasy inside your own head.

Some men don’t realize that their mind is wandering while they’re having sex. It occurs so often that they just take it for granted.

Watching a lot of porn each night can train you to only respond to visual images and fantasies.

Presence is the big factor for great sex, emotionally satisfying and connected sex. It is also a key to having sex over time with the same partner.

Most women I talk to regarding sex often tell me that their man is just not present in their lovemaking, he is just not there.

You can know all the sexual techniques and sexual positions but if you are not checked in, these things will just not do it.

Many relationships split up because one partner is just not present during sex.

A woman’s presence also determines how hard the erection is of a man. If she starts to think about kids or dinner in sex you might notice your erection becomes softer.

When this happens to me, I start to touch her breasts with loving strokes and my lover returns to her body and pleasure.

My erection then becomes hard.

When you are present you can feel your own sensations and emotions in your body, your boundaries, and your pleasure.

You are out of your head, non goal orientated and in the moment.

A lot of spiritual teaching also tell us to be present and in the here and now. Yes, sex can be a spiritual practice!

The other great thing about being present is that you can pay attention to your partner as well as yourself. 

You can start to feel your lover’s energy by the change of energy in your own body. 

You feel her by being connected to your body.

Most women are very sensitive to feeling the difference of presence. 

Most people talk about a magnetism, or sense of ease and the deep relaxation that they notice when someone is present with them.

They can feel this in a normal non sexual massage too. 

When a man is very there, a woman can feel safe to really relax into her own energy and let her orgasmic energy flow.

If you are experiencing sexual difficulties with your lover or are lacking masculine "confidence" in your own sexual energy?

Then please do Contact Me.

To know more about Gender Education For Human Relationships...CLICK HERE.

And as ever...Always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce

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