There Is A Man Who Wants To Be Your Hero 

By Ange Fonce

The man of your dreams when he comes along does want to be your "hero"... the "question" is are you "willing" to let him?

Men feel so beat over the head these days... surpassed by women in so many areas... struggling with cultural issues... struggling with their own sense of personal power... struggling with the "dynamics of relationships"... and the "relationship" they had with their mother.

And with so many men being totally confused... women are not getting what the want from men... a man to be a MAN!

And is all this down to men... no it is not... because women are guilty of a BIG error too...
How Women Confuse Chemistry With True Intimacy...

Real "intimacy" is such a scary or unknown thing for most people that you naturally get it all "confused" with "chemistry"... and so pick the wrong man and stay “attached” to him.

You “think” of “sex” in the wrong way... as though it is what STARTS off a ”relationship” when actually “passion” and “physical... emotional connection” comes from a place that is NOT created from just looks... what about "personality"... yet you are convinced that you have to connect to “sex” no matter WHAT IS getting in the way... no matter the anger... no matter the fatigue... no matter the distance... no matter the doubt... basically no matter what... you have to get your "fix" of "chemistry"... yet if you can “connect” to the “passion” in you... the LOVE in you and not just the "chemistry"... you can "feel" something a lot deeper with a man... other than your fix of "chemistry" with any man who is simply THERE.

And as a woman... many of you do not see it that way...

You see yourselves as “objects” to be desired... and so you seek out men who see you... desire you as “objects.”

You see yourselves as "conveniences" and so you seek out men who see you as “convenience.”

You see a man who “adores” you as somehow "wrong?"

You confuse “chemistry” with “intimacy” and “do not see” that it works the “other way around.”

Shifting Your Perception Of Attraction...  And Getting Real Love...

Have you ever met a man you would not give a second look to and then all of a sudden you saw other women lining up for him... or found out he had money or power or huge intellect... or was respected by someone else... and then all of a sudden he got "attractive." 

Well... what if you found a man “attractive” for just  being “interested” and wanting a “real live woman” in his life ? 

I mean that is a pretty heroic place for a man to be if he is available and he wants you...  he knows what "forever" means and wants that too... then he IS heroic!

Let us start from THOSE men... men who are MEN... and DITCH all the others.

Men Who Want To Love You And Be Part Of It ALL Are The Real Heroes...

When you start ditching these other kinds of men who are not “interested” in “real live love”... maybe you will "wake up."

When you begin to “elevate the men” you have not given a glance too... to “hero status”... who want to do the REAL DEAL... there will be a “whole new model” for what “love” and “relationship” will look like... for you.

For now look for the unconventional man and...

Ditch the bad boys.

Ditch the hard to get.

Ditch the distant. 

Ditch the unavailable. 

Ditch the selfish.

Ditch the porn addicted. 

Ditch the confused.

Ditch any man who is not "into you" the way you want.

Ditch your romantic fantasies and live with REAL LIFE... you want a man who is going to be the MAN for YOU!

Look at the men who are your "friends" who want more... stop “judging men” by their covers... you want Great Man then up your "standards as a woman"...  work on being “extraordinary” and LOVING your "extraordinariness." 

I know it is hard when you have been beaten down so much on your way to “looking” for a “loving relationship”.... it is so “easy to give up”... you start “thinking” it is just never going to happen for you.

And I am here to tell you it will... if you build yourself back up on the inside... you settle for “compromise” and “make do”... then “compromise” and “make do” is what you will get... and you will end up with “mediocre men” because you are a “mediocre woman.” 

Sometimes you just need to know "how" to spot the man who wants to be your "hero." 

And that is were the REAL work comes in... “spotting quality” instead of settling for “average” and "make do."

The question is...
Are you a Woman who herself wants to be “quality?”

To share "intimacy" and not just base line chemistry?

To know "how" to spot a "quality man?"

Because I can tell you now... there are plenty of men looking for and wanting a “quality woman” to be with and do not want to settle for “average” and “mediocre” and would "love" to be your hero!

So it is up to you... stop complaining about men... and be a QUALITY WOMAN... that is when you "attract" a "quality man" who wants to be your HERO!

And as a footnote... as a man I upped my game as a Man... "average" and "make do" just does not exist in my world... so the women I have in my life are all "quality women"... so when an "exceptional" woman comes along... she is really "special!"

Because there is a simple rule in "attraction"... and that rule is... "Like attracts Likewise"

So if you keep "attracting" crappy men into your life... and not "heros"... I suggest you go take a long... hard... deep look at yourself in the mirror.

Because you are the one "attracting"... crappy men! 

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and International Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Psycho Dynamic Counsellor who works with men... and women who desire to develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers from around the World!

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