The ZEN "Mindset" Of Approaching A Woman Who Is With
"Her Woman Pack"

In this article I deal with a "tricky" situation that many a man faces when he spots a women he is attracted to. 

Who is with her female friends...."The Woman Pack"

This is probably one of the most common dilemmas for guys, and it is very discouraging because of the supposed risk of embarrassment.

No, it is never a lost cause. 

Remember, every situation can be handled if you stop and plan in advance. 

We are human beings – and problem solvers.

When you find yourself in this kind of situation, look that she gives you some definite indications of interest.

When you make eye contact and get a smile, you should move in immediately. 

For every minute you wait after this point, her interest in you drops by 10%. 

You’re probably wondering...

“But don’t I need to wait until I get a convenient break from the herd?”

1) The “convenient” break will probably never happen. 

Remember, Masculine Men do not wait for circumstances.

They MAKE them.

2) If you wait, you will end up lowering her interest, because you will not look confident as you hang around skulking and waiting for your ideal window of opportunity. 

The Serengeti is full of loins that will pounce on their prey if you won’t. 

The longer you wait, the more likely you will starve in the singles’ jungle. (And the faster she thinks: “Wimp.”)

3) If you wait, your inner Loser Boy will start discouraging you.

Loser boy is that voice in your head that undermines your success so you never have to risk losing – or winning. 

The two of you can sit at home watching re-runs of “The X-files” and drinking old beer.

He will turn you into a chicken by whispering dis-empowering messages to you, like “Nah, she’s probably already taken,” or “She just wants to eat her lunch, not meet a possibly interesting guy.”

Don’t give Loser boy the chance to start talking.

So, how do you introduce yourself without feeling like an intrusive chump?

If the group she is in has more than one female in it, (your best option is always to use a friend who can help break the ice for you.) 

Coach one of your friends in advance and have them ready to help you.

Here is a low-risk option.

Have the waiter bring over a note saying something like...

Hey, I know you’re with friends, but if you’d like to make another friend, step away for a second. Don’t make me come over and start singing to you.” (It works I cam assure You. I have used this a couple of times. 

The first time with friends they did not think it would work. 

Until a very nice, slim brunet I had sent the note to. walked over. 

Talk about “Goldfish” looks on their face!

Unless she is terminally shy, she will more than likely step away.

No need to get clever with your introduction when she comes over.

Here is one that works for me... 

“I don’t normally interrupt people during lunch, but I just had to give you the pleasure of meeting me.” (Give her a playful smile.) “What’s your name?”

Wait for her to ask you for your name, as this is a key indicator as to whether she is interested in you.

Remember that a teasing and fun attitude is necessary because it helps communicate your value as an Masculine Man. 

You need to communicate your confidence and independent posture to her so that she understands you are a real man, not a wimp that will bore her after the first date.

Women want men with a sexual charge about them, and are turned off by “nice guys” who can’t muster the courage to go after what they want.

End the tease with a smile to show her you are just kidding around. 

If she gets indignant or weird, you excuse yourself and move on, because you have just discovered that she is probably insecure and bitchy.

But more often than not, you will now find yourself in a conversation with a cool woman.


End it quickly with the “Well, I have to get back to my friends. It was nice talking to you.” 

Then you hand her a pen and tell her to write down her email or phone number. 

Don’t ask her – tell her, and she will give it to you.

Better still put her number straight into your phone and then "phone" her. 

That way you will know you have her real number. 

Smile and say "thank you, catch you later" and walk away.
Then after a few steps, turn and look back. 

If she is looking at you. 

Smile and wink, then go back to what you where doing. 

If she is looking at you. 

That is a good indication, you have made a positive impression on her.

Remember, If she is interested, she does not care how you introduce yourself, just as long as you do.

And here is a "personal story" I will share with you...

I was out one night with a couple of male friends in a bar. 

During the evening four women walked in. 

One of those women caught my attention.

She was good looking and possessed a shapely body. 

But what really caught my attention, was her hair and eyes. 

She had long black shiny hair that flowed and bright ice blue eyes.
Well after a while I was getting a bit bored of talking of football with my friends and put my mind as to how I was going to get to know that women. 

Then the opportunity presented it self. 

Her friends went of to visit the ladies room. 

I got up straight away and walked over to her - Smiling - And this is what I said to her...

"You know, you have the most amazing hair - I would so love to grab a fistful of your hair and run my fingers through it"

As I said that, I leaned in and gently took some of her hair in my fingers and rolled her hair through them.

Saying to her - "You really do look after your hair - It says a lot about you as a woman!"

All the time holding her gaze and smiling.

At that point her friends returned.

But I held the zone and asked her for her number, so we can continue the conversation. 

She give me her number there and then. 

I smiled and thanked her and left saying - "I'll catch you later" and I did.

There is more to this particular story.

Some other time.

But, just one thing to "note," this woman had stunning eyes. 

But I did not say a word about her eyes. 

She has more and likely heard it thousands of times from guys - She has "beautiful eyes." Blah, blah, blah.

But how many would say - "You have amazingly beautiful hair" and touch her in the same moment, and complement her on what her hair says about her as a "Woman?"

In that moment, her "Femininity" is "FEELING" your "Masculinity!"

NOTE that word - "FEELING!"

With a little understanding, you can improve your confidence going into situations like this, and that spector of rejection will leave you alone. 

It ALWAYS loses its sting the more you face it and put it into proper perspective. 

Absolutely, guaranteed.

Which leads me to this... 

You know that women are getting more and more picky about men, and they can sniff out inferior guys with just a whiff of your confidence. 

And to stand out you MUST have the edge on the other guys out there. 

You need to be a REAL MAN, not this sissie-fied cartoon man that the media sells you.

Get the women YOU want.

Not the one you had to SETTLE FOR.

There are so many things you have to have down pat in the singles world. 

And yes in the "relationship" world too, if you want to build a great relationship with a woman.

Like, how do you NOT screw it up in those vital first couple minutes of meeting a woman?

You may have heard me say this before...

Attracting a "Quality" woman is not about getting “lucky.”

This is the difference between those Men, who attract "Quality" women and the rest who take the "lucky dip bag" approach to getting a woman.

NOTE the difference - ATTRACT a woman as opposed to "getting" a woman.

THINK about it!

It is about having the right knowledge and understanding up front. 

Women are actually WAITING for men to date and sleep with and form relationships with, if you will just give them the right reasons WHY they want be with YOU. 

It is deliberate and on-purpose, not subject to the whims of chance and fate.

BE the kind of man they are waiting for. 

That’s all they ask of you.

I have worked for years to break down what it is that women are trying to tell you with their behaviour, and finding out the hard way why being a “nice guy” is dooming you to failure.

Possessing this knowledge and understanding is a HUGE asset for you as a MAN!

When you have that knowledge, you can make better choices and demonstrate better behaviours. 

Build the Life you desire for yourself and attract the woman you desire. 

Instead of leaving it to the "gene pool" and the "lucky dip bag" approach.

You see, the first 30-60 days of any dating relationship with a woman is THE most volatile, since almost ALL the mistakes are made here. 

If you last past this point, chances are you will be able to keep her for as long as you like.

Is there ANYTHING else worth learning more than how to be successful with women and be a SUCCESSFUL Masculine Man in YOUR own Life?

I provide a complete, step-by-step approach to achieving a powerful personal transformation.

First, you will develop an unstoppable confident mind set and re-frame your thinking about yourself, about women and about life!

Then, you will learn the specific methods that will enable you to control social situations and succeed with women on a new level.  

And lots, lots more.

Like "Being The Prize."

Your behaviours as a Man should reflect your thinking that you are the prize. 

It is an attitude and the way you should aim to interact with women.

To "Be The Prize," you should always think and keep the mindset that you are of high value.

You should have the attitude that women are to earn you. 

Not you chase and earn them.

A woman will have won the prize of you if she wins you over. 

You will have given her the prize, by letting her get you.

When you act like the prize women will pick up on it and be more attracted to you. 

On the other hand, if you do not act like the prize, women will also pick up on that, and be less attracted to you.

This is a basic mindset that you must have in order be with the women you desire.

What Does "Just Be Yourself" Really Mean?

There is an old cliché that says if you want to be attractive to women, "just be yourself." 

For many men, this just doesn't make any sense.

How can you be anything BUT yourself?

And if being your self has not been attractive to women in the past, how is it that it's going to work now?

What if your "self" is not confident?

It turns out that the statement, "just be yourself", is true. 

It's just that it's in code.

It is not the "self" part that is necessarily attractive to women. 

After all, the self of every man is different and we cannot all be equally attractive.

No, the key is in the "being" part of being yourself.

Most of us put on all sorts of masks and filters during the day. 

We have little acts that we do to talk to our boss or on a job interview, or when talking to an attractive girl. 

These acts protect your vulnerabilities.

Having your act rejected is much easier than the possibility of having your "self" rejected. 

Dropping that act, and just being yourself - your flawed, strange, true self, is an act of incredible courage and confidence. 

It is hard to do.

It takes balls.

It takes being "authentic!"

And it is one of the most powerful and real ways that a man can display confidence. 

And "confidence is sexy."

So if You prefer the “one to one” service of an "Experienced" Personal Coach to learn lots more about meeting women.

As ever...Always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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