The True Definition of Sexual Confidence Is To
"Lovingly” Giving a "F69K!" 

By Ange Fonce

Hi there to all you readers of The Intimate Communion Magazine...  this article contains the four letter word "f69k" many times as this describes what this articles subject is all about.

If this offends you... then please... it is best you do not read any further!

I was recently asked by a woman what "sort of sex" is the best for me... this made me think about the "different styles" in "sexuality"... I actually like to explore ALL aspects of myself and my lovers sexual expression... I do not like to compare one experience... to one being better than the other... as each "sexual experience" can be different.. each time.

A wild f69k can so "animistic... intense... raw... orgasmic and pleasurable."

A deeply connecting “emotional sexual experience" can be divine.

Many sexual experts tend to stress one way of lovemaking is the only way... I tend to disagree with this attitude... I seek to motivate my clients to overcome any fears they have... and to fully explore the full range of “sexual expression”... the result can be some amazing “personal growth” and deepening of “intimacy” in any relationship.

Most of us think that men are more interested in sex compared to women... I personally feel and know from experience... that this is a total incorrect view... in my experience... women are much more interested in sex... when and IF IT IS GOOD.

It might surprise some to know that studies in singles bars show that women initiate 2/3 of the contacts... more women are also much more knowledgeable about sex... from "high intensity... being done” type of sex as well as a more “emotional” way of lovemaking.

In this article... I want to talk about one style of sex that most long term couples find very challenging.

F69king... being done is an “animalistic”... powerful... wantonness style”... of sex that many women... at times really desire.... “lusty... carnal... strong powerful desires”... are some other words that describe the “energy vibe.” 

Being...  “aggressive... playful... passionate... adventurous”... and “generous” are some other words that come to mind.... in this type sex... women want to be “taken"... pushed down and held on the bed... talked “dirty” too and totally “f69ked.”

The man needs to bring to the table strong desire... powerful “sexual energy”... and to be really in his “masculine maleness”... his cock and his energy... the little needy boy trying to please by being nice is the total opposite to what is required... the man needs to lead his lover into her "deep multi orgasmic pleasure."

Another turn off is the boy scared to make “sounds of pleasure” and to be fully present in his energy and body... the boy that comes too soon and cannot handle and relax into the “intensity” of a fully “orgasmic” woman is another turn off.

Many... many years ago I was this little boy... scared to show my true desires and power... I was actually very shy as a teenager... I reckon if I can transform myself sexually... any man can!

When a woman feels she is with a “powerful sexual man”... she can then feel safe to let go into her hidden wild sexual energy... she wants to feel her man's desire and energy fully... sometimes a woman is attracted to bad boys to get “really taken”... and then has to experience his abuse and lack of “love and sensitivity.”

Most women hid their really “lusty side” from their partners due to “sexual conditioning” and the way society views sex... a common mistake is that good girls make love and bad girls fuck... another mistake... is that any woman that wants more than one man is a slut... a man is called a stud... which is really unfair discrimination!

You only have to read some womens “romantic literature” and “sexual fantasies” to find this style of making love... of course... every woman is different... with different “erotic maps” and desires in sex.

Sexual abuse can turn anyone off this type of lovemaking... when I talk to clients... often the man will say that he did do the “f69king”  type of sex with past lovers... or one night stands... and once he got married he did not feel this was appropriate. 

Many men also pull back from doing into this energy because they are afraid of their own “sexual aggression”... some are pretty uncomfortable about the strength of a “sexually powerful woman”... they cool down the sexual act by coming when she starts to get really orgasmic.

A woman can have experienced this way of making love with an old partner... and never with her married partner.... she often will be scared to bring up what she is missing... she will have to say that a past lover did this to her and her current lover is not... she will not want to hurt his ego and stays silent... sex for her becomes routine and boring.

I know from my own personal experience and also working as a professional...  that fewer that one in four people know about the “being done style of f69king”... not just bought to “orgasm”... really... really F69KED! 

The “sexual vibes” start well before sex... strong “sexual vibes” are transmitted even when not in each others presence... “sexual aggression” is dominant.... being done involves “surrender... union”... and “totally receiving”... you relax into the “orgasmic energy” with no holding back. 

F69K ME... DO ME ...!

Why is it difficult to be totally wanton with your long time partner... after all... it is much easier to really fuck a stranger or in a one night stand?

From working with couples I know... an issue of concern is that you do not f69k your “support system”... if you depend on your partner to support you “emotionally”... and to build your own "low self esteem"... you are depending on a high level of a “reflected sense of self”... from them.

You are scared to show your “deeper sexual desires”... as your partner could reject you... you are needy and do not want to loose your lover so you play safe... if you have “kinky turn ons”... you pay a dominatrix 300 bucks an hour to act them out... you hid your “deep erotic turn ons” from your partner... can you see how exploring “your sexuality”... involves risk leading to “personal growth?”

For a “deeper understanding” of these concepts... I suggest you read this book... Intimacy and Desire by Paul Schnarch

So how does a man start to explore this powerful way of making love?

“Dirty talking”... and “oral sex” can be a way of starting to explore this blow your mind way of f69king... Oral sex is another way of exploring a more wild way of making love... and to become a powerful MASTERFUL LOVER that requires the deep "primal stuff"... which so many men just do not get in touch with... their powerful Sexual Masculine Energy... the very thing that ATTRACTS a womans Feminine Sexual Essence... I have a wealth of experience on this matter. 

Enough said!

Sexual Lovemaking Tip... 

Walk through your house and yard with your spouse and write down all the locations where you think you could possibly make love... put all the locations on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. 

Take turns over the coming months picking out a piece of paper to see where the “love making” session will be.

You can expand the locations if you want too... and go “exploring” different places to “make love!”

If you enjoy this kind of "sophisticated" approach to "mastering" every aspect of love making... from "seduction" to giving her mind blowing "multiple orgasms"... and you would like to know more...  then please do... CONTACT  me... and we can arrange “personal coaching” for you.

And practically speaking... that completes this conversation.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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