The Sexing Inducing Hot Button On A Woman Do You Know it?

By Ange Fonce

Of all the spots on a womans body that you can stimulate to drive her crazy... which one is the MOST powerful?

Care to guess?

Over the past years I have had the fun and frankly the learning opportunity of working all sorts of experts in the area of sexuality... from tantra masters to clinical sexologists.

It has been great and I wanted to share with you something very fascinating that I have learned over the years of working with others... couples and my own experience.

I have noticed that every single one of these experts that I talked to... every one of them at some point thought it was important to bring up this one particular fact... a fact that MOST men obviously do not know and if they DO know they simply do not DO anything about that knowledge or there would a LOT more happy women out there.

Every one of these experts said that the MOST SENSITIVE and IMPORTANT erotic organ on a womans body the one that if properly stimulated would give her the most POWERFUL ORGASMS and is one that most men completely ignore and they ALL agreed on what that secret spot was.

Have you figured it out yet?

If you have been reading these articles for a while I am sure you got this one right and if you have not been reading these articles and you STILL get it right then you probably have a very happy woman in your life...

Did you guess... it is her brain!

Brain Sexing

Because expert after expert that I interviewed said that the most important and powerful sexing organ in a womans body was her mind her imagination her thoughts the organ between her ears and in all other ways of saying it... her Brain.

And if you have been reading my articles for a while then you know I am not going to just leave you hanging here... you know that I am now going to give you some straight up tips and techniques on how to USE this information to drive your woman wild.

In other words I am going to answer the question...

"How do I sexually stimulate her B Spot?"

Feeling And Not Doing

One of the reasons that couples begin to feel like they are getting into a rut or that their sexing life is quickly getting less interesting over time is that they are so focused on what they are DOING rather than on what they are FEELING.

If you look at one of those books like 1001 sex positions and you remove the ones that are impossible... uncomfortable... generally silly or require 10 years of yoga or gymnastics to get in to... what you are left with is just a bunch of minor variations on about 4 basic positions.

Well obviously that is not a ton of variety and if you are focused on what you are DOING of course things can get dull.

And it is so easy especially after you have had sexing with a partner a dozen times to just start taking it for granted... clothing off... a little kissing a little breast stroking a little oral a little intercourse and that is not going to be enough for a woman to really get what she needs.  

Building intimacy and connection is on the other hand... an endless source of sexing pleasure and interest... sexing should never get boring and when you ARE in love it has the potential to ALWAYS be exciting.

Not every couple who are in love though manage to translate that love to their sexing life as it takes confidence... courage and intention to bring those intimate emotions into your sexual relationship and making the effort to CONNECT with each other and bring her emotional world into the erotic world is hard and it is not something that you see in most media directed at men.

In other words when men want to get turned on and they look at pornography or hot girls in calendars or swimsuit magazines the emphasis is not exactly too focused on emotions and women work differently and just respecting that fact and making an effort to connect with her in a loving way will do ridiculously powerful things to your sexing life and like I said it takes some courage.

You have got to have balls to play that emotional card because it makes YOU vulnerable in a really painful way if she rejects it... the choice is yours and I think the risk is well worth the rewards.

Connect And Talk

Or in some other way make an effort to communicate.

Women will tell you that most men are completely silent in the bedroom...  some will make an effort at dirty talk and few really try to make an effort at connecting in some real way.

Dirty talk is way better than nothing as many women LOVE dirty talk and say it is a real turn on and some do not care for it and if you are with a woman that likes it then it is a great way to SYNCHRONIZE your feelings together because you are directly stimulating her brain and you will get powerful results in her pleasure.

More importantly you are creating the communication that LINKS YOU UP so you are on the same page during sexing and not just both locked in your own heads DOING something together and not necessarily THINKING or FEELING it together.

Speaking of your feelings or emotions... asking about hers telling her how she is making you feel... describing what her skin feels like or what she smells like... telling her what you want her to do for you... these are all ways of linking up your experiences and all of these things are great ways to use your words to really connect in with her brain and make the sexing experience MUCH more intense for both of you and if you do not feel comfortable expressing your during sexing that is fine... find other ways to communicate without words such using touch... sighs... sounds and eye contact... aggressiveness... tenderness or anything else that connects you with each others emotional state.

Create A Setting

A romantic environment definitely stimulates the B spot.

The obvious way to go here is to light candles and spread rose petals on the bed yet the setting does not have to be romantic... not all men like that mushy sort of thing and BIG TIP here... not all women like it either because doing it someplace exciting is different things to different people... the danger of potentially getting caught can make a parking garage better than rose petals for more women than you might suspect and if you like sharing fantasy you do not ever have to leave your bedroom and if she is an exhibitionist... all you need to do is TELL her to IMAGINE the place you would like to make sexing with her... yes that is right using your words again... not necessarily during sexing and before it to set the tone and scene.

Remember that creating the setting is even more powerful when it does not involve a physical setting... rather an emotional one.

If you think about the sorts of things that turn women on in the movies like forbidden love... romantic destiny... wild passion these are the things that you can create in her brain before you ever get to the bedroom... all it takes is imagination and effort and according to EVERY expert that I have spoken with... it is always WORTH the effort because the B Spot is far more powerful than the clitoris... the g spot or any other sexing part on her body.

Try these 3 techniques out TONIGHT and if you have been together for a while and you are in a rut just the fact that you are making this effort my bring her to tears of gratitude and screams of passion.

If you want to know more or if you have problems with sexing and your sexing life then CONTACT me.

May you enjoy the best in love and sexing.

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