The Sexing Comfort Zone Kills Your Passion 

By Ange Fonce

Everyone knows that when you are in a relationship with someone, at the beginning it is exciting and it is new. 

Everything you do together is fun and it is only made better when you find that you get along with each others friends and family... life is good! 

Then something happens... without you realizing it some of the sheen wears off the formerly new relationship and you start to get annoyed by the things you thought were cute that your lover does, you get irritated and maybe even bored. 

When things are going good it is easy to accept things as they are and you can become complacent and just put yourself into “cruise control” mode... why do you do this? 

Any number of reasons and I would offer that one of the primary reasons is that you feel very, very secure in the relationship and things become easy and it can seem as though the work you used to put into the relationship at the beginning is no longer necessary.

And that is a mistake, one I see so often within relationship taking each other for granted and becoming complacent and comfortable with your sexing life.

The Sexing Comfort Zone

The fight is gone, the hunt, the chase is over, what reason is there for someone to continue courting and seducing their lover? 

It is exciting to know that you got something you wanted and this is especially true when you attract a person who you find physically and mentally attractive, again when time passes what reason is there to “hunt?” 

You have already caught your prey!

Often one of the things that falls off is sexing performance and satisfaction, primarily this can occur when lovers are no longer attempting to please and enjoy their lover instead they are just focusing to get their own rocks off. 

A lack of respect or consideration can be a source of frustration in a relationship where the passion has become irrelevant because you feel no need to “do the work” you just do not do it, you do not make that extra effort for your lover, these things happen because there is not an appreciation of danger and there is a lack of respect for the fact that your significant other could walk out on you at any moment. 

There is no game to be hunted, chased and devoured, the prey is there at your convenience and the game has become “extinct.”

Some of you might call that inconsiderate behaviour, I would go one step further and call it a complete loss of passion and zest for the relationship and the significant other, when things are mundane, have become mediocre, things get boring and who wants boring and unsatisfying sexing?

Nothing good ever comes from being stuck in a sexual comfort zone... sure, you know what works for you and you love your partner’s moves and most times the sexing itself while good continues to be routine or average, there are no frills or thrills.

So how can you break the routine and start having amazing, passionate sexing again

Stepping Outside Of The Sexing Comfort Zone

This is where forcing the issue and having a discussion and following up with some actual action makes the complete difference when someone feels they are going to lose something they squeeze a little tighter, they hold on just a little bit more, sometimes you need to show that you are not only going to talk the talk, that you are going to walk the walk too.

It is important to let go of the things that are holding you back, especially when it comes to sexing... so let go of whatever is holding you back and agree it is time for something completely different... since you have been together for a while you have gone to each others favourite spots and nothing is all that much of a surprise... it is time for something new that neither of you has experienced before. 

Role playing can be a good way to do this, there is no wrong way to play this, one thing my past lovers and I have wanted to do this was to play up that we are strangers at a bar who meet for some very naughty play and I have actually turned this into an erotic story you can down load...

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The lack of REAL communication and sharing with each other is one of THE single biggest factors why a relationship can fail because both men and women can sit around and ask their friends for advice about their relationship issues, yet at the end of the day it does not replace a heart-to-heart with your lover.

When you are a woman, your brain tends to play a massive role when it comes to your sexing life, you can be critical beings between the sheets and you probably know from experience that if you are not completely comfy or if you are worrying about work, the big O just is not going to happen for you and the quickest way that you can break out of a sexing rut is to let your guard down, switch your brain off and just let loose. 

Unleash the inner wild-woman and live by the mantra that if something feels good you should just do it and when you let your guard down it symbolises to your partner that you really trust him and it also opens up new possibilities, so if you are in bed and you get the notion to try something new suggest it to your lover, give it a go and see what happens.

Take it slow at first when you are trying to spice things up in your sexing life as it does not mean that you have to go from zero to dominatrix in the space of five minutes, stepping out of a routine that you are used to can be scary, it can make you feel a bit nervous, take time to figure out the things that turn both yourself and your partner on.

Yes, losing your inhibitions means taking chances and taking these chances at a comfortable pace will make the experience much more enjoyable for both of you.

Get your talk on the next time you are in bed with your man, start talking, share with him the things that turn you on when you are already in bed, sexing is something that is on our minds so you will find it easier to open up about any fantasies you may have, talk to your lover about them and ask him to share his with you and you can proceed from there when it comes to trying something new.

The comfort zone is an area you want to spend as little time as possible, because if you are coasting through life, you are going downhill and your lover could be off getting their excitement elsewhere!

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