The SECRET To ATTRACTION And Success With Women Is To FORGET Women

I am not going to talk about women directly and more about being a Great Man who women will be "attracted" too.

Now, let me ask you some questions first...

Are you a man who suffer's from and want's to resolve what I call "approach anxiety," with women, and instead re-frame those feelings and that negative "thinking" to what I call "approach excitement" which creates attraction with women, to be able to have deep connecting and exciting conversations with ANY WOMAN, any time, anywhere?

I am going give you a piece of advice that may at first confuse you...

And it is actually the MOST POWERFUL advice I could ever give you.


Here it is...

If you TRULY want success with women....

STOP putting all your ATTENTION on Being SUCCESSFUL with women.

That is right, you read it right.


The biggest breakthroughs I have seen with the men I have worked with - the ones that had men catapult their success with women to an amazing level - had NOTHING to do with women, and everything to do with their relationships with THEMSELVES as a MAN!.

In some ways, focusing on "success with women" is BANKRUPT. 

I have been there myself. 

I have tried it.

And my "success with women" breakthroughs came when I said in frustration...

"F69k it. I give up. I'm just going to focus on enjoying my life, whether I'm ever with another woman again or not."

GET THIS: No matter what is going on, you can enjoy yourself and feel good in your own life.

If you approach a woman thinking that she will solve your problems and allow you to enjoy yourself, you have your head in the wrong place.

It is like one of those "magic eye" puzzles - if you look at it "head-on" you never see it. 

And once you relax your eyes, and let go of "needing to see it," it comes RIGHT INTO FOCUS.

Same thing for success with women.

Success with women, TRUE success, the kind that flows NATURALLY, without a lot of WORK, requires you to RELAX OUT OF YOUR NEED for success women.

It is a wonderful paradox... and I love paradox's as that is where the really interesting stuff is!

Because I can practice enjoying my life.... in ORDER to be successful with women!

And it works...I am doing it and those men who have this "mindset" are enjoying their life and enjoying women too!

BECAUSE you ACTUALLY HAVE TO TRULY ENJOY being with yourself... and if that is a challenge for you, then women are not going help that.

So, here is a practice for you...

How fully can you enjoy your life, as it is, RIGHT NOW, as you are reading this?

It REQUIRES you to get in touch with the sensations of your body that has you enjoying it... and embracing and appreciating whatever you notice.

When you work with me and I SCHOOL you on the "3 Base Keys to Solid Natural Masculine Confidence" - it is oriented towards your relating with women, and really, it has nothing to do with women at all.

Because that is why it is so powerful. 

It is a series of practices, insights and exercises that will teach you to CULTIVATE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF - not just by having you do some "affirmations."

Because I will be sharing with you the core principles for being a solid, powerful masculine man.

I have something really important to discuss with you. 

Really, this could be the most life-altering thing you read.

First, let me ask, have you heard the term "inner game?"

Do you know what it means?

There is a lot of terminology thrown around these days, and I wanted to see if you have heard this one.

Essentially, your OUTER game is how you interact with women and everyone else in YOUR life. 

What you say, how you handle body language, tone of voice, etc. 

It is everything outside your head.

And INNER game refers to all the stuff that is going on inside your head when you interact with women and others.

  • What are you thinking?
  • What are you feeling?
  • How high is your anxiety?
  • Are you nervous, or are you calm?
  • Can you think of what you need to say when it is the right time to say it? 
  • Do you find yourself fumbling for words?
  • Are you able to stay loose, or do you get very self-conscious?
Now, I could make this into a long and drawn out article on the meaning and definition of inner game, and it does not need to be complicated at all.

Inner game is really just this...


There are strategies and tactics, specific things you can say to a woman, but these are no way as important as your overall level of self-confidence.

Have you ever wondered why it is that certain men get away with more in life?

I do not mean bad things, like getting away with a bank robbery or anything like that.

What I am talking about is SOCIAL LIBERATION.

Because Social Liberation is the ability to "get away" with more when you are interacting with other people.

Masculine Men just seem to be able to speak their mind about anything. 

Sometimes they even seem arrogant, and the difference is that they are respected.

Because they have the ability to assert themselves in a conversation, with men or women, and not appear like a dumb tool. 

They are the ones that people listen to, primarily because they seem to have a sense of passion. 

They know what they are talking about, and come across with "authenticity" and "conviction!"

You may not always agree with them, and you do respect them.

It does not matter if the man is just pushing forward with his goals in life, or he is busy with a social calendar. 

He is living a life most men envy.

What makes such a man so different?

Back to the topic of inner game...

Do you ever find that, after you read a bunch of the "lines" and strategies from e-books and other dating guides, and you go out and use them, that you are missing something?

When you approach a woman and start to talk to her, do you feel as if you are on shaky ground?

That if she were to ask you, "are you picking up on me?" 

You would probably crumble and lose your nerve?

You would feel like you were "caught?"

Found out?

Do you ever feel that just learning the tactics is not quite enough?

That there is something missing that would really give you more success?

You are not alone.

I felt this way, too.

For about five years (this was over 20 years ago) I was reading every book on relationships and dating that I could to find out how this thing worked.

I mean, for those who know me personally, I am a very analytical man and deeply into "understanding" how male-female relationships work on all levels.

And there was a part of me that knew that female attraction could be understood. 

Not in a mathematical formula, or some chemical recipe, but in a way that would unlock the whole psychology - biology of what was going on in a woman's mind and body.

See if this is sounds familiar to you:

I watched women do all their weird, illogical things, like flaking on dates, or not calling, or telling me that they wanted to be friends only, and I got more and more frustrated trying out all this stuff.

Yes, the frustration was partly because I felt like I was NEVER getting anywhere and my goal of attracting beautiful women and getting a quality girlfriend was like a carrot dangled just out of my grasp.

And there was something else.

I noticed that it seemed like every time a woman did flake on me, or did not call, or wanted to just be friends...well, it was weird, but I felt the reason always had something to do with ME.

Even if I did not understand what was going on at the time, and it did not make any logical sense, it was actually kind of consistent. 

Like I was doing something in there that made them react this way.

I started to see that it was not as important what she was thinking inside, or that I unlock that code, and that if I did CERTAIN THINGS, I would get similar results.

If I called her too much, I noticed that she would stop calling me.


If I tried really hard to impress her, she would pull away and not seem as interested.


If I was not that interested in her, and I did not come on very interested, she seemed to have more interest in me.


If I was occasionally outrageous in my behavior, she would be more interested.


So I suddenly realized that there were things that I could do to get her to behave in certain ways. 

She was reacting to how I was acting.

And here is the BIG realization... 

If I did these things without really feeling them, they did not work.

I once called this one woman up that I thought was losing interest in me, and told her that I was not into her any more, and that I was not sure if I should see her anymore, just to manipulate her into feeling more attraction for me.

After that, she told me that it would be a good idea not to talk for a week. 

And I called her back again that night. (I just could not stop myself - I felt like I was losing her. (And I am cringing now at myself as I am writing this, remembering how I was back in those days.)

And needless to say, she dumped me by the end of the week.

Now, you probably recognize this as a common strategy for guys to play "hard to get." 

And what I was missing was that I did not have the self-confidence behind those words. 

In fact I was being the complete opposite...Needy and weak!

When I told her I did not think we she should see each other, I REALLY thought inside that I was going to be heartbroken if she left me.

I did not trust myself in what I was saying, and she could see it a mile away.

What I ended up doing after I went through all that misery was finding a bunch of books and tapes on self-improvement. 

I piled this stuff up and listened to it every day. 

I read the books every day.

I did the affirmations.

I planned out my goals.

I made all the mistakes.

I started to wonder if I was just not that good looking. 

Or I did not have enough money to attract a quality woman.

And I knew deep inside that was a cop-out. 

I had a small group of friends that "attracted" women all the time, and these men were pretty ... uh... "below-average," let's just say.

And I finally figured out what was missing in my "game" with women.

It was ME.

I was so busy looking outside of myself for answers.

I was not my looks or my clothes, or any external stuff.

I just was not prepared to present myself to a woman with self-confidence, because I had never really taken the time to figure it out for myself.

Every time I learned a new "trick" to attract a woman, I was really just loading a gun I did not know how to aim or hold correctly. 

So the women would see through it and I would "crash and burn."

I got mad at all these so called dating and seduction "gurus" who were telling me to just do this and do that and women will just line up at my door, begging for me.

Instead, I found that I could not get that many phone numbers.

And then I could not get many of those numbers to turn into dates.

And almost all of those dates ended with an avoided kiss (if I felt confident enough to go for it), or there would be a message on my machine the next day, saying...

"I had a great time, but I just don't think there's chemistry between us. I'd really like to stay friends, though! Bye!"


Binned in the "friends zone" yet again.

And I got more and more frustrated and desperate with every failure.

I was pissed at those dating advisers. 

They did not give me the whole picture.

They did not tell me how important it was to have the inner game under control. 

And here is a real paradox for you reading this article.

Here I was a dam good Counselor, working with all sorts of people, men and women dealing with all sorts of issues. 

Not a problem. 

And yet when it come to my "personal life" and women, I was crashing and burning BIG time.

How come You may ask?

Very simple the so called "rule book" about being a Man that I was learning...SUCKED.

Because so much of what I was reading and practicing, was missing the most crucial ingredient of all.


I was great at helping others but I forgot the most important player in the game...ME!

I found that when I was being alone and started working on my own personal development and developing my own masculine power and awareness (meaning that I stopped really NEEDING women in my life to complete me and my image of me), the ladies started getting interested in me.

It was weird to understand at first.

It was as if someone had just tapped me on the shoulder with a magic wand and changed my view on the whole man-woman thing. 

And there was a BIG plus. 

All that learning and knowledge, the crashing and burning, meant I figured and understood what was going on. 

It was a whole different game now.

One I controlled and was the "locus of power" in.

All those methods, techniques...Now had MASCULINE CONFIDENCE and awareness POWERING them!

I decided that I wanted to help other men avoid what I went through.

It took me YEARS to get my inner game fixed. 

From my downfall to my recovery, there was a LOT of pain. 

A lot of blood and sweat!

I would spare you that.

If you have been reading my articles that I publish, you know how much I emphasize that there are things that you can do and say (tools, strategies), and there are also INTERNAL ATTITUDES that must be under your control to be successful not only with women.

Also in the creation of your own life as a MAN!

For the longest time, I did not know how to explain in an understandable way how to improve that INNER GAME.

I could not find the way to explain how to improve your SELF-CONFIDENCE.

I could not explain how to develop that raw natural Masculine instinct and awareness ALL men have within them.

Then it hit me like a thunderbolt...


I could just outline all the RIGHT things I did to fix my own inner game. 

Just the stuff that WORKED. 

That I could just outline a road map of what I did to get success, and make it as versatile as possible, so that ANY man could use it and gain success for themselves. 

And the one thing I could do differently is to include information on the one self-confidence builder that every other guru leaves out.

How to be successful with women and build a GREAT LIFE for yourself AT THE SAME TIME.

Unleashing the natural powerful Masculine essence that all men possess to serve you.

I mean, let's be real here. 

The ONE big thing that improves a man's self-confidence the most is to do well with women.

And since this skill also requires that a man to grow that masculine self-confidence, you cannot separate them. 

They are all part of the same DYNAMIC of you!

This was really eye-opening to me, and I would like to think you see what I am getting at - my BIG realization.

You cannot get better with women without improving your inner game (your self-confidence.) 

And you cannot improve your inner game without improving your own "personal development!"

They both work together, like strawberries and cream!

The best part of this is that you can improve your skill and awareness with women and also improve yourself and your own personal awareness in the process. 

You get better at EVERYTHING in life.

When I had gone through the right steps of personal development, it had these side effects...

I had raised my annual income by 500% (No joke. I watched it double and triple when my confidence increased.) 

I started to attract "Quality Women!"

And NO, do not think it had to do with the money. 

Yes there are a few women who are "gold diggers" but the vast majority of women are not. 

They want something far more deeper and powerful than money...

They want a Masculine Man!

I was able to do the things I wanted to do in life, like jump out of a plane and parachute, travel lots, get a degree. 

Get myself fit, and the by-product of this focusing on building a great life for myself was of coarse...Women!

Quality Beautiful Women!

I got along better with my family, and when it came time to take care of someone close to me in her illness, I was able to handle everything with strength (I have always been a "giver" more than ever a "taker," the problem had been that I forgot to give to ME!)

I got a wider social circle of friends who cared about me, and that increased the amount of love in my life overall. 

I got rid of that shaky insecurity, of the "loser boy" poverty mentality, and suddenly nobody intimidated me any more. 

I was just plain HAPPY.

There is a saying attributed to a famous multi-millionaire...

"Getting to be a millionaire was EASY. It was THINKING that I could that took years."

If your a guy struggling with life and struggling with women. 

Don't blame life and don't blame women. 

Take a long hard, deep look at yourself, and be honest and authentic with yourself, and admit that you, yourself are the problem.

IMAGINE what your life is going to be like in five years time, is it going to be more of the same old stuff?

Or is there another Man there, cool, powerful, leading and building for himself a great life?

It REALLY is YOUR CHOICE to be the Man you desire to be!

Will you take "Responsibility" for your self and take ACTION!

And let us work together to get your life moving and create the life you as a MASCULINE MAN want to create for YOU!

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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