The ONE Secret Ingredient To Attract A Great Man Into Your Life Do You Know It?

By Ange Fonce

Imagine if you never had to worry that the man who was so attentive and into you would suddenly lose interest?

Imagine if you felt confident that the men you are attracting are the kind of men who are capable of loving... lasting committed relationships and not the kind who run away at the first sign of tension in a relationship?

Imagine if you could quickly restore the passion in a relationship so that you and a man never reach that point of no return that has either of you running into the arms of someone else?

And what if I told you that being able to accomplish all three of these required just ONE thing?

Would you want to know what this is?

Here is the thing...

There is only one 100% foolproof way to create a real and lasting CHANGE in your relationship and it is one of the most powerful secrets that people all over the world use to finally start enjoying what it is that they really want in their life.

I will give you a few hints about what this method is...

It does NOT involve talking to him and trying harder to get your man to recognize what is going on in your relationship.

It is the only way to permanently transform your love life so that any and all relationships that come into your life going forward will not have the same problems.

It is made up of the only thing that ONLY YOU have control over in your relationship... okay do you know what it is?

I will tell you...

The only 100% sure way to create change in your relationship and the awareness that all people who have discovered when they decided to create what they want in their life is this...

If You Would like CHANGE start with you FIRST!

You may have heard the saying before...

When you change yourself... by definition you change the way the world around you relates to you.

What this really means is that you do not have much if any control over other people.

You can try and change other people all you want... you can try and do all kinds of things to make people understand you and you can learn all kinds of tricks and techniques of what to say and do to try and change things and if all of this does not work to change other people and the situations in your life which it usually does not... then you are forced to recognize an essential truth in life and that is that the only thing you do have control over that can instantly change a situation you are in is to change the place that YOU are coming from in that situation.

Now this might sound airy fairy or too abstract or intellectual yet another way to think of this is simply as GROWTH.

How you RESPOND to a SITUATION is always your CHOICE!

When a situation you are in is not going the way you want you have a choice... you can keep running harder and harder into the wall in front of you trying the same things over and over or you can choose to GROW and EVOLVE effectively putting yourself on the other side of the wall you have been bumping into all that time.

Obviously if you were given a choice as clearly as I have put it you would choose to jump past the wall instead of continually running into it and when it comes to your real life and the things you feel deeply ATTACHED to it is not so clear or easy... in fact breaking away from the familiarity and patterns of hitting the wall can feel like a step in the wrong direction or even like a threat to your entire relationship or will you stay the same and the wall moves itself? 

Or are you open to evolving past where you have been at and creating an entirely new set of options that allow you to stop running into the wall for good?

When you work with me using the methods that I have developed for Social Courting... I help you and take you step by step through the following...

Step 1... Show you the wall in front of you... we each have our own wall we are blind too.

Step 2... Break you free of the patterns that have had you running into your wall to begin with

Step 3... Replace those patterns with the things that will attract and bring love to you so you do not have to keep fighting or begging for it when you deserve it to begin with

Step 4... Let you enjoy the feeling of being on the other side of your wall where there are no obstacles and where love and connection flow freely for you

If you have that invisible wall in front of you the choice is yours... you can make a Choice and decide to move past it. 

There is another reason a lot of women get stuck on the road to an amazing relationship and it has to do with a fear of being single or alone now see if you can relate to some of the ways women try to avoid feeling this...

Dating unavailable men...

Lots of women who are afraid of being alone end up picking the same kind of men over and over who just do not get it and do not show up emotionally in relationships.

Accepting unacceptable behaviour from men...

If you are afraid of being alone you are likely to put up with behaviour you are not comfortable with just for the sake of being in a relationship.

Holding onto ex loves... 

I Coach a lot of women who are still pining over an old love even when they readily admit that the relationship was not a good fit and this keeps them stuck in the past so that they do not have to face what is happening right now and if you recognize yourself in the scenarios above... you are not alone the great news is that the only thing standing in the way of the love you want is you and as I said before you have complete power to change that.

Let me ask you what is going to happen next time you are in front of an amazing single attractive man and he wants to get close to you?

When he shows you that he truly wants to be close and wants to see all of who you are what is he going to see?

Is he going to see the confident and radiant woman who has nothing getting in the way of her freely and openly giving her love and exploring the connection to see where the adventure could lead?

Or is he going to see a woman who holds back... who worries at every turn... who is not sure if she can let a man in?

The real question is...

Which woman do you think a man will find attractive and fall in love with? 

Which woman will a man tell all his friends about and begin the process of committing himself and his love to?

And which woman will a man feel like something is off with and experience all kinds of disconnection and complication that he might not understand or know how to deal with?

Are YOU the Best Woman for the Man you are looking for?

The truth is that a great man who is single conscious and mature also wants a woman who is open evolved and truly ready to give and receive love and so if a man senses that a woman has walls or patterns that keep her in fear and cause HER to disconnect odds are he is not going to end up falling in love and becoming emotionally connected and committed.

The best time to figure out how to be in the right place inside and become the great lover and partner you know you can be is NOT when you are in the relationship and presented with all the issues and fears from your past the time to do that is NOW for yourself so that when you are in front of the right man you are clear to allow love to flow between you both. 

This kind of free flowing love is INTENSELY ATTRACTIVE to a man actually it is IRRESISTIBLE and that is exactly what I show you how to do and create Natural and Lasting Attraction you will learn how to get rid of negative thinking and old patterns that are not working for you when it comes to love and how you can draw a man in on a DEEP EMOTIONAL LEVEL to create a truly lasting connection

Now to learn more...

If when you look back on your love life you can see how you might have had a hand in creating some of the heartbreak you have experienced then you are at a truly pivotal point in your life because the moment you realize that YOU have helped shape your experiences in a relationship is the moment where you actually have the POWER to create change the kind of change that lets you finally enjoy the love that has so far eluded you.

When I Coach you I will enable you need to start making these changes and the EXACT steps that will lead you to ATTRACT the man you will finally be able to create a close connected secure relationship with so do not keep yourself another day from the love you have been missing once you focus on changing the only thing you can control YOU!

I know you are going to start experiencing love like you have never imagined so would you like help and support?

Then here is what you can do... 

Contact Me and lets together get your life moving forward for you. 

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

1... A person with a penchant for Science... creativity... books... writing... communication... fitness... women... sexing... sexuality... human relationships... psychology... physiology and any other area involving heavy use of the Intellect.

2... A bright person and glamorously Intelligent!

3... Ange is an Author... Speaker and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant and Coaching Psychologist... Sexologist and Multipreneur... who works with those men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become creators of their own life... relationships and wealth! 

4... As ever always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. 

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