The ONE Feeling That Makes Hin Fall In LOVE Do You Know it? 

By Ange Fonce

Here is a quick tip for you... if you know the man in your life loves you and he does not seem in love with you any more, and inside you are afraid it is something about you or your relationship that you do not know how to fix.

I want you to know you have the power to quickly turn your relationship around, you can get back the closeness and connection in your relationship IF you know how to re-ignite the positive feelings that drew him to you in the first place.

Do you remember how strong his feelings were when he first decided that you were the one for him?

Okay, now let us get to the juicy stuff about men and love.

Has a man ever said to you,..

”I love you, but I'm just not IN LOVE with you any more?”

And then told you it is over because he just does not feel it for you any more or how he just is not in the right place to go on in a relationship

"It's not you, it's me."

Well, let me make you feel a whole lot better right away that this is extremely common among men and it often has NOTHING to do with the woman he is with.

You could be the most amazing woman he has ever met, beautiful, kind, successful, yet if a man is not in the right place in his life and  has not reached the level of maturity that a real relationship requires of him, he is going to cut you loose in fact, this is so common and so many women have asked me for help about this. 

Let me take you on a little trip inside the mind of a man to that place where he processes the emotions of love so you can understand what that means to him.

What A Man Means By IN LOVE

I am going to explain something to you about men and love and I will try and keep it short. I will have to leave some big pieces out, and you will get the basics of what you need to know. I will start by giving you what I think will be a kind of shift in your perspective about men, as much as men are different when it comes down to it men are human and because they are human they have more in common with women than they have that makes them different, which means that men share many of the same dreams, fears, frustrations and worries that you do on a basic level.

One of the biggest fears that men have as do many women, is that they will end up in a loveless relationship that is not about fulfillment or passion and appreciation and is all about entitlement, obligation and where the two people in the relationship are working against each other more often than supporting and loving each other.

Now... with that said men who spend a lot of time with women often grow close and connected and they develop a more familiar type of love as time goes on this is a great kind of love to feel and to share, and it is the kind that usually takes months or years to develop.

It bonds a couple together in a very long term nesting kind of way as it is based on comfort and predictability and stability on the other hand men also experience another kind of love that is not based on the familiar and the predictable in fact this other feeling of love is actually based on things that are NEW and UNPREDICTABLE and these are the qualities that I have discovered make up that emotion called... ATTRACTION.

What Keeps ATTRACTION Alive.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man where he started out doing all kinds of things to surprise you and show you his appreciation and come up with new things for you both to do together?

And what happened when you no longer felt this excitement that came with surprises and the unexpected things he did that drove you wild?

Well, you might have felt as though something had broken down in the relationship somewhere or that the man had stopped making an effort or caring as much, in other words you stopped feeling that kind of love from him that used to drive you wild with excitement to see him and be with him without it felt like something was missing or gone that needed to be there.

Unfortunately no amount of asking or pleading with a man to change back to the way he was ever really works in this situation and not only does it hurt that he has changed  you lose that great connection and the attraction you were feeling with him.

Losing That LOVING Feeling

Know what I am talking about? 

Ever experienced this with a man?

I thought so.

Well, the reality is that men often experience this same kind of thing with women, see when a relationship starts to get more comfortable, more predictable and has more routines in it, the kind of intense passion that a man once felt can sometimes fizzle out, of course what fizzles out is not just about sexing and physical attraction, I am talking about what I call...emotional attraction.

The ONE FEELING that makes him fall in LOVE and stay in LOVE!

Emotional attraction is the thing that gets a man to open up to share his feelings and connect with a woman on a deeper level than he usually allows in to his life is what BONDS a man to one woman over the long term, when a man says that he does not feel in love with you any more what he is really saying is...

"I used to feel both physical and emotional attraction with you. But the way our relationship has been, I'm not feeling much, if any, of that emotional attraction now and because of that, what I feel in my heart and my head tells me that something is 'Off' in our relationship, and I don't know what to do about it."

Now, if this does not sound fair and like a man is removing himself from responsibility I get it... should a man do more to get the relationship back on track and reconnect the relationship from his end?

Yes, he could and should.

And the REALITY is that in this situation the man is NOT doing this and he either has no idea what to do about it or has decided that things are not working based on how he is feeling, you can either choose to try and go against the reality of what other people in your life feel and experience and have a very difficult time with it or you can take a moment to simply accept the situation as it is and CHOOSE what you want to do about it which puts you back in a positive and grounded place of power in your life.


If you are sensing that a man is feeling less connected to you or he has even told you he is not "feeling it" any more here is how to turn the situation around:

Step 1... Stop focusing on what is NOT WORKING.

What you focus your energy on is what you end up seeing more of and getting more of it instead of focusing on what is NOT working take some time to access the positives of the your man and your relationship and make it a point to let your man know that you appreciate these positive aspects often times your hurt and anger will give you narrow vision and prevent you from acknowledging what is actually working in your relationship.

Widen the lens and look at the bigger picture of your relationship what is keeping you two together? 

Bring your energy, awareness and appreciation there.

While this sounds simple and too airy-fairy to create any real change, you will be surprised at the effect it will have when you shift your attention and your thought pattern and energy the man in  your life will feel the shift in you and it will catch his attention and inspire him to be more present in the relationship with you, your thoughts have the power to create your feelings and your feelings have the power to inspire your man to want to connect with you or want to pull away.

Step 2... Give yourself and him some clear space.

When someone asks for or creates distance or space you can handle it one of two ways, you can either resist it and try to grab on tighter which only backfires or you can allow the space and even take some space for yourself... when you do this something positive happens.

First, you feel empowered over the situation so that your emotions do not overtake you. 

Second, men often move past their own doubts and fears in their own time when given space a few hours or days to do so.

Step 3... Create attraction and re-connect.

If things are stalling in your relationship with a man and you used to feel very connected to him, this is actually good news for you that is because you already have all the ingredients you need to re-light the fire of the relationship, if he was physically and emotionally attracted to you before, you can inspire the same level of closeness again.

Here is how...

Remember what I said before about attraction and love happening for a man because of NEWNESS and UNPREDICTABILITY?

Well, if things have fizzled out with a man you had a close connected relationship with, you can jump start things by injecting new and unpredictable things into how you relate with him, so if you normally have the same weekend routine, mix it up and come up with something different and interesting to do, pick a sport that you can do with him, go out, meet new people together, explore different ways to be intimate together, plan a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go to and if you are together all the time, spending time apart as in step two creates newness and unpredictability, too.

There is a lot more you can do as I mentioned I have given you the basics you can use when you do.  

Coaching with me you will learn how to...

Share your innermost feelings with your man in a way that feels SAFE and HONEST!

Bring back the passion, devotion... and romance in your relationship simply by bringing out certain qualities you already possess

Identify the 9 critical warning signs that you are LOSING YOURSELF in your relationship and what to do about it

Get the support you need from a man when you need it

Connect your body to your mind when you are feeling in pain or you do not want to deal with your emotions and anger and many more powerful insights and practical ways to dramatically improve your relationship and recapture the connection you share with a man.

Even if things feel like they are falling apart what you learn will show you how to make your relationship so strong that your passion will only grow deeper as you two become closer than you ever imagined and you will get to learn the most Important elements that create the FOUNDATION for a truly loving relationship!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on this article?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperious and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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3... Ange is an Author and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development and Strategy Coach and Sexologist who works with those men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become creators of their own life... relationships and wealth! 

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