The Different Types Of Orgasms Women Can Experience

By Ange Fonce

Here is what the experts will general tell you...

Men only have one type of orgasm and I would argue against that one yet let us leave that aside for moment as the focus of this article is female orgasms.

Whereas it is fairly common knowledge that women are capable of having different types of orgasms based on where they are stimulated and that each of these types of orgasms can feel significantly different.

From the intense high note rush and vertigo of a clitoral orgasm to the deep body surrender of the cervical orgasm and the deeply releasing squirting orgasm it is not uncommon for women to describe verying experiences from their climaxes and while there are all sorts of names for the various erogenous spots and many experts will talk about the virtues and specific techniques surrounding various points... spots... energy centers and nerve clusters... there is probably not a square inch of the female body that can not be brought to ecstatic pleasure.

And all of this is nothing and FRUSTRATING if you are a woman who has trouble reaching climax at all or have NEVER reached climax or something that I think might be even more common... if your orgasms are shallow and you are NOT SURE whether or not you are having an orgasm.

This last situation is extremely common and it is very similar to someone who seems to be unemotional and who actually feels things quite deeply and has learned to dissociate from those feelings because of negative consequences.

In the same way many women who say they have never had an orgasm have really just learned to numb out or dissociate the pleasure so that it is weakly felt.

The reasons for this are probably too numerous to mention all of them and the most common are...

1... Shame around sexual pleasure instilled by parents... culture... religion... etc.

2... Past sexual abuse that anchored feelings of sexing pleasure to fear and helplessness

3... Perhaps most common of all the inability to feel out of control and the fear of surrender to the loss of control that orgasm represents

This last one is powerfully ingrained in our culture of discipline and success.

Most often the key to experiencing more powerful and more varieties of sexing pleasure is learning the trust... courage of surrender and this can be a personal journey or a shared journey as a couple with your lover.

Here is a question that I received recently that will give you a feeling for other women who are experiencing this... 

"Hi Ange

Firstly let me say how much I admire you for being such an unselfish loving person after the types of men I have experienced I did o't think people like you existed... I will try to keep this as short as possible but I think you will need some detail in order to help me.  

I am female and I am not sure whether I am having orgasms or not.  People tell me 'You'd know if you'd had one' but I have lots of different sexual feelings that I find hard to describe.  And sometimes I feel like I'm satisfied but there wasn't any massive explosion or anything and other times I feel really intense amazing things but again no actual explosion.  

I have always been a very sexual person from the age of 3 I think I started experimenting, but I don't get much out of doing things to myself and I have even tried vibrators but I find it really boring (even though I have a high sex drive).  

I have not been too lucky with men, nearly all of them have been extremely selfish and had no interest in pleasing me and if I'm lucky I would get 30 seconds of penetration then they ejaculate (no foreplay apart from me giving it to them)!  Two of these relationships lasted a long time (3 years and 9 years).  

I have met someone who I wasn't that attracted to at first as he is no particular oil painting and we were just friends but things slowly grew and I started to get ridiculously wet in his presence just sitting next to him.  Things went further and it turned out he is the most attentive, giving lover I have ever met.  He will do anything for me in the bedroom and really pays attention to every sound and movement I make.  I am addicted to him but I still am not sure if I'm having orgasms - I shake for ages, have intense tingly numb fellings, and muscle contractions but I don't actually feel an explosion.  After the contractions I feel satisfied but they arn't what I imagined orgasm to be like.  The shaking can go on for half an hour and the tingly throbbing feelings can go on for 30 seconds at a time then start again in another minute or two.  I am happy with my sex life now but it's really bugging me as to whether I am actually having orgasms or just on the edge.   Because I do feel like there's more that could  hapen like I am on the edge but even though I am now lucky enough to be with this guy and I can't see what else he can do he is amazing and it still bugs me the not really knowing.  

Do I sound crazy?"


My Response...

Hi Janice

Thank you for writing to me and your message...

To be sincere... yes you sound crazy.

And I think the real question you mean to be asking is... are you experiencing orgasms?

The first thing you have to understand is that women experience at least 4 DIFFERENT types of orgasms and what you are sharing with me sounds more like the Stillness Orgasm and that some women only experience 1 or 2 types and only a very few experience all of them.

The 3 most common types are... 

The clitoral orgasm.

The g spot orgasm.

The cervical orgasm.

Are you experiencing one of these?

Well there are some clues yet in the end it is like describing the color red to a blind man... in other words there is no way to be sure you are on the same page and I feel you are.  

You are getting a lot of pleasure... you are shaking and feeling contractions and the no explosion to me might mean that they just cum on more gradually for you rather than suddenly and to play a little Sherlock Holmes here PROBABLY they are not clitoral orgasms because you do not get pleasure from a vibrator and that is by no means definite... I am thinking that you are experiencing cervical orgasms from sexing.  

So what might be fun for you to try is to see if your lover can give you g spot orgasms.

When you are very aroused after lots of fore play and sexing have him insert one or two fingers inside of you with his palm facing up... then have him make a come here motion stroking the top wall of the vagina with the pads of his fingers... I have gone into detail in this article...

Maybe you can experience a whole new type of orgasm and in this article I have gone into detail about the many ways a woman can experience orgasms...

And either way remember that the BEST PART of sexing is not the orgasm...  especially if you have found a partner that you truly love and connect with... it is the whole experience.

And here is the biggest tip I can give you... you are probably just experiencing weak and shallow orgasms because you are having trouble fully surrendering.

The fact that you find using a vibrator without a lover boring suggests that sexually you are more aroused by the situation... the intimacy... the touch than you are by simple stimulation and this highly desirable for intimacy and connection rather than your desire for more powerful orgasm is going to be the key to getting both.

So if you want to try something powerful just hold eye contact with him while you are sexing each other... gaze into each others eyes for as long as you can take it... you will be amazed by the powerful feelings you will experience... this will not only build intimacy and sexual trust... you will discover that the pleasure you get from climax will grow exponentially over time.

In other words focusing on the secret spot and the technique is often not the best path to experiencing new types of orgasm... instead focusing on self trust... surrender and trusting him and being willing to give yourself over to another human are usually the most direct pathways to greater pleasure.

When you just focus on the physical you do not experience the emotional and psychological connection and when you do connect emotionally and psychologically it takes the physical connection to whole higher level and orgasms become a state of ecstasy!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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