The Body Language Signs Of Powerful Masculine Men

Detecting masculine power in men is generally easier for the experienced eye to read than the feminine power than women display.

Powerful women do not exhibit the same characteristics as men... at all... feminine power is more subtle than masculine power.

Thus in this article we will stick with the...

Body Language Of Powerful Men.
When I sit down with a group of men, it usually takes me about a minute to figure out who has real power at table. 

I will use the situation as a place to evaluate the powerful or not. 

Because when men are together, they behave within a specific context so the nuances are much easier to grasp than at a random lunch somewhere or when you are out clubbing or things of that nature. 

And to be truthful it would be rare to find a powerful man in such venues. 

He will more and likely be in an exclusive club.

Now lets be straight here. 

There are men who wish they had power and there are men that do. 

And do not despair, every man has masculinity in him. 

It is for the most part, hidden under loads of social conditioning, religious dogma and politically correct bullshit.

The first thing that I look for is ornamentation. 

The vast majority of truly powerful men wear very little jewelry. 

They either have one piece which might be dramatic or none at all. 

The flashy guy is a wannabe, his debt load is greater than his income would allow for, much like the government.

The man from the office has "in-office power" which is different than personal masculine power.

I am looking for a cluster of cues and signs, of course, not just one ring. 

That big diamond on his finger could be worth 50,000 or it could be worth 50 of whatever your countries currency is. 

You need a 10 power microscope to know for sure, so I never make an assumption based upon that. 

If I see lots of gold and lots of stones, I know the power here is minimal.

In general, in most places of the world, powerful men behave the opposite of what most people would predict. 

I have worked with powerful and wealthy men and their dress can be a pair of jeans and a t-shirt all the way to the other end of the spectrum as an expensive hand made tailored fitting suit. 

What you will not see the powerful man looking like is, trying to look particularly "cool." 

He wants to either look good or he just does not care what anyone thinks.

I never judge anyone guilty of any income or power level based on their dress.

The man with power tends to appear "relaxed." 

That is my general indicator, if a man is in a nice conversation with me and not totally freaking out or getting too excited which way the game of life is going for him, I am positive that he is doing fine.

The powerful man is comfortable being quiet. 

He is comfortable being engaged. 

He has a broad spectrum of behaviour. 

He will tend to be so relaxed that he will randomly belittle someone and overall the person who has achieved some level of power is generally socially astute and comfortable in most types of situations.

Powerful men know that "luck" is not real. 

So you do not see such men yelling or "bitching" when a negative situation hits them. 

If he loses, that simply means his stock went down that day. 

It is not a huge deal...probably.

A confident powerful man deals with the situation, sorts it and moves on forward.

Sales guys, brokers, account exec's dress differently than do Film Producers who dress differently than the independently wealthy. 

They all can play for high stakes in life and they do play a bit differently.

The powerful rich man. 

The man that owns the company or the independently wealthy does not make a show of putting out a big money. 

He is just as quiet about it as he is putting out small change. 

That is not the case for the flashy small guy. 

He tends to be more vocal and draws more attention to his money.

The powerful man tends to sit straight up. 

Not necessarily military, yet comfortably tall. 

The guy who is slumped over could easily be depressed or down about something and typically I look at the straighter the back the more likely the power level.

In real life the powerful man tends to use dynamic and controlled gestures. 

He tends to have a direct and steady gaze. 

He will stare at you for as long as he likes and is unwavering when you return the gaze. 

He also can have a conversation with you while barely looking at you once.

Consciously or non consciously the powerful man evaluates each man he comes into contact with. 

Powerful men will not shout while offering direction. 

They tend to behave rationally because they have power, they tend to occasionally say something inappropriate. 

It would not be, "you look hot tonight baby." 

That is the guy who is trying to look powerful. 

It is more like, "get me that coffee as soon as you can." 

The directness of communication from a powerful man can at times appear arrogant, as a powerful man cuts to the chase and "commands" in his requests.

The powerful man speaks with a variable voice. 

He has a range and you hear it. 

He can speak slowly and he can speak quickly. 

He can vary his rate and pitch. 

Powerless men playing a "role" tend to speak loudly, be boisterous and communicate inappropriately far more than you would expect.

Powerful men tend to vary their posture often. 

They tend to be comfortable and use the space they have. 

Powerless men tend to stick with one type of posture for most of an evening.

What about touch?

Powerful men tend to touch appropriately. 

They will take two fingers and tap them on your wrist to make sure you understood the point. 

They might touch your shoulder. 

They tend to not make errors in touching that would lead to a problem with men or women.

The powerful man will interrupt after listening to enough.

Powerful men tend to listen and only to a point. 

Then they have grasped what they are interested in knowing and move the conversation along. 

Socially they tend to be more forgiving of boredom and they tend to not re-engage the boring individual. 

Powerful men themselves are never boring. 

If you are bored... he has no power.

If all the other cues line up, the powerful man will stand closer to others than average. 

The boorish guy at the bar will as well but he is performing attention getting behaviour. 

The powerful man has all the other cards in the deck. 

If he stands close and still does not get his face into yours, he is indeed a man of power.

The powerful man tends to have his feet "steady and still" almost all of the time. 

The submissive man will have the feet moving and dancing.

If I see a man elevating his eyebrows often in a conversation he is too taken by information that is coming in. 

The powerful man has seen it all and is generally unaffected by most of the "WOW's" that others react to. 

Lots of eyebrow movement is a sign of submissiveness.


The powerful man does not smile anywhere near as often as the submissive man. 

And although he has a wide range of facial expressions he tends to smile only when he genuinely means it. 

A lot of men and women interpret that as not being liked and that is an error on their part.

You can tell when a powerful man "smiles," his eyes are smiling too.

There I have run briefly through some very vital signs of a powerful man. 

It does make a difference when a man is in his masculine energy.

And women really sense that in such men who are comfortable in their own masculinity.

So imagine yourself being a confident and powerful man. 

And if you cannot imagine your self feeling and acting in a confident masculine way.

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Because I know that every man has within him the powerful energy of his Masculinity!

You  just got to get in contact with it.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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