The Art Of Seduction Are You The Alluring Feminine Temptress

By Ange Fonce

When it comes to seducing a man you as a women have innate talents that are part of your nature which we men do not possess... hence the benefit of learning how to be seductive and so sometimes a small effort is all it takes to seduce your man.

The art of seduction is not just an art it is a thoroughly enjoyable one! 

Knowing that you can get men hot and flustered creates a rush of sexing tension that only you know how to really enjoy. 

So if you are fed up of feeling unattractive or stuck in a rut then it is time to read on to find out some basic ways to seduce your man and put the spice back in your love and sexing life!

To really seduce a man you need to be using the powers of being a woman that only women know how to use to get what they really want and if you are in a relationship by seducing your man you will have him sweating with desire and you can really put the spark back into your relationship.

When learning how to seduce a man the most important thing to remember is that the whole process is to be fun! 

When you can turn into a seductive temptress then most men will not even know what you are doing to him and that will make it even more fun!

Now For Those of You Who Are in A Relationship

Firstly remember the way that you used to look at him seductively when you first met? 

Well try that look again! 

And do not just look at him seductively... give him a reason to feel seduced and that means looking seriously sexy for him... you will know what it was that attracted him to you in the first place so work on that again.

It might have been your breasts or perhaps your seductive curves... let him fall in love with your body all over again and soon he will not be able to get enough of you!

Seduce your man by being ultra sexy... you know what turns your man on so show him what he wants and then take it away from him to get him really hot and bothered and lusting after you... wear the sexiest outfit and when you catch him looking you over cover up and turn away! 

The art of seduction however is a clever one so do not wear tacky clothes or skirts that are far too short... be sensual... classy and sexy and let your seductive femininity win him over... give him those cute smiles and glances that gets him hot and flirt with him and tease him until he gets so turned on he cannot resist takes and ravishes you... seduction is all about keeping the spark in your relationship alive and that means flirting with him and exciting him just like you know he loves... use your finger tips with slow lingering touches then pull away and leave him wanting more. 

To keep the spark alive in your relationship make sure your man has to constantly earn you so he does not become complacent with what he has... it is important that you show your man that he needs to treat you well to keep you keen. 

Never let your man presume he can have you whenever he wants and never throw yourself at him... to seduce your man and keep him work on your relationship every day... play naughty and be a sassy temptress as seduction is a delicious part of sexing... loving and intimacy in a relationship to enjoy... so enjoy it often as it keeps the passion smoldering between lovers. 

And for the single Ladies here are some basics of the Seduction Art for you to practice often along with a set of techniques and methods of seduction that will let you EFFECTIVELY seduce a man with class and elegance!

First here is something very simple to understand about Seduction and sexing.

We men are considered to be like ON OFF buttons simply press the ON button and there you go! 

Meanwhile as a woman you are like volume buttons that move incrementally and we men have to turn the volume up bit by bit or in other words we need a whole seduction arsenal to achieve our goals. 

See the difference and is this TRUE?

Yes in the way we men are like on off buttons and we have a volume control too... so what do you need to learn to use and seduce a man and turn up that volume control?

And as Woman you will have one asset that is a given for you... your physical sexuality and is that enough?

No it is not.

Especially when it comes to a quality masculine man... it is going to take more than just physical looks to seduce such a man.

Let us start with a big attraction seducing factor...

Personal Confidence

Start the work of seduction on YOURSELF

Because if you do not have confidence in yourself it shows... no matter how physically hot you appear to be... the lack of confidence and esteem will glaringly show especially to a confident man.

All women posses a beauty and EVERY woman has her charms and her qualities... if you are less beautiful than other women you SURELY have a very fine quality that others do not possess and if you have hang ups work to overcome them! 

Nowadays and since time immemorial beauty has always been considered something common that everyone has yet today a woman with good qualities... confidence... values and esteem has become something rare and exceptional becaus a woman with graceful qualities and values is precisely a Feminine Woman!

Think about your look as there is nothing more alluring for a man than chatting and having conversations with a woman whose physical appearance is attractive! 

I respect women who take GOOD care of themselves and invest in their looks and personality as beauty is FIRST external and is the outward appearance of the inner beauty of you and if you do not possess style and class no quality man will give you a second glance.

Change your hairstyle more often and if you can try to grow long hair as it is a typical sign of femininity and invest in clothes that are suggestive and glamorous... be a rare woman as everything rare is mysterious... the more you are seen... the more you are heard... the more you do... the more ordinary you seem and if you are part of a group stay away for a while and people will talk about you more... they will even admire you more. 

Practice absence as scarcity will increase your value.

In the excellent book by psychologist Robert Cialdini Influence and Persuasion the author discusses the principle of scarcity as a means of influence an persuasion and appropriately seduction goes together perfectly with the art of influence and persuasion

Make yourself into a woman who is rare and special. 

I will be honest here... I personal am not attracted to conventional and ordinary women... all interesting men in general react to enjoying and being attracted to something that is rare... in other words as soon as a man sees you as a quality woman your work of seduction has definitely achieved its goal!

In this situation the sensation of loss we men would feel will drive us to focus more and more on you with every means at our disposal... make use of this principle of persuasion do not give him the impression that you are seduced and already won over.

Next you need to master the techniques of communication... confidence and finally the techniques of seduction... additionally you should adopt and develop the mindset of the seductive woman and you will be surprised to see CLEARLY that the secret codes of seduction have become a enjoyable game for you.

Personally I am firmly convinced that if you want to learn to be seductive you must...

Develop personal confidence.

Work on your personality to make it attractive.

Master the art of communication with others as the better you communicate and listen... the better your basic level of seduction.

Take care of your appearance and image and finally...

Know the techniques of seduction and adopt those skills that suit YOU!

There is no secret formula in the art of seduction... there is the work you do on your own personal development and knowing how to influence... understand and relate to men

There I can most certainly help you.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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