The Amazing A Spot For Giving Your Woman Intense Orgasms Do You Know It ? 

By Ange Fonce

So let us start with the basics to catch everyone up...

The A spot anatomically known by the fierce name Anterior Fornix or deep spot or scream spot or para cervical ring or whatever you want to call it... is the pocket of elastic tissue above the cervix in your womans vagina.

Making friends with this little trigger point is going to put a very big smile or "O" on your womans face.
Yet play the wrong way and it could go from "OOOOH!" to "Ouch!"

To find it properly begin by locating her cervix.  

If you insert a finger you will find a donut shaped or cone shaped ring of hard muscle at the top of the canal...  it is about the size of a silver dollar or in UK money about the size of a 50 pence piece though it can be larger or smaller in your woman.
This is the cervix which is the entrance to the Uterus.
It is the little sucker that you sometimes bang too hard during intercourse which makes your woman yell "ouch!" and demand that you stop for a while so she can catch her breath and if you hit it on just the wrong angle it is the female equivalent of getting kicked in the nuts.
So gently now trace around this little donut cone and you will find a very smooth and elastic ring of tissue circling it  and if you have short fingers and a deep woman you will find it harder to get to.
The top of this ring closest to her belly is the Anterior Fornix or the A Spot and if there is a spot in a womans body that is designed for vaginal orgasms this is it because this is the highly elastic part of the vagina that stretches to fit whether you are 4 inches or 10 inches long.
If you can reach it with your middle finger you should be able to and you stroke it with the come here motion like you would when massaging your womans G spot you will find a much higher percentage of women will go crazy from it than using the same technique on the G spot.
And better still with just a bit of practice once you know where it is you can angle your thrusts from either on top or from behind to find it with your penis and this is physically speaking about the easiest way to send her into orbit during sexing.
Now before you run off and play YES some women will find it painful when you stroke her deep spot.

There are 2 reasons here.
The first is easier to deal with and simply has to do with the normal variation in the way humans are assembled.
For some women if you go on an angle that shifts her cervix in the wrong way it will cause a tugging on her ovaries that nut kicking sensation I mentioned above and it will hurt her.
Altering the angle of penetration should fix this and it should not be hard to find a position that you both really enjoy.
The second reason is a mild case of vaginismus... a psychological condition that feels like anything psychological to your woman.
The deep sensations of all of those nerve endings that give some women orgasms are triggering pain in her because of some fear or tightening around the stimulation and this is kind of like when you flinch from intense ticklishness when someone touches you in a spot that might otherwise be pleasurable if you have a chance to relax into it.
For a LOT of women this discomfort or even full on pain can result from just feeling uncomfortable with you probing around her cervix with your fingers to find her A spot.
Helping your woman to relax into it is a much bigger subject than I want to cover in this article and I will just say that your loving and masculine patience and just plain old being cool about it will go a long way to unwinding this issue. 

Making her feel attractive... sexy... desirable and important to you will also work powerful wonders and will often solve the issue INSTANTLY whereas telling her it is psychological and she should just get over her shit and relax will be... bad.

If you want to know more about vaginismus I have covered this condition in depth in this article...

Okay go play and enjoy and having your woman smiling and cooing deeply at you after you have blown her mind and rocked her body with deep intense orgasms.

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