The 7 Traits Of Masculinity 

By Ange Fonce

I am going to start this article by making a statement that I feel that ALL women need to listen too.

"That women are to encourage men to be Masculine and "accept" men for "who they really" are... and not what women “think” men should be... this means women ARE to back off and let MEN find and redefine OUR MASCULINITY in this CHANGING World and BALANCE between the Sexes!"

And as for the men out there who have not got a "clue" who they are and what real women want and need... here goes my definition of Masculinity.
The Traits of a Masculine Man...

Personal Confidence...

Possess TRUST in yourself... not only that you can do what you set out to do... and that you already are what you need to be... even if on the outside it does not show yet.

Everything begins with a “thought”... watch your “thinking”... there is a saying and it says... 

"As a man thinketh... so is he."

Because a “masculine man” is a “confident man”... even in the face of “rejection” and its aftermath so that it does not phase him and he moves on if necessary.

Now are you a “truly confident man” has nothing to prove and has “mastery” of his life?


Because a “masculine man” is “courageous”... and I am not talking about being willing to do stupid stunts either... you are willing to stand by you “convictions” and “values” and do what is necessary without showing weakness... even if you are scared to death.

A man cannot be “truly courageous” and “brave” if he does not fear something... and if a woman is carrying on and wanting to pick a fight... do not back down and run away... and do not fight either... because a woman is not a child... will you run out the door if a child were throwing a tantrum or would you stay and “handle the situation” in a “clam” manner?


Are you taking “responsibility” for what happens in your life and stop being a “victim”... being a “victim” is exactly what society expects you to be... be who you really or intended to be... a man who has his own “purpose” in life.

Do you make plans and carry them out? 

Do you fear failure... because failure is part of the “learning process” to achieve “success” in what ever you do in life... so “learn” to use failure as a “learning experience” to “evolve” from and move forward in your “purpose” to “acquire” the “success” you want!

Someone once said... 

"If you show me a man who has never made a mistake... I will show you a man who has never done anything."

Will you “refuse to be a victim” no matter what you encounter... do you consider yourself as a  man who can handle life curve balls when they are thrown your way.

Can you be “flexible” and  change your plans if necessary... take charge of your life and where  you want your life to go... learn from the battles lost and go on to win success?


What would happen if you took charge of your life NOW and what goes on in it?

What would happen if you completed your goals... are you doing everything you say you will do?

Are you eating right and staying in shape... therefore you will also be able to think more clearly?

Self discipline is a BIG Masculine Trait... 

Imagine what would happen if you where in control of your direction and purpose in life... how does it feel... what is your life like?

Because if you can “imagine” your self being that way... and you want your life to be as you want to “live” you can most certainly “make it happen” and live that way... the question is... WILL YOU?

Honesty... Integrity and Kindness...

Are you “honest” with yourself and others holding yourself to the “highest of standards?”

Find the fine line between “kindness” and “honesty”... sometimes when necessary... one is more “important” than the other... with some finesse... you will be able to be “honest” and “kind” at the same time. 

Are you “kind” and “gentle” toward women... children and the elderly?

Compassion towards others is a HUGE strength and not a weakness... it is a very Kingly Masculine Trait.

Treat Women Like Women...

Many men do not seem to have a clue anymore of “how” to “relate” to women... when I go  Fencing and teach young people to fence I am saddened by what I experience of the conduct of men... there are only a few chairs and they are usually full of men... when a woman arrives not one man hardly ever offers her his chair and yet it would be a “masculine” thing to do... it maybe the age of “feminism”... and women “doing it for themselves”... yet “good manners” and “respect” still count BIG... and a lot of women still “appreciate” a man who “possesses good manners.”

Real Men Honour And Respect Women...

Real men treat others with “respect” and “dignity”... I once read a story and part of the story had the two men standing on a side walk when a prostitute walked by... one man tipped his hat and said... 

"Good day... madam." 

The other looked the other way... then later asked... 

"Why did you even speak to her... she is a prostitute!"

To which he replied... 

"I greeted her not because of who she is... it is because of who I am... and she is still a woman."

That is a Masculine Man!

Because a Masculine Man is not a product of his “environment”... his “environment” is the “creation” of what he makes!

Listen... because we have “two ears” and “one mouth” for good reason... you are supposed to be doing “twice as much listening” as speaking... when a woman speaks... “listen” to her “emotions”... instead of thinking... 

"Oh great... here she goes again."

Think first before opening mouth... she has a need... what is it... what can I do to help?

Because this seems to go against the nature of many todays men it seems... they want to strike back and have forgotten who they are dealing with... women and also children... I mean what are we supposed to be as men... “masculine” or some kind of macho jerks?

When a woman lets you know she is upset... what she is really doing is “asking you” to take “charge” and “help her”... it is a cry for help... most of the time she will just need your “love... understanding” and a “listening ear” and under “no circumstances” are you to take “abuse” from her... make that very clear... you must keep your cool.

A woman will not “respect a man” who looses “his cool” in the face of “adversity.”

Defend And Stand Up The Vulnerable...

Do YOU “protect” and “provide” for your family and anyone who is being “unfairly treated”... are you “prepared” for “life curve balls” and have a plan of “how” to deal with them... do you refuse to allow anyone to overstep your “boundaries”... do you stand by your "values”... your “truth”... and are you “smart” about how you “accomplish” this?

Plan ahead... remember you are a MAN so act like one.

Inspire Submission...

Are you a “masculine man” who in a “relationship with a woman” will always “inspire” and never force her submission... her willing “surrender” to you... a “masculine man” will remain a “gentleman” at all times when dealing with a woman... he does not seek to have “power” over her... he “inspires” her “trust” and “devotion” to him.

Imagine just how many women who want this kind of man and most do... no matter what they say... and I will finish this article with a message to women.

As a woman you do not have to give your man a “long list of rules” or tell him “how to be a man”... it is already there “inside him”... just step back... show him “respect”... and let him decide!

Do not let ANYONE crush your Masculinity.

Make up your “own mind” and and have your own “values”... and make your own “choices” in life.


Because Masculine Men are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely


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