The 4 Steps Of Connection & Attraction To Build "Emotional" energy with a Woman.

Have you ever been talking with a bunch of guys, shooting the breeze, and all of a sudden a woman joins your group, and the vibe of the conversation changes COMPLETELY?

It is like someone just threw a wrench into the gears. 

Suddenly the subject changes, and you hear a record scratch in the background.

Now all of a sudden you start censoring yourself and talking the way you think you "should" around a woman.

I remember when I would walk up to a group of girls and feel my mind freezing up on me like a puddle in winter when I was in my 20's. 

My mind would just go completely blank.

Now, there is a secret here that I am going to reveal to you in this article that will help you talk to women with much more calm confidence, once you understand a hidden desire that women have.

I want to tell you something about my childhood first...

Don't worry, you are not getting in touch with your "inner child" or anything like that.

You see, I when I was a kid, I liked to hang around girls...

Sure, I had a lot of guy friends, but I also spent a LOT of time hanging around groups of girls whenever I could.

Yes, I got teased about it a lot, but I had a feeling these girls were going to be the next big thing in a few years, and I wanted to start researching this trend right away.

The thing about having spent so much time around them was that I learned just how girls think and communicate. 

I started to understand what it was that women wanted in their conversations.

This one thing - this hidden ingredient - was something that most guys were missing in almost every conversation they had with a woman.

What is this missing part?

Well, there was an old joke that we used to have when I was doing project management when I worked for the government. 

They would call us in to do a big project plan. 

And then we joked that it would look like this...

Step 1) Begin project to install new system

Step 2) A miracle happens 

Step 3) Project success!

Well, obviously step 2 is where most people just smile, close their eyes, and go into their happy place. 

(It's this kind of wishful thinking that has led many countries to experience problems in their economy as well as the environment.)

Well, this "miracle happens" thinking has led me to realize just how many guys are making a really BIG error in their logic with women.

You see most guys have this concept of how conversation works with women...

Step 1) Start conversation

Step 2) A miracle happens ???

Step 3) Get a date.

Step 2 is that "mystery step" where "a miracle happens" and she just instantly finds you interesting enough to want to go on a date with you.

This is a little like thinking that someone is going to want to buy a car without experiencing sitting in it, or test driving it out on the open road. 

Not many people "mail order" their cars.

The secret desire that women have that will help you fill in the blank between "walk up to woman" and "connect" with her is actually VERY simple.

And it's not a miracle, either.


Sometimes known as...DRAMA.

But not the BAD kind of drama. 

It's the GOOD kind.

You see "drama" that a woman wants just means emotional ENERGY.

Ever had a dish of spaghetti where someone just dumped a plain bottle of tomato sauce on it?

It is really boring.

Now, throw in a little garlic, onions, basil, and a bit of red pepper and now you have got yourself a spicy dish!

It is the same thing with conversations. 

Emotional energy is what gives spice to a conversation for a woman.

I will share with you a little secret... 

When a woman jumps into a "guy conversation" all alone, she is secretly hoping she can get away with talking trash just like the guys do.

If you ever get a woman on her own with a group of guys, she will very likely drop her "angel" act and tell you things that would shock you.

Women have a secret desire to break free of this "pure as the driven snow" image and have a little dirty fun. 

That is one of the things they love about guys - it is that we are more in touch with our sense of dumb and simple fun.

Stay with me here, because I want to give you some information that will clear some of this up for you.

I have some questions to ask you... 

  • Do you think of yourself as "shy"?
  • Do you consider yourself "introverted"? (By the way, shy and introverted are not the same thing.)
  • Do you still find yourself having a tough time handling social situations with people?
  • Or maybe you have a tough time handling interpersonal conflicts?
  • Or maybe it's just handling all the people that seem to want to help you, but you know they really just want to GET something from you?
I want to share something with you that I did not really come to appreciate in my younger years, and it has made ALL the difference in my social life. 

And it has made me a more positive person and much less cynical and angry at the same time.

It is going to sound pretty harsh when I first say this, but if you think about it for a second, and open up your mind to the possibility, you are going to know what what I am saying is to the point.

It is this...

People (both men and women) play games with you.

Every day, and in very subtle ways.

Now, you will possible think that "playing games" as being a BAD thing. 

After all, guys feel like girls play games with them when it comes to romance. 

Women feel like guys are playing games with them. 

And it all feels like some kind of mysterious conspiracy to keep us from being successful with the opposite sex, doesn't it?

The fact is that playing social games is all part of the "Mating Game."

Not only is this natural...

It is absolutely NECESSARY for picking a "healthy mate."

Your "Genes" are very powerful in having a say in "mate selection."

If I were to just walk up to you on the street and say...

"Hi, I'm Ange. I'm a man of my word, and I'm very trustable. I'd like to be a very close friend of yours, and get together starting right now."

After you stopped looking at me like I'd just escaped from the local insane asylum, you would probably say... 

"Yeah, whatever." 

And then you would walk away.

If that is not the way that we become good friends with another person, how DO we do it?

Well, you usually go through a process. 

This is called the "friendship" model of how you allow yourself to get closer to someone. 

And it has 4 important steps.


STEP 1: Attention

This is where you get a person's attention. 

For a man, it might be going up and introducing himself to a woman. 

For a woman, it might be getting her friend to introduce her to a man. 

Whatever the means, you know that the first start has to start with an introduction or approach of some kind. 

That is gaining the other person's attention. 

And since you use a variety of methods to get over your fears of rejection and your shyness, you might have to call these methods "games."

After all, when was the last time you walked up and told someone exactly what you were thinking and why you wanted to meet them? 

Thought so.

Some people call this being "indirect," but it's still a kind of game.

STEP 2: Connection

After you meet a new person, whether it is for friendship or more, the next thing you need to do to create a friend is to find something in common. 

This is part of building a "connection."

You may think of it as "building rapport," or something similar. 

And since you are - again - indirectly searching for these things, you might consider that a bit of a "game," too.

I have been talking to one of my female friends about this, and she used to subscribe to a "live dating service" where you would actually be given coaching before you go on a date. 

They would give you relevant news stories to talk about, and each one of those stories was chosen so that you could find out the important things about your date, like if they wanted kids, like pets, etc.


Sounds like a bit of a "game" if you ask me.

But a good one, because if she were to ASK those same questions, she might have gotten any number of answers.

STEP 3: Commitment

This is the step where you get to take your connection to the next level. 

If you are a gman trying to get a date with a woman, you will probably need to get some level of commitment from the woman, usually by getting her phone number so you can reconnect and move up to a date.

Like asking...

"We should do something ... sometime. What's your number?"

If you were a woman, you might point out convenient parts of your connection and gently "suggest" that you two could "do something..."... "Sometime."

You put these things out there lightly like this to minimize your risk of getting hurt (i.e., getting rejected or turned down).

This is a kind of a game. 

But again, it is a GOOD game in that it gives you the freedom to explore possibilities and still feel safe at the same time.

STEP 4: Action

Now that you have gotten them to commit to doing something with you, it is time to make them take ACTION. 

Whether that is to follow your plan - maybe a date, or just to show up, they have to DO something to make the connection real.

They have to act on it.

This is the "moment of glory," as they say. 

The small games you had to play to get here are now acknowledged as being okay, because they got you to the goal of finally getting together with someone so that you can now drop the games and get REAL with the other person.

But unfortunately, many of those games do not necessarily go away here - or in other parts of your life. 

The unfortunate part of this is that people very often play negative games with you.

All the time.

I used to feel really "played" by some people. 

It got so bad that I started to get very negative about interacting with others, because it felt like they were just out to get something from me.

And then I started learning some very important techniques for handling such people in social situations.

Now I have been talking about this concept in terms of creating a new girlfriend, but this is really applicable to ANY area of your life where you're trying to create a "relationship" of some kind.

It could be a business relationship, between you and your boss...

It could be a romantic relationship between you and a lover...

It could be a sales relationship between you and possible client or customer...

Whatever the motive, you need to go through these steps to create something REAL between people. 

When the games start to become negative, and you feel like you are in over your head, the only thing you can do sometimes is to walk away so that you can avoid getting "played" by these people. 

But very often, they are not people you can escape from. 

Sometimes you cannot get away from your boss, or you don't want to throw your relationship with someone out the window just because you have not been able to figure out the game they are playing and put an end to it.

I'm also here to tell you that these situations can be AVOIDED.

All it takes is some special understanding of what it takes to get power social skills and awareness that you can bring to ANY situation. 

Because when you know how to handle the games that people play, you will finally start to feel more in-control of your own life.

I was out at lunch with a friend of mine, and her daughter was having problems handling some kids in her high school that were giving her a hard time. 

She asked me what her daughter could do when they were being mean. 

When my friend heard my solution, she told her daughter...

"See! That's why it's good to ask Ange... He always has a good solution to these problems."

I am not telling you this to brag or pat myself on the back. 

It is to let you know that I have been completely clueless with what to do in these situations in the past. 

That is what inspired me to research, learn and practice these social-relationship skills. 

I was sick and tired of feeling manipulated by other people.

If you would like to stop being "played" by the games people play - and learn how to take POSITIVE control so that you can start winning - without deception or manipulation, or sinking to their level - then you owe it to yourself to take a look at yourself and where you are going in life?

It has taken me many years to learn all the best ways to handle difficult social situations, and I helped many men and women find the success they have wanted out of life.

When you start socially interacting with another person, your instincts will tell you everything you need to know about them in just a few seconds.

IF you know what to look for.

And your animal gut never lies...

After all, this is what most of your brain evolved to do - to figure other people out! 

The way you do this is through intricate and subtle social GAMES.

But do you know these games, can you read the signs?

And do YOU even know the messages you give out to other people?

If you are struggling in Life, with your job, your relationships. 

Your not going anywhere fast! 

Then maybe it is time you stopped and took a long hard look at the rule book YOU are living your life by, the beliefs you hold.

Are they helping you move forward or actually sabotaging you?

Yes, life can deal you a bum hand to play. 

But do you know what?

There is "NO RULE" that says you have to play that hand. 

You can draw a "new" hand when ever You want.

 But in that hand there must be these cards...

  • DESIRE...You really got to want what YOU desire!
  • PLANNING...How You are going to achieve what You desire.
  • ACTION...Putting You plan in action to achieve what You desire.
  • PERSISTENCE...That no matter what, You will achieve what You desire.
There are other cards to play in this game of Life. 

You can choose a NEW HAND any time!

And Note! 

I said nothing about achieving "goals."


Because research has shown time and time again that most men (and women) never achieve their goals.


Because for the simple reason...

They lacked the Desire, Passion, Confidence to take the ACTION to Grow and Persist in taking the steps to ACQUIRE the SUCCESS they DESIRE!

Are you such a man, one who is a product of his environment with little or no desires?

Or are you a Masculine Man the creator of his environment, a man who acquires his goals and fulfil's his DESIRES?

As ever...

Always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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