The 4 BIG Mistakes Men Make
With Women When Social Courting

By Ange Fonce

Do you ever feel like you are playing a game with women, and you could be making mistakes, yet you do not know for sure?

Well, I always felt like there were things women were not telling me. I used to get really frustrated when I thought they were "hiding" this from me. 

Well, in this article, I use a question from one of my male clients to share with you the BIG 4 mistakes that a LOT of men... including me in the past... have made with our attitude and opinions of women.

Read on...

QUESTION from Michael?

"You fine Ange? 

I'm getting better at approaching and using your material lately and brought home my first girl Saturday night since starting working with you. 

Things went pretty well. We hooked up. In fact, I knew even before she met me that she wanted me... she couldn't take her eyes off me.

Anyway, we made plans to meet up for lunch today, but when I text her she said she had to meet with her student adviser and wanted to reschedule. I just said sure, no problem.

Then, she says she still wanted to call after her class got out and I said that was fine too.

Anyway, 1:30 rolls around and she still hasn't called. I said screw it, I'll just grab a bite to eat then head to the gym for an hour.

This is where it gets good...

At the university campus food court, I actually see her their with one of her girlfriends. She didn't see me I don't believe, but I was pretty irritated. I ate then just went to the gym.

I feel fine now, but what do you think she is doing? I assume it's a test to see if I will call her asking her why she hasn't called me, but I won't give in. How would you have handled it?

Also, I don't plan on calling her until she calls me, if she does.

When she does, how should I act? What should I say?"


My Reply...

Hi Michael.

How you doing.

Well, you have to remember that one of the key differences between men and women is how we view plans. Men think that plans are all firm and important... and they get really irritated when it looks like someone is just ignoring those plans.

Women, on the other hand, when they are younger do not place as much stock in plans. 

They are very much rooted in the present moment and going along with whatever will give them the highest emotional high... remember this concept... it is crucial.

To a younger woman, not following through on a plan is not what she is focused on. She is focused on what she IS doing right now that give her a lift or a positive experience... do not misinterpret flighty focus for malicious intent. 

And please note here... not all women are like this. Most woman as they mature grow out of this behavior. I know many good women who are highly focused and will be there on the dot, especially if they are professional and business minded... and you will be the one getting the "raised eyebrow" if you turn up late.

You are also planning too much. 

You have gone into the realm of TRYING to make everything work rather than just letting your natural Masculine behavior take over.

You are placing way too much emphasis on figuring out what she is thinking, and what it all means.

It means NOTHING.

You must simply act from a place of strength and confidence in your own reality and your own world.

Without this calm sureness in your own skin, none of that other stuff matters. When you are busy in your own life because you have so many options of your own, you do not even NOTICE these small slights. You are just off to the next cool thing that you have got going on in your life.

Remember, there must always be a hundred other cool things you could be doing in any given moment OTHER than chasing some woman. You see, when you are all wrapped up in trying to manipulate or engineer a certain RESULT in your social interactions, you miss the point.

Here are the mistakes that you can fix and get better results...

MISTAKE 1... Instant messaging her to "check-in" on your lunch "meet up." 

Bad... do not do that. If she has to cancel, it is HER job to tell you so that you can discover the quality of her character. 

"Sure, no problem," is a wuss reply... you should have been teasing her and busting her balls.

Do not be so easygoing... be fun and playful... ALWAYS... and do not say "no problem" if it is in fact a problem.

Set your standards high... it is up to the woman to meet YOUR standards... not the other way around. A decent healthy woman wants a man she can LOOK up to... trust, respect and feel SAFE with.

There is a specific way that the Masculine Man busts on women that do this so that she feels tension again, and you do not look like a wuss. The only except is when she has outright lied and deceived you... there is only one option to this kind of behavior... dump her.

Why would you want to get involved with such a woman when she deceives you?

No matter how “hot” and fit she is... if she is not “trustable” and "genuine" with you... your letting your self in for a lot of pain and frustration.

Physical beauty is not everything my friend.

MISTAKE 2... Waiting on a woman's call.

This places far too much emphasis on her as a result. You handed all your power over to her by giving HER the control.... no matter what a woman says, she does not want that control! 

YOU must be the one to lead things. You should have just told her you cannot wait around for her and you will just go with someone else. Not with a whiny, prissy tone, just very matter of fact... that you have others in your life.

You DO have other options... someone else? 

If not, WHY NOT?

When you are “Social Courting” you have LOT'S of options... not just 1 maybe girl.

MISTAKE 3... Assuming that once a woman is interested in you, she will STAY interested in you. 

Not so... her emotions and attraction will ebb and flow. You must always assume you are starting from ground level with her.

And that is WHY... you have many options to invest in... instead of betting on 1 girl who is a maybe?

MISTAKE 4... Getting irritated about her behavior. 

You misinterpreted that when she was hanging with her girlfriends, that she was trying to hurt your feelings, or even considering you at all.

Women FLAKE... especially younger women... that is life... get use to it, as it is part of the “mating game.” 

And accept women will do this to you for the REST of your LIFE. 

It happens even to me now and then.

The one thing that will curb this kind of behavior is acting like a stronger male role model... in other words being a MASCULINE MAN.

You should have walked right over and started chatting up her friend, in a happy, couldn't-give-a-shit attitude. Oh, and you should have done this with your 'someone else' that you went to lunch with. You know, your "alternative..."

A Man with “options”... has many choices to CHOSE from!

OK... you had an initial “success”... yet there is a lot more to “moving” things forward with a woman that we will discus in future meet ups.

Keep reading the material I sent you, keep working on the exercises and keep those questions coming.

Look forward to our next meeting Michael.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

The Mating Game...

Being a Masculine Man is more than knowing one strategy that fits all... as there is no such thing as a “magic pill” that does everything for you. 

And the “mating game”... is not black and white.... it is many shades of Gray, and it is a Grey that you can learn and use to your advantage.

Because when you ask me how to act or what to say? 

I will instruct you in this... it is not so much "what you say"... it has so much more to do with "how you say it"... the presence of your words and actions have to come from the "core" of your Masculine essence, or she will see right through your act. The simple answer is that you must act with trust... confidence, integrity and authenticity of your own MASCULINE  power. 

You act like YOU and always behave as the strong, confident version of YOU.

Now... are you one of those men who is tempted to play games with women to get what you want? 

The techniques and strategies I coach you in are not about mere games and manipulation, they are about how to drop them... because no man or woman likes to think and feel they are being “tooled” and manipulated... and being a"Dynamic Masculine Man..." you do not conduct yourself in such a way. 

Now... if you have not started learning yet I would really like to hear from you. I am sure you can give me some quality information on what you are looking for, or if there is something that you are waiting on to take a step down the path to self enrichment.

What would happen if you developed the solid confidence you want in every part of your social life... to get REAL and AUTHENTIC as you... to become a "Dynamic Masculine Man" who acts with INTEGRITY and is highly ATTRACTIVE to women?

How would your life be?

Can you imagine that?

Well... the first step to your personal masculine development is very simple.

You Contact me.

And we will move forward from there.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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