The 3 Sex Positions That Give Her Body Shaking Orgasms

In this article I am going to share with you 3 positions that drive most women CRAZY. These positions are a sure fire way to bring your woman to some of the loudest, most intense orgasms of her life.

Most men, in their struggle to please women never understand the SPOTS that actually trigger orgasms so they flail around uselessly trying weird sexual positions that don't work.

In this article I'm going to reveal 3 very important things that women know but never say:

1) The Real "Orgasm Zone" and why what most guys do NEVER hit it

2) The 3 Ideal Positions to hit that "Orgasm Zone" and drive her to screaming, shaking orgasms

3) Advanced Sexual Strategies For Each of The Ideal Positions (only if you are looking for sexual mastery, this stuff is a bit wild) The Real "Orgasm Zone" Of A Woman... And Why Many Traditional Positions NEVER Hit It!

Many men know the feeling of having sex and wondering WHEN their woman is going to orgasm. In a futile attempt to get her to come you keep pounding away hoping it will happen.

But it never does.

The reason is because you are not hitting the "orgasm zone" that causes her to have an orgasm! 

Think about it like this:

Let's say you burn your hand on the stove. You REALLY need to get some cold water. Your friend runs over with a bucket of cold water. But, instead of dumping the cold water all over your hand, they dump it all over your FOOT.

You scream in agony that you needed cold water on YOUR HAND because that is what burned. Obviously the analogy is a bit dramatic and simple but it proves a certain point. 

Yes you need water, but you needed it IN A CERTAIN SPOT. 

Let me explain how this helps teach you about female orgasm.

She NEEDS your penis to have a vaginal orgasm with you inside her. But if your penis isn't hitting the CERTAIN RIGHT SPOT its like dumping water on your foot when you burned your hand!

Now let's talk about where the "orgasm zone" is inside of her. 

Most men do not realize that the actual main "orgasm zone" of a woman is the TOP INSIDE WALL of her vagina. 

This is where the g spot, the deep spot, and all other sensitive orgasm zones are located!

I have written about these other "orgasm zones" in other articles and I share the links with you at the end of this article.

When you are having sex in most positions your penis is going IN to her not UP AND IN where it will give her an orgasm. 

You are reducing the thrusting effect of your penis and not sitmulating her enough to experience orgasms. 

However, once you learn how to ADAPT certain positions you will be going UP AND IN and nailing that "orgasm zone" in her EVERY TIME. 

You can expect your lover to start having g spot, deep spot, and maybe even a squirting orgasm when you start putting these powerful methods into play that I am about to share with you!

The 3 Ideal Positions to Hit the Orgasm Zone and Drive Her Over the Edge

Position 1. A Very Advanced Version Of Doggy Style

What you want to do is when you are entering her from behind on the bed youwant to flatten her out. But, before you flatten her out you want to stick a pillow under the lower part of her stomach. Once you have pillow under her stomach (to raise her butt higher) you want to lie down fully flat on top of her.

Often people refer to this position with out the pillow as "froggy style."

However instead of staying even with her body, move up as high as you can. The goal of this is so that as you thrust you are hitting the top inside wall of her vagina. 

The entire point of the pillow and moving up on her is so that you are thrusting down DIRECTLY into her "orgasm zone." 

As long as you can last at least 5 minutes in this position you are sure to give her an orgasm.

Here's how to take it to the NEXT LEVEL...

If you are doing it right your head should be right above hers putting you in a perfect position for some dirty talk...As long as you feel comfortable and she is comfortable you can throw in some dirty talk along the lines of.. 

"You like it like this?"

"You like me on top of you?"

"You have a great ass baby"

Here's another secret:

You can use your arms to lightly pin down her arms to show masculine doing this you are going to increase the "animal primal instincts" that doggy style provides because it shows her that you are totally in control of whats going on.

And one more...

Once she has orgasm DON'T STOP... she will have an orgasm and think she needs a break.. however, you can keep going lightly and she'll recover... and be ready for an even more intense second orgasm. Slowly increase your speed and pressure and she'll come again and again and again!

Position 2. What I call the "2 Inches Bigger G spot Missionary"

The missionary position often gets a horrible name. Critics call it boring, plain, and vanilla. 

However, when used the RIGHT WAY missionary position can be one of the most intimate, orgasm giving positions there is. I personally LOVE  the missionary for the intimacy and verity, so do most women do too!

Here is how to change missionary position to "2 inches bigger g spot missionary": (note: not only does it hit the spot, it also makes you feel 2 inches bigger inside of her due to the "angle of your thrusting")

What you want to do is take a normal missionary position and adapt it to hit the "orgasm zone." 

Here is what to do:

1) again use a pillow (or two depending on physical proportions) under her lower back but this time in missionary position

2) start inside of her in missionary and scoop under her legs and put them on your shoulders

3) now place your hands under her lower back between her and the pillow

4) lift her up so that as you thrust in to her again you are thrusting UP AND IN and hitting the top of her vagina! (note: the entire reason you have the pillow is so that you don't have to support her entire lower body weight with your hands)

5) thrust up and in and the position that you have her in is sure to trigger an amazing orgasm

Here's how to take it to the NEXT LEVEL...

If you have the flexibility lean forward and kiss her while you are inside of her. Due to the close physical contact with her (legs on shoulders AND hands around her lower back/ass) it is a very intimate position and adding in kissing makes it highly emotional. If you are a man that likes romance (like I do and I know the vast majority of women do!) then you can also tell her how much you like (or love her) and that she is your girl. 

This position is often a woman's favourite.

And it is one of mine too, not only because it feels great for me as a man penetrating deep inside her. It is a deeply "intimate" position and you can build up not only very powerful sex energy with your lover. 

You build up very powerful "emotional" energy with her too.

Position 3) This Position Is Seated "Girl On Top" With Her Leaning Back

Let me explain...

Often your lover will climb on top and show that she wants to ride you for a bit. The reason she is trying to do this is because is instinctively trying to position herself so that you are thrusting UP AND in!!

With a few simple adaptations to "girl on top" you can let her take control while you lean back and watch her orgasm!

How to do it:

1) sit down in chair or sofa (not on bed) and have her get on top facing you

2) have her put her feet forward on the outside of your body

3) tell her it would be really sexy to see her lean back

4) as she leans back and start riding you thrust straight up..due to the positioning you will actually be thrusting UP and IN!

5) lean back on the chair or sofa and watch her ride you to orgasm!

Here's how to take it to the NEXT LEVEL...

As she is riding you, reach forward and stroke her clit in a light circular she is getting stimulation on the inside "orgasm zone" and the external "orgasm zone".

Beware: She will come quickly!

Now that you have learned WHY sex positions don't give women orgasms and you have the knowledge as to WHAT DOES GIVE HER ORGASMS.

Take confidence in that fact that if you use JUST ONE of these positions you will be blowing her mind in a way that no other man ever has!

And one last final note from me to end this article...

If you are experiencing problems with your "sex" life. You lack "sexual confidence" or you do not know how to build deep "intimacy" with your lover. Or you are experiencing other "relationship" problems.

Then please Contact me for a "Free" consultation session.

To know more about Gender Education For Human Relationships...CLICK HERE.

And as ever...Always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce

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