Social Courting Tips For The More Mature Women To Meet Men

By Ange Fonce

“If you are waiting for anything in order to live and share love without holding back, then you will suffer. Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone who you touch... be it with your heart... mind and body. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate the energy of love or muddy the room in the energy of depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds or you can have them reject you.
And when you are truly happy inside, then age brings with it a maturity, a depth, a ageless glow... and a power that only magnifies your Feminine radiance.” ~ Ange Fonce 

So often in our youth obsessed world... more mature women are often written off and I KNOW as a MAN... that this attitude and way of thinking is a HUGE mistake.

I have meet and known many women... a lot over 40 who are "fabulous" woman and one of my closes long term female friends is now plus 50... and she is stunningly beautiful as she grows in her maturity... the Woman just becomes more in every way!

Emotional sophistication... experience of character and a sensuality that only a mature woman can possess contributes greatly to her beauty. 

Maturity fortifies a woman as her shallowness of youth fades... and is replaced with the depth of her more deeper feminine beauty. 

A more mature woman is likely to conduct herself with an integrity of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and charisma that only the wisdom of maturity can bring, and does make a woman more beautiful in the depth of her femininity... when she has taken care to develop herself. 

It sometimes happens that a woman is more handsome at forty-nine than she was ten years before... such a woman "matures" in her depth and beauty... like the finest of quality wines... she becomes more of herself.

So.. let us get to the matter of this article...

Here You Are Single Again... What Do You Do?

I know from working with women who find themselves back in the courting scene in their late thirties or beyond, may really feel frightened because, at this age, they think they really should have a husband and kids by their side... and can feel lost.

What is essential to remember is that some occurrences in life do not go precisely according to plan... life throws you curve balls, and then your plan is left somewhat bent and out of shape. 

For that reason, the most effective plan is to face life's challenges with a smile... and get on with things you want to do. 

At a certain age, the only thing that you focus on is what will give you happiness and contentment.

Women of all ages 35+ might nonetheless be single for lots of factors... they may perhaps have just been through a divorce, or have not met the man who really compliments them yet. It can also be that they have recently broken up with their boyfriend.

These reasons are what sparked them to choose to start over again, even if their age seems to discourage them (some sense it is no longer proper for them to go out on "meet up's" or that the pool of men is somewhat smaller than it is for much younger women)... which to be frank is not true. 

Should you think this, you will not have the ability to meet new male acquaintances.

While courting for women in their late 30's+ can be a bit of a challenge, you are never too late to enjoy what life has to give. Women who do not enjoy the dating scene might find it more rewarding if they followed a few essential "Social Courting" tips.

Social Courting For Singles In Their 30's+

You could possibly be questioning as to what you are able to do to solve this dilemma. Well, the answer is easy and varied.

Try Speed Dating. 

It can assist you in meeting people with the opposite sex, have fun and enjoy living. 

This approach will also permit you to be comfortable when you are with other men and women. 

Given that the complete speed relationship notion focuses on "greet and meet" variety of social interaction, you need to be friendly at all occasions. 

Go to clubs, bars, restaurants, and other places where you are bound to interact with plenty of men.  

However, in the event you have a low tolerance for alcohol, then it would be best to prevent drinking.  

Most men and women (and I am one of those men) do not like to speak to an individual who is drunk, as it does not make an excellent initial impression.

Join Groups And Get "Social."  

Doing so is a great strategy to meet up with new acquaintances in their 30's+.

Grow to be true to yourself... act like a totally unique, confident individual in front of other men and women. Have the attitude... 

"I am the prize and you need to be worthy of WINNING me." 

Be positive and just get pleasure from being single and enjoying life for you. Go do the things you have always wanted to do... just because your "single" does not mean life is over.

Being "single" is a great opportunity to enjoy being YOU! 

Preserve in your thoughts that life, which includes the courting scene does not care if you are 23 or 53.

Dress Your Age. 

Dressing for your age is an extremely important part of "courting" when a woman is in her late 30's+. 

It says one important thing about you... you are confident and comfortable in showing that you are a FULL woman. A woman who dresses too young for her age often appears as though she is trying too hard to capture the attention of a man, which comes across as desperate rather than appealing.

Personally I prefer a woman who has the "confidence" to presents herself in a "classy" way as herself... then being presented mutton dressed as lamb.

Act Your Age. 

It is a foolish thought for a woman to think that acting younger will make her appear younger. All it does is make you appear silly, lacking in confidence, or desperate to snag a man. 

It is important for a woman at any age to be true to herself. 

Continue to do the activities that you enjoy and avoid letting others influence your decisions. 

A real man wants to enjoy a REAL woman who enjoys being herself!

Adjust Your Expectations. 

It is necessary to give up certain specifications for meeting men, as the pool has grown smaller in certain respects. 

For example, looking for a man who has never been married and divorced might not be as plausible now as it was twenty years earlier. 

Be honest with yourself and your needs.  

Do you truly want to capture the attention of a much younger man, even if it is flattering? 

The emotional and mental difference between you both will eventually tell.

Show Your Experience. 

Gone are the days when women stayed in the background, subservient to men and hiding their natural talents and innate abilities. 

Today’s women in their late thirties plus should express themselves proudly and join conversations that appeal to her. 

Showing intelligence is more likely to entice an intelligent, aware man than playing dumb.  

Also, it is okay to be more shy than outgoing, and remember that your opinions and knowledge matter.

Embrace Your Sexuality. 

While there is no need to become provocative and mysterious, a woman in her maturity should appreciate her sensuality. 

She should embrace physical intimacy if it pleases her. 

While her body might not be as young and vibrant as it once was, it is still her body. 

She should look for passion and embrace it when she finds it. 

As a body in a world, here is your choice... you can be more loving or less loving. 

You can relax and feel open to the swirl of a moment's passion, or you can pull away from it all as if you are separate from it and develop a sense of worthlessness.

Because getting back into the "mating game" can be daunting... if you choose "Social Courting" to be that way.

Or you can make it a "fun" and "social" experience... and there will be that one "special" man who will spark your "attraction" and make you "curious" to get to "know" him more. 

Now... if you want more advice on love, passion, and intimacy.

Please do Contact me.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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