Sharing Deeper Intimacy In Bed Through Meditation 

By Ange Fonce

I often write and share with you how a meditation practice can be beneficial for your sexual performance.

In this article... I am going to talk about how it can contribute to a more deeper connection and passion with your lover.

To repeat myself a little... not everyone who meditates is a rockstar in the bedroom... there is no clear scientific connection there that I am aware of.

And there ARE specific things that you can acquire and apply from a meditation practice that can be extremely powerful in reaching your sexual potential.  

The power is in making these connections...  it is similar to the fact that being in better cardiovascular shape can definitely improve your bedroom performance... and just being a marathon runner does not make you good in bed!

Sexual attraction is basically a function of just 3 things...

1... Physical attractiveness

2... Confidence

3... The ability to be present with a woman

Now in the case of physical attractiveness there are many factors that make one human attracted to another... so there is a random factor of being someone's "type"... and hitting the gym regularly... eating right... having good posture... and taking care of your hygiene go a long way to making ANY man physically attractive.  

If you have got those factors handled... it is very unlikely that this will ever hold you back in your relationships with women.  

For women... what you look like is much less important than it is for men in general.


On the other hand is a huge factor...  being confident about your ability to whip anyone's ass in X-Box is not going to do the trick... I am talking about sexual confidence and your comfort with your own ability to show up as a sexually masculine presence for the woman you are interested in.

Now the third factor... the ability to be present... is a massive igniter of attraction in women.

The ability to really be with another human and stay present and authentic with them... and not drift off into either an act... or into your own thoughts about how the interaction is going... is something that will give any woman powerful butterflies of attraction... and this is true whether you have just met a moment before or you have been together for years.

This ability to really BE with another human is something that can be very difficult for men in the modern world...  our internal chatter is just so loud sometimes that it overwhelms us.

"Does she like me? 

"What is she thinking? 

"Maybe I should smile... wait that might look dorky... I should look tough... how is my hair?  

"She made a face... do I have bad breath?" 

"I think she is really turned on... what should I do next? 

"I should make a move... but what if I end up looking stupid?" 

I started it last time... maybe I should just hold out until she tries to start up with me?" 

And on... and on... and on...

If you are already a man with a meditation practice then you know that you have built some powerful brain muscles in your ability to quiet that chatter and become present when you are sitting in your practice.

If you want to try something that will blow your mind... bring that ability to your interaction with your woman.

Next time you are in the mood to seduce her... along with whatever else you may say or do... focus on eliminating the chatter and bringing your focus to being present with her in your gaze.

I think you will be just blown away by the power of the sexual response you will get from this simple idea.

If you do not have a practice yet... I cannot begin to encourage you enough to try this anyway... and then try it again after attempting to meditate for a few weeks.

I think you will find the results astonishing.

In some forms of meditation... the emphasis is on creating a single pointed focus... for example... focusing on a candle flame or a mantra that you repeat over and over again in your head.

Using her body... her taste... texture... scent... and sexual response as your single point of focus... will create something that will feel like magic to her.

Not only will she experience heightened states of pleasure... she will feel utterly naked in a way that removing her clothing could never achieve... she will feel connected to you and a deep intimacy that she has never felt before.

The more powerful your ability to focus and tune out distraction and mind chatter... the more powerful this effect will be.

The last thing I want to talk about is the most powerful of all... and the most difficult to really "get."

When you really connect with a woman on a deep emotional level... you begin to have the possibility of getting past a lot of the insecurities and fears that all humans come pre packaged with.

Unfortunately this is just a "possibility" and not in any way a guaranteed outcome.

In fact... most of us keep a huge number of secrets and little things that we are ashamed of and that we hide from others between ourselves and our lovers.

Digging deep and revealing more of your self creates 2 powerful effects... 

First it creates more intimacy as she feels your trust and your courage in revealing your truth to her... and second... it creates powerful confidence in YOU.

Each time you share something that used to an embarrassing secret... it is power over you goes away and you become more connected to your masculine core.  

Once you have no secrets... nothing about yourself that you fear talking about... all there is... is confidence... personal authority and self trust.

What begins to emerge is that the chattering mind is not the real you... it is just the chattering mind.

The mind... left to its own devices will generally create doubts...  that is actually it's job...  doubts have a powerful correlation to survival in the wild... and the mind is a tool for survival.

When you meditate regularly... you begin to see these doubts as what they are... not real... and only created in your mind.

It is this process of discovering that you are not your thoughts... and rather the space that your thoughts arise within that allows you to get in touch with this ability to see your doubts and fears for what they are.

And that opens the opportunity to let some of it go and to become more authentic.

This will not only create incredible passion and power in your relationships with women... and also in your relationship with your self.

If you are like me... then you may have tried meditating before and found it either boring... impossible... or both.

I strongly suggest you keep with it... it does become easier with time and you will hit some breakthroughs along the way that will make it much easier and more pleasurable.

If you want help... information... that will help you succeed more quickly and you would like to know about this?

Please do Contact me.

I also strongly recommend yoga... as the physical practice simplifies the process of focus... plus you get great exercise and flexibility as an added bonus.

I think if you re read this article a few weeks after you have started your practice you will see some powerful new possibilities for what is available to your in your sex life that you never saw before.

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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