Relationship Issues That Threaten Your Relationship 

By Ange Fonce

So many couples who have lost each other regret their parting for many years, particularly when they might have been able to stay together.

They struggle with what they could have done differently had they known they were in serious trouble. By the time they realized they were on a collision course, they could not stop the negative spiral.

Most all relationships that begin with common dreams and abundant love end with those positives still intact, and buried under layers of unresolved heartbreaks.

Had those disconnects been seen and understood earlier, the once-cherishing partners within them could often have turned things around.

Learning the three most common ways relationships fail can help devoted partners keep their relationship alive.

Threat 1... 

Negative Interactions That Outnumber Positive Ones

Every intimate relationship will experience its fair share of conflict. 

No matter how similar you and your partner may be, you still come from different backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets - not to mention two different sets of life experiences.

Relationship Coaching helps you understand your partner - and feel understood - as you never have before. When you have this kind of in-depth experience of each other, you are much better equipped to handle whatever conflict may come your way.

Conflict in intimate relationships is a fact of life. It is how you handle them that determine whether they will rip you apart or superglue you together.

Here is how...

When your relationship began, you most likely felt treasured by your partner, praised for your assets, and readily forgiven for your faults. Some "not-so-compatible" areas may have existed, and you chose to give them less attention.

Over time, those non-attended-to negative interactions may have changed the percentages of good connections to bad ones. Now you are having more difficulty both erasing them and also holding on to the positives you once took for granted.

The good parts of your relationship may still be there, yet the damage is taking its toll and you can feel each other's lowered frustration tolerance and increased quickness to anger.

If you cannot transform your negative patterns and grow beyond your current limitations, your lack of action will keep feeding energy into the bad interactions and starve out the good ones.

Threat 2... 

Suppressing Your Needs For The Sake Of A Relationship

To keep your relationship secure, you have probably had to sacrifice some of your own needs at times in order to give your partner what he or she wanted from you.

You may have felt a little martyred some of the time, or even gave up some of your own self-respect, but in the moment, it seemed the right thing to do. You felt that your partner not only recognized your willingness to sacrifice, but would readily have done the same for you.

Somehow, over time, you began to feel that you were giving more than you were getting back. Your sacrifices now appear to be more expected and your paybacks are not adequately compensating you for your efforts. Your partner not only does not give you more of what you want, he or she does not even recognize that you have been silently bargaining.

If you allow this imbalance to continue, you will eventually feel like you are being taken for granted and lose trust in your partner's willingness to reciprocate.

Threat 3... 

Trust-Breaking Incidents

Most new couples do not address their non-negotiable bottom lines up front.

They either trust that their partners have the same values and ethics, or believe that they would never hurt them by doing something they have agreed would be unacceptable.

You probably began the same way. Then, as your relationship matured, you discovered new things about each other that altered your initial perceptions. Some of those revelations were delightful surprises that deepened your trust and love. 

Others may have caused concern, like past behaviors that your current relationship could not survive.

As you grew to know what your partner could or could not tolerate, you may have begun withholding some potentially relationship-destroying thoughts, telling yourself that you would never act upon them.

Couples who cannot share their secret thoughts or behaviors risk the loss of their intimacy. Their bond weakens, and they are more likely to act without considering the outcome.

Starting Now... 

Getting Your Relationship Back On Track

Averting further damage and getting back on course involves three steps, regardless of the problem:

Acknowledging the problem and committing to fixing it as a team

Intentionally stopping any behaviors that are perpetuating the problem

Harnessing the positive energy in your relationship (it is still there, even if it sometimes does not feel like it)

I wanted to remind you that myself and another Relationship Coach, Coach Dalia and I are still here for you just like an old friend.

I also wanted to ask, if you have ever heard this expression:

“You cannot see the wood for the trees.”

If you have not, it is basically saying you are unable to see a situation for what it is or optimize it because you are too involved.

Everyone has experienced it on a basic level...

Say you have been trying to build a TV stand for hours and for the life of you, you cannot figure out how screw C fits into block B without part A breaking off.

Then, your friend comes round for a coffee looks at it for 3 seconds and points out the solution just like that.
Individuals who are in a relationship experience it on a much greater level...

Where the stakes are higher.

Many reach a certain amount of success that they have built all by themselves, then plateau. Often they hit a relationship obstacle, and are so caught up in their own way of thinking (because after all it has got them this far) they cannot seem to get around it.

That is where a Coach comes in.

They offer a fresh perspective, a new way of approaching things that you may never have thought about before even though it was right there staring at you in the face, just like screw C.

And not only that, a coach provides accountability.

They provide motivation, so you have always got your foot on the gas, reaching new limits and breaking through boundaries.

It is no coincidence the greatest success stories in our society...

From Usain Bolt to Steve Jobs, Oprah to David Beckham all had coaches in their lives at some point.

No one finds a crazy amount of success alone.

If they say they do?

They are either lying to themselves or you.

In short, the most successful people have coaches, so if you want to be the best you can be for yourself and your relationship, getting yourself a coach is worth considering...

And so is what I am about to offer you:

A free complimentary 1:1 coaching session with me or Coach Dalia, where we will help you see the wood for the trees and take yourself and relationship to the next level.

If you are interested...

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Coach Ange Fonce

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