Ravishing sex is subjective.

What is ravishing to one person could be tame to another.

If you are seeing someone for a while, and they confess that they love ravishing sex, do not just grin widely and assume you know what they expect you to do in bed.

What Is Ravishing Sex?

Ravishing sex is the type of sex where you involve pain in the sexual act, to increase sexual pleasure!

It is a sexual release where you can show off your dominant strength and your lust at the same time.

Ravishing sex is not something most people talk about easily, and yet, it is something all of us could enjoy if done the right way.

If you are not someone who is into ravishing sex, bringing all that domination into something as romantic as lovemaking could sound alarming, and that could all change once you understand the little nuances of passionate, ravishing sex here.

Firstly, ravishing sex is best enjoyed with a partner you trust... both of you know each other's limitations and capabilities, and it is understood to know where to draw the line.

The Psychological And Emotional Thrill Of Ravishing Sex

One of the sexier things about ravishing sex is how contagious it is in bed.

If you claw your lover's back with your nails, the rage they experience will subconsciously force them to reciprocate your ravishing moves with their own, which can lead to a heightened sexual experience for both of you.

And ravishing sex is not for everyone, especially men and women who have had bad experiences with it. 

For the ones who enjoy it though, an occasional round of ravishing sex can increase the passion in a long term relationship. 

People who love ravishing sex get the sexual high, from truly letting go and getting into the animalistic experience which can be "transcendent and spiritual" and takes sexual experience to a whole new level. 

It is definitely not a bad thing though, because every once in a while, a change in routine in any relationship can make lovemaking a lot more sensual and alive. 

When you are genuinely having ravishing sex, the urge to enhance the sexual sensation is so overwhelming that even penetration alone cannot satisfy you. 

You want to do more... the pleasure hurts and you like it, and that is what makes the whole thing so passionate and intense.

You are taking yourself and your lover right to the edge where the experience is at it's most intense and you are most ALIVE!

Yet ravishing sex is not for everyone and every stage of a relationship... especially for a woman, she has to feel comfortable indulging in it with someone she trusts and loves, and knows will not judge her unless she is having a one night stand with a man she feels high sexual intensity with. 

Dominant And Submissive Ravishing Sex

Ravishing sex is highly intense sex and can be rough, and even when lovers indulge in it, be they male - female or same sex lovers... they can take on two different kinds of roles. 

One partner usually initiates ravishing sex while the other partner experiences being ravished and gets aroused by it.

If you are more dominant in the relationship or in real life and have a career or a lifestyle where you are not pushed around much, you may enjoy submissive rough sex more than other people. 

It is your mind's way of craving for a release from the responsibility and the control... the psychological release of control makes you enjoy your orgasm better.

On the other hand, a lover who plays a submissive part in the relationship or in real life may get more pleasure by taking control in bed or by playing the dominant partner while having ravishing sex.

Ravishing sex does not have to be a means to abuse each other or feel powerful... it can be used as a psychological release, just as long as you practice it in a controlled environment and swap dominant and submissive sides often, unless both of you prefer specific roles all the time.

Ravishing Sex Is not Always Kinky Sex

While ravishing sex is a kind of kinky sex "unconventional," it could just be a passionate tumble in the hay because both of you are extremely aroused... most kinds of kinky sex takes some amount of planning and preparation, and ravishing sex almost never needs any planning, unless you plan to involve toys and other sexual paraphernalia.

Ravishing sex is sexual arousal beyond penetration, it is all the sexual arousal that is brought about by being in that "animalistic" state.

There is no "thinking" in ravishing sex... you just are... Animal!

A Ravishing Sex Tip For Men

Woman like ravishing sex and some women adore to be totally "ravished." 

Of course, not all the time! 

And every now and then, TOTALLY RAVISHING your woman makes her feel alive. 

Being totally taken, used, F69KED, dominated once in a while with masculine power and aggression turns a woman totally on... all her senses are alive! 

She can then "surrender" and be totally ruthless in expressing her own feminine passion, sexuality and animal.

There is something special about a man's physical masculine strength and animal-like aggression that can awe a women all the time!

When you have ravishing sex with your woman, it shows off your confidence and your masculine animal, wild side which can turn her on and rekindle the raw sexual desire in her. 

And how ravishing and rough would she like it? 

Well, that is something you need to talk to her about. 

Ravishing Sex For The Calm Lover

If you are a man or a woman who is not used to the idea of ravishing and absolutely taking a lover while making love, the thought of ravishing sex may seem frightening to you... yet you will never know how powerful you feel or how sexually arousing the act can be until you try it and step beyond your "comfort zone."

If you are having ravishing sex for the first time, do not let your awkwardness show... start slow by kissing more aggressively and using your teeth, and as you get more into the act, apply more pressure on your partner, either by using your hands or your pelvis.

Run your hands through your lover's hair and grip it firmly with your fingers while whispering something dirty or biting your lover's neck... start to let the "animal" you are free...  and when you feel comfortable enough, run your nails against your partner's back, deeper with each confident thrust of your pelvis.

And somewhere along the way, you will start to feel the wild passionate animal engulf you... and before you know it, you will be flowing in your raw sexual energy and totally taking each other wildly in "no holds barred" sex and to be blunt "F69KING" each other totally lost in "animalistic" passion.

As I mentioned before it can be an "intense and spiritual" experience.

15 Ways To Experience Ravishing Sex.

Pain and pleasure release endorphins, a morphine-like chemical created in the body... if you learn to mix pain with sexual pleasure while having ravishing sex, you will be able to experience more of the pleasure sensation instantly.

Here are 15 types of ravishing sex you can experience with your lover... and always remember to avoid getting carried away in the heat of the moment.

1 Scream And Yell. 

Not all of us are sexual screamers... and when you get ravished and roughed up and shed your vocal inhibitions, you will feel more relaxed and carefree, which makes you wilder.

2 Nibble And Bite. 

Using teeth is always a great way to bring out the animal in you when you are ravishing your lover... bite hard, but not hard enough to draw blood... focus on erogenous zones like the neck, the breasts, belly, inner thighs and around the elbows and ankles.

There is an excellent description on biting and how to use biting in the original Karma Sutra.

3 Claw your lover. 

Scratch with your fingernails and pinch. 

Literally... running a painful line with your fingernails against the soft skin of your lover's back will send a sexy rush that can cause a lot of pain too... and knowing how and where to pinch when you are on a sexual high, all that pain will flood your body with sexual adrenalin, making the sexual pleasure even more intense.

4 Pull each other's hair. 

Grab a handful of your lover's hair just above the scalp at the back of the head, and tug at it... you will not lose your grip and yet, the pain will feel more pleasurable than when you hold your lover by the lower ends of their hair.

5 Aggressive Movements. 

Pound and F69K each other like there is no tomorrow, and the aggressive to-and-fro movements will turn both of you on, just as long as both of you can hold on long enough... and remember, you are dealing with sensitive body parts here, this is about pleasure mixed with pain... not abuse.

6 The Burning Slap. 

Slap each other across the face or the chest, or if you are standing behind your partner who is on all fours, slap their back or their butt... the searing pain will bring out the animal in your lover.

7 Asphyxiation... Be careful with this one. 

For many kinky lovers, cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain arouses them to an all time high... and be very careful here, as you could end up hurting your lover while choking or throttling them... instead of trying to choke your lover, just place your hands gently on your lover's neck and massage it just until they feel your pressure.

Do not try blocking the oxygen supply completely, you definitely should leave that to the professional kinky chokers who know what they are doing... another alternative is smothering the face, either by gently using your palms without too much force or by placing a porous pillow over your lover's mouth.

8. Dirty Talk.

Ever heard the lines, "say my name" or "call me a bitch!" 

Well, many lovers love getting called trashy names and hearing dirty abuses... if your lover is into being called a whore, go ahead and indulge them.

9. Fantasizing And Role Play. 

The words you choose play a big part in setting the mood for ravishing sex... grab your partner by their hair as you lay on their side, and whisper something dirty about what you intend to do to them... or pretend like both of you are two other people, like two strangers on a flight, or drunken strangers at a party... if you have an active imagination, you woul™d get your lover in the mood even before doing anything else.

10 Force. 

Forcing your partner to perform sexual acts can work quite well if both of you enjoy dominant and submissive roles... force their head down on you, or hold your lover by their neck or hands and order them around in bed. 

11 Whips. 

If your fingernails are not painful enough, use short whips... they hurt more, and it is a lot more dominating to be whipped.

12 Tie Your Lover Up. 

Tie your lover's hands and legs to the bedpost or hold their hands firmly with your own hands... the helplessness of the situation could turn both of you on, because one of you will be in complete control of the other person... you could also use cuffs instead of ropes.

13 Spanking. 

When someone thinks of ravishing sex, almost always they visualize a hard smack on a bare bottom... you know to smack, so go right ahead and smack them until they turn deep red.

14 Force Yourself On Your Lover. 

The rape fantasy. If your partner gets aroused by the thought of being sexually overpowered by a stranger, talk dirty about a fantasy where your lover's being forced into sexual submission by someone else... and as you visualize the scene, make sure your hands continue to play rough with your partner's body.

15 Toys And Gags. 

Some toys and gags are not for the faint hearted... and if you want to take that road into rough sex, go right on... it may not be for everyone, and if you do enjoy going into extreme rough sex, perhaps bdsm is the way to go. 

Incompatible Lovers And Ravishing Sex

Ravishing sex is amazing as long as both of you are enjoying the experience... and what if you in a relationship where only one partner enjoys ravishing sex while the other does not? 

Sometimes, a partner who feels emasculated or weak around you may use the excuse of ravishing sex... to actually use rough sex to feel more powerful... if your partner is using rough and abusive sex to feel dominant in a relationship, that is not good for you or for the relationship.

Even while having sex, make sure both lovers indulge in equal ravishing play, unless one of you intentionally likes to be submissive more often... it is very important that both lovers take control equally while experiencing ravishing sex.

Another point to be aware of is the addiction... if you are having ravishing sex the first few times, the intense experience is intoxicating and highly arousing... and if one of you gets addicted to it and do not get turned on by other experiences of sex, cut down on the ravishing sex until both of you can function sexually without having to resort to this intense experience  of love making. 
Ravishing Sex Is The Way It Sounds... RAVISHING! 

You are dealing with sensitive body parts here, uncontrolled ravishing sex can leave lovers hurting. 

Here are a few cautions you need to keep in mind.

1 Broken penis... if a woman sits down heavily or the man aggressively penetrates deep, this is definitely possible.

2 Penetrating too deep in a hurried motion can damage a woman's cervix which can lead to bleeding or bruising.

3 It can be very difficult to control ejaculation and orgasms while experiencing ravishing sex as a man... unless you are a highly skilled and aware lover and know your own body and breathing methods, so instead of squirting, you experience your orgasms with out squirting... I recommend a very good book to help you with this... "Tantric Secrets For Men." 

4 Your protection can get damaged while doing the rough nasty.

5 Tears in the vaginal walls due to aggressive rough sex.

If you notice any painful swellings or bleeding after rough sex, consult your doctor, especially if the symptoms last for more than a couple of days.

Communicate Your Desires

Ravishing sex is an amazing experience... it is, intense aggressive, wild, passionate and steamy... yet too much of a good thing takes away the sensual and beautiful experience... so use ravishing sex to mix in with other experiences sex. 

One of my most favourite ways of making love with a woman is what I call "Riding The Wave"... it is moving through different experiences of slow, gentle, sensual love making then rising the intensity to full on intense "animalistic" ravishing "F69KING"... then moving into slow, sensual love making again. 

I love making love in this fashion, and I often bring in other things.. nothing turns me on me more than when I am enjoying a woman who is totally enjoying making love... that is when sexual energy becomes "Spiritual"... "Intimate!"

And if there is something about ravishing sex you do not like, or if a particular scenario scares you, talk to your lover about it. 

Ravishing sex is to be a shared passionate experience for both of you, not just for one selfish partner.

And when it comes to rough sex.. have a code word to know when to stop, so both of you know when things get out of hand.

Sexual energy is an amazing beautiful life giving energy.

Step and enjoy its pleasures in ALL its flows.

Sexual energy is another way of being present, aware and "Intimate" with ALL life.

As always leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you. 

Average men and women know only the rules. 

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are Passionate DYNAMIC Lovers!

For Love and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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