Powerful Massage Method For Mega Orgasms For Women 
The Welcoming "G" SPOT 

By Ange Fonce 

Please Be Aware This Article Contains Content Of An Intimate Nature

If you are in a relationship... and that you have tried the method of touching the clitoris at the 2 o'clock position for some time... which is also know as The Welcome Method!

I suggest that you try the "The Welcoming G Spot massage." 

When used with the Welcome Method your lover will experience mind blowing whole body orgasms.
I suggest to only start this method when your woman is really turned on and wet... and that means foreplay... foreplay and more foreplay... building sexing energy with your lover.

Use your hands... finger tips... your tongue... caress her... awaken her body and use you eyes to deepen the connection with your lover... be sensitive and follow her energy... when she has some orgasms... rest with no movement for a while then start some light stimulation again... I usually like to allow the women to have 3 mega orgasmic experiences over a hour or so.

NOTE... do not rush this experience... I suggest for the first time you try this is to have at least 1 hour for this method... a lot of women need at least this time to really get into their orgasmic power... most of the time... sexing is over for a woman before her true feminine essence is touched... and make sure your hands are CLEAN!


This combines stimulating the 1 to 2 o'clock  position along with the G spot... this is a very powerful method that I use often when sexing with a woman... this method was taught to me on a workshop by a sexual master some years back that can give woman whole body orgasms using your fingers while you kiss and hug her.

The method is simple and can be so powerful.... I just curl my first finger so it rests on the 2 o'clock position next to the clitoris. 

The second longer finger goes on the g spot area... there is slight pressure so you are touching all around from next to the clitoris to the g spot area... as the womans energy rises you have a relaxed hand and move your fingers in and out... when she gets into her orgasms you can get quite vigorous... I often use this method for one hour or longer to have given my lover at least 3 mega orgasmic experiences... after a time you will find that your woman gets very wet and mushy... female ejaculation can result from this method.

You can do this method with your lover lying on her back...

Or you can stimulate her "doggy" style.

I suggest that you try some new things in sex each month... the "Welcome Method" alone is powerful... combined with "The Welcoming G Spot" your lover will experience "Mega Orgasms."

If you never do anything different in bed... the end result is that sexing will tend to become routine and boring... this is pretty much guaranteed!

For a lot of us... it can be a bit scary to talk to your partner about adding something new in sexing... I suggest that if this applies to you...  talk things over with your lover and do it anyway... life is short!

One thing I often suggest to couples is that they both write down a list of up to 10 things they want to explore in sexing... they both compare the notes that they have made... then they both select a few things from their partners list that they are willing to try... one can start with the easy things on the list and build up to the more challenging... many couples never tell their partners what they really want in sexing for fear on some level of rejection... what a pity... sexing is to be fun... passionate... enjoyable and build to "Intimacy" between you and your lover...  you are only limited by your own imagination!


Try using the color red in your bedroom... for many it helps to create passion and energy.

Play a new version of Spin the Bottle... whoever the bottle points to has to remove an article of clothing.

Freeze some grapes and then use them for love making... tickle her nipples with them... put them in your mouth while you give oral pleasure.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 


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