Peak Orgasms Again And Again For Men 

As a man are you interested in having a much more intense sexual experience... and more powerful orgasms even leading to screaming orgasms?

Most men do not realize that you place an upper limit to how intense sexual energy can be... you limit the sexual charge in your body... thus limiting the intensity... and erotic potential of your sexual experience.

In part this is due to most men feeling a lot of sexual energy as tension... and you tend to suppress it... or want to discharge it... if you are tense... the feeling of a lot of charge in your body is very uncomfortable... most men discharge the tension by ejaculating... during sex... if you are not totally relaxed... when you approach the maximum sexual charge... your body can comfortably deal with... you generally either back down from the intensity... or release it through orgasm... some men also have issues of building up enough sexual energy to enable them to go into an orgasm.

The key to peak sexual experiences is to build up the sexual energy in your body in a very relaxed state... this allows the sexual energy to rise without discharge... this enables much more energy... or even ecstatic pleasure to flow right  though your body... and it enables peak orgasms to effortlessly arise... for a man it can lead to orgasms without ejaculation... this experience does not lead to you wanting to go to sleep! 

For a woman it can lead to multiple orgasms that go on... and on... rising in intensity... and pleasure.

Practice To Expand Sexual Charge

First... you want to build up more sexual energy in your body to stretch... and expand your capacity to hold this change... it is a bit like blowing up a balloon... repeated filling the balloon makes blowing up the balloon easier each time... so you need to repeat this exercise a few times a week for a month... or so to really get the full benefits.

Now you need to self pleasure yourself... or ask your partner to do an erotic massage... build up the sexual charge slowly... and just before the point of orgasm... stop for one hour... or longer.... and begin again... at the point just before coming... really relax... and let go.... feel the energy moving in your body... stay very relaxed... and open... breathe... and make sounds to let the energy move.... dance... shake... or do whatever you feel like doing to allow the energy to move.

If you really relax into the energy... the feelings can be ecstatic... and you will not feel frustrated at not coming... on the next practice session... you will find you can hold more sexual charge in your body without succumbing to needing to release through orgasm.

I am not against orgasm... and if you follow the above practice you will find your orgasms are much more intense... and even can be a whole body orgasm experience... if you really build up the charge... and totally let go... it can lead to screaming orgasms that in my experience are totally intense... and out of this world.

I attended a Tantric weekend at the London Tantric Temple with a lady friend a few weeks ago... I will share with you one of the exercises we were given as I had some great experiences.

The workshop leader explained that sexual energy is like a magnet... the positive pole of a woman is her breasts... and her heart area... and the negative pole is her vulva... the man's positive pole is the penis... and his negative pole is his heart area.

It seems most men make a mistake of going to a woman's negative pole much too soon in doing foreplay.... the workshop leader suggested that a man needs to open up his lovers positive pole first by a lot of  breast kissing... and sensual touching... once a woman opens in this area the energy moves down to her vulva... and she gets wet... and starts to desire to be penetrated... we were given the following exercise to be done in the privacy of our room.

For 10 minutes the I just caressed her breasts with with very slow light touches... she held my penis.... after 10 minutes of very gentle and soft caressing... I then spent the next 20 minutes... touching... blowing... kissing her breasts... and no other area... and she carried on caressing... and stimulating my penis... and no oral sex... I can tell you now... I wass rock hard and full of sexual charge... now after 30 minutes you can both move onto intercourse... and feel free to do anything you want.

My Experience.

We both enjoyed the 30 minutes of stimulating the positive poles of of each other... after this time.. we were both pretty turned on so we moved into intercourse.... I loved how I felt  when a huge wave of animal  masculine energy came over me.... I felt like I was this mega wild male beast.... this wave of energy come over me three times... and was one of the most powerful sexual experiences I have ever had.

After wards myself... and my Lady friend shared our experience... and she shared with me that when she felt me entering this... “animistic” state... she could not help her self and responded... becoming animistic herself and let go... and experienced incredible orgasms herself... sex went to a whole new level for both of us... ecstatic. 

I gave this exercise to a couple to practice in their loving making.... I am working with them to heal their relationship... I received an e mail from the women thanking me as she really enjoyed doing the practice as she felt very loved.

Use this exercise in your love making... and I would love it if you email me your experiences.

Love Making TIP


How would you like to fire things up in your relationship without without the embarrassment of bringing it up... and without hurting your lovers ego?


This works so well because you are adding new excitement... and adventure to your relationship without technically doing anything different.

Here are some examples...

1. Surprise her with... “gifts of pleasure”... as she gets out of the shower... or when she about to get in the car about to leave for work.

2. If you always make love in the bedroom... do it in the living room... explore the rest of your own home.

3. Add some excitement by kissing her... and slowly transitioning into lovemaking in the backyard... or in the rain... of course... all of these depend on the privacy of your home... and both of your adventure levels.

Now... please do not discount this because it is simple... there is a lot of power in this one tip.

You can make love exactly the SAME WAY you always do... in a NEW PLACE... a great way to get started... and what will happen then?

Your lover will want MORE!

At this stage... it will only be natural for her to try new things... and that is when you can suggest some new things... or even some of the tips you have found!

Trust me... if you just want to bring back that spark you both once had... making love in a new place will really make it a memorable occasion for both of you... you will make love that is more passionate... intense... and exciting.

See how easy it is to add spice to your life without going overboard or rushing it?

If need be... you can take small steps... and build your sexual confidence to try new things over time.... the point is to just GET STARTED... and if you find yourself stuck … and want to move forward in your LOVE LIFE. 

Then Contact me and I will work with you to build your CONFIDENCE.. and be sexually assertive with your lover... and enjoy fully the FULL THRILL of Love making!

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Average men and women know only the rules.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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