Intimacy lives in the tension. 

It is the drive to get your own needs met and the drive to ensure your lovers needs get met... love both covers your lovers vulnerabilities and calls out their inadequacies... love accommodates and demands growth. 

The beauty of loving tension is that it has something powerful residing within it... energy. 

You do not get to choose when that energy will get released from the tension... you do get to choose whether it will be intelligent creative empowering energy or blind destructive destroying energy... it comes down to your personal intent... to rise and empower or to control and manipulate?

When two lovers stand right in the middle of their relational tensions and extend themselves to invest in their own highest best and the highest best of the other... a powerful astonishing energy is released...  it is named and known as INTIMACY! 

And intimacy is a key is to building deep TRUST between lovers... and TRUST is the solid foundation value for those of The Tribe of  Dynamic Lifers!

Please Be Aware 

That Some Published Content 

Is Of An Intimate Nature. 

Can A Cheater Ever Be Trusted? By Ange Fonce

February 11, 2019

Can A Cheater Ever Be Trusted  

By Ange Fonce

I have a question that I get asked quite often... 
The crux of it is, if a man or woman has cheated in the past, can they ever be trusted?
I would like to open this up even further. How can you ever know if ANY man or woman can EVER be trusted?
Here is the question:
If a man or woman cheated on thier exes, they will certainly cheat on the next one. What if he or she is on their journey all this life to find the RIGHT one, how could you trust him or her based on their past? can you forgive them? can you believe what they said?
I always wonder who "they" are in all of these "they say" statements...
It has been my experience that "they" are almost never in agreement with the way that I see the world.  And that is probably because "they" always speak in generalities, and you, your partner, and your relationship are INDIVIDUALS.
So, first off, if I thought that a person's past predicted what they are capable of in the future, I would quit this business right now.
I HAVE TO TRUST that the men and women that I am writing for can have massive transformationsin their lives... their sex life, their emotional life, and in the happiness and contentment in the way they relate to each other.  If I did not KNOW that was true, then I would be a complete fraud.
And the fact is, every single day I get the most beautiful proof in the form of emails and personal conversations that people CAN change literally anything in their life and live their love life in their romantic relationships.
So, the short answers to this question are...
Could you trust him or her based on their past?
Can you forgive them?
Of course!
Can you believe what they said?
Yes... if you choose to.
Now here is some ESSENTIAL tips to actually GET the trustable man or woman and relationship you want...
First off, you MUST TRULY UNDERSTAND this all-important point:
Humans are 100% predictable in that we are flawed, imperfect, and we are going to f69k up.
The idea that you cannot trust someone because of a past mistake is an idea that will doom you to a life of loneliness, mistrust, emotional denial, and immature judgement.
All humans screw up, and when you judge THEM for it, you are essentially lying your ass off by denying all of the mistakes you have  made that you have ever been ashamed of.
Your ability to love another person in spite of their WORST mistakes is DIRECTLY RELATED to your own ability to accept yourself for your own mistakes.
And when you bring those two things together in your heart it allows a man or woman to sink into a trusting, open, and honest space with you.
If you make them bad and wrong and shake your finger and say...

"Now how can I ever trust you again?!"

You may as well be saying...

"From now on just lie to me because I cannot take the way you reflect my own shame back at me!"
And if you cannot see the truth in that paragraph, then you should copy/paste it someplace and read it every single morning until you GET IT.  Because until you do, you will never have the kind of deep connection and intimacy that you a truly capable of.
The second tip I have for you is just plain human psychology:
If you play the... 

"I am not sure if I can trust you" game, you will be training them to play the, "then I better be sneaky" game.
If you play the, "Even though you are probably going to break my heart, I am going to show what a good person I am by trusting you like a martyr" game, then you are training them to play the, "I am a bad-ass heart-breaker jerk in spite of my best intentions" game.
Only real trust is real.  Only open honesty is going to get open honesty in return.
In a life-long relationship, mistakes will be made.  I am not saying they will cheat, yet you will both do things you wish you had not.
That is what it is to be a human, and if you cannot accept that, then you are going to always disappoint yourself. And you will always be disappointed by everyone around you who you love.
The big wisdom move here is to trust love enough to hear and accept whatever happens, and reveal your own mistakes with faith in their ability to forgive no matter what you do.
That is how you show him or her that they can trust you... and that is how you get a man or woman to truly work hard at becoming the kind of man or woman that can be trusted.
People DO grow and change.  You probably used to like playing with Barbie or Action Man, and if you are under 40 you probably once loved Britney Spears.
I forgive you.
And I know you have changed.
See how easy that was?
Well, easy for me.
YOUR road will require much more trust and courage in keeping your heart open to Love.
You might get hurt along the way. Yet the alternative is to live with a closed and unforgiving heart and then hope somehow that a magic man or woman will arrive who is so obviously without human flaws that you can finally open up and trust them.
Does such a man or woman exist? Good luck with that.
I suggest you live with an open and forgiving heart and take your chances. I am not a bit worried that if you follow that advice that you will be sorry about it on your deathbed. Because we all screw up and not one of us are perfect.
Accept we are all Human!

Either way:  Be courageous and work at trusting love. Really trusting and no faking it!

You will discover that no evidence will ever be enough.  They say "God is love," and it may be true and it maybe not, because they both require trust and faith to be real in your life.

If You ever find yourself having difficulties with being "Intimate" with your lover and you are interested and want to know more about Gender Education For Human Relationships.

Please Contact Me to let me know and I will reach out to you to arrange a complimentary coaching session.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Coach Ange Fonce

Ange is an Dynamic Personal Development Coach who works with those men and women who want to personally and powerfully develop their confidence, relationships, sexing, health and wealth!

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The Spice of Sexing Variety To A Loving Intimacy With Your Lover. By Ange Fonce

January 21, 2019

The Spice Of Sexing Variety To A Loving Intimacy With Your Lover 

By Ange Fonce 

Please be aware this article contains content of an intimate nature.


Today I want to talk about variety in sexing.

I am going to share some things that I have done with lovers and learnt from others to add some extra spice.

Now most people immediately think of having lots of different sexing positions to spice up the sexing act. Although changing sexing positions is important, I feel this  is just a small part of go...

Continue reading...

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Gender Education and Sexual Awareness is about improving  "Intimate and loving relationships" as one very powerful way to cultivate "getting-each-other-ness"

I am committed to the possibility of men and women really "getting" each other... I do not go with the view that you need to hide any aspect of yourself... your truth and who you really are in the world. 

When you cultivate the courage to really BE yourself and say what you mean... to your friends... your family... your boss and your lover you become incredibly POWERFUL in your life. 

The secret sauce is being ready and willing to accept others regardless if they agree with your perspective on what is  right or wrong. 

I have seen over and over again that this is the master key to...

Great sexual relationships .... deep love... commitment and trust... general happiness and contentment with life and being the SUCCESS you want to be!

Because intimacy depends upon you sharing exactly who you are - which means sharing exactly how you feel no matter how ugly you think those feelings to be... it all starts with being Truthful and Authentic  as YOU.

It is beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind, the essence of you... someone who takes the time to undress and appreciate your conscience and make love with your thoughts... someone that wants to help you slowly take down the walls you have built up around your heart and let them inside to share "intimacy" with you and you alone. 

To love all your vulnerabilities in embracing you... that is "Intimate Communion". ~ Ange Fonce



In Intimate Communion

"Spirituality is a Divine Gift... Sexuality is a Divine Gift... They may together be called... Intimate Communion.

The Art of Loving maybe the ultimate gift... to connect the Mind... and Body... the absolute in non-denial." ~ Ange Fonce

People who regularly experience pleasure tend to be more happy... and are almost certainly a lot nicer to be around... sex is one of the healthiest... and most beautiful ways to experience pleasure.

A committed long-term relationship legitimises sex... and offers the needed safety... and security to help you open to the many delights of sexual pleasure.

Sacred sexuality practices such as Tantric and Taoist sex offer the further possibility of elevating your relationship to become a spiritual practice,.. thus reuniting sex and spirit.

In this way it is possible to set your self free by celebrating your body rather than denying it.


"Women are Highly Sexual creatures...  women crave really good SEX and for many women... really good sex is rare to find.

Sometimes they have it... and do not realize how rare it is until later... once a woman has experienced it with a Masculine Lover nothing else will do... she will always crave it... period. 

Woman make the investment to make Sex better and they are frustrated when their man is not willing to do the same... giving a woman an orgasm is not the "goal"... it is the very  minimum requirement... it is the BEGINNING!" ~ Ange Fonce


Do not think about getting sex... instead think about giving really GOOD Sex! 

There is certainly opportunity there... that is the correct intent and motivation  to bring out the decadent... primal... carnal... insatiable... hungry... ruthlessly... expressive... natural sexual being in you... that drive will do the rest!

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