Intimacy lives in the tension. 

It is the drive to get your own needs met and the drive to ensure your lovers needs get met... love both covers your lovers vulnerabilities and calls out their inadequacies... love accommodates and demands growth. 

The beauty of loving tension is that it has something powerful residing within it... energy. 

You do not get to choose when that energy will get released from the tension... you do get to choose whether it will be intelligent creative empowering energy or blind destructive destroying energy... it comes down to your personal intent... to rise and empower or to control and manipulate?

When two lovers stand right in the middle of their relational tensions and extend themselves to invest in their own highest best and the highest best of the other... a powerful astonishing energy is released...  it is named and known as INTIMACY! 

And intimacy is a key is to building deep TRUST between lovers... and TRUST is the solid foundation value for those of The Tribe of  Dynamic Lifers!

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Is Of An Intimate Nature. 

Is it Love Or An Attachment Relationship? By Ange Fonce

January 9, 2019

Is It Love Or An Attachment Relationship? 

By Ange Fonce

I have been recently asked by a bunch of people regarding their love dilemmas and it is interesting how similar their stories are from the other who have the same adversity.

Some of them believed this feeling is quite leaning to the idea of liking or loving someone.

The thing is people fail to see the difference between attachment and love.

Defining both terms, an attachment means many things, ranging from emotional affection to physical affection. We can probably define it as a strong emotional bond. Whereas, love is a direct feeling to somebody else.

Emotional attachment and love are actually interconnected yet they are partially and distinctively different.

What confuses me the most is how people bring the case of attachment to the level of love considering the fact that these people have been together for only a year or worst, months.

Humans Are Easily Attached

We are attached to objects, events, and people.

We get attached to our personal belongings, a special place, routines, environment, atmosphere, almost everything.

Attachment is where you become self-centered.

You tend to feed your needs with these particular things. And people are not an exception. We tend to get attached to people because of how they let us feel. We always believe that we like or we are supposedly in love with this particular person when in fact we are simply attached to them.

You are not in love with this particular person, you love how they always make you feel. This is why the term “giddy” is usually used in terms of these kind of situations.

As I have read many articles regarding psychology, our subconscious minds are driven to people who have common perception and interests with us which is usually the trouble with many relationships. We usually pursue relationships with people because we are comfortable with them and so it drives us to stay.

Which is the whole context of attachment. We stay because we feel appreciated, we get attention, we feel special, we feel giddy, we get complimented, we feel encouraged which is usually drawn to becoming self-centered.

We are trying to feed our needs. And we usually need attention and we love being in this kind of state. Attachment is a need for someone to fill a void in your life or in your self esteem. Which is why it feels sickening to have this person away from you because you tend to feel lonely without them around and again, it is about you concerning with what you will feel without them. Like I said, attachment.

Now Going To Love

It does not necessarily mean that love is where you feel the exact opposite of attachment.

Love is a word and action which is pretty much difficult to find.

As humans, love is part of our needs. We need love. And if we deprive ourselves of love, who knows what will happen. 

The thing is, love is not demanding, not desperate and less self-centered, it is where you just feel like you need to protect and love regardless of whatever it is.

An example would be our family; we love our family or at least we loved our family. We complete each other and we would do anything for our family.

Same goes for that particular person you probably have not met yet or had one right now, we do not disregard flaws yet then we accept them.

People are misled by that statement, anyhow. Some people disregard flaws and they are mistaken for believing that disregard is the case of understanding. Disregard is to pay no attention and just shove the idea out of the big picture whereas understanding is getting the whole concept of the big picture and it does not hurt if a big crack exists in that picture.

You get to be proud of it. You relate yourself with this particular flaw and then you see yourself and then you change.

And this is the context of love.

To summarize things up,

Attachment is where you feel the need of talking to this person, you need to feel happy, you need to feel loved.

Love does not need all that. It is impulsive, it is unreasonable.

Pay attention to the difference...

Do you need to be with that person or do you enjoy yourself, enjoying that person?

I will be covering more about attachment styles and how they impact relationships in future articles.

If you are interested and want to know more about Gender Education For Human Relationships.

Please Contact Me to let me know and I will reach out to you to arrange a complimentary coaching session.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Coach Ange Fonce

Ange is an Dynamic Personal Development Coach who works with those men and women who want to personally and powerfully develop their confidence, relationships, sexing, health and wealth!

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Relationship Issues That Threaten Your Relationship By Ange Fonce

December 12, 2018

Relationship Issues That Threaten Your Relationship 

By Ange Fonce

So many couples who have lost each other regret their parting for many years, particularly when they might have been able to stay together.

They struggle with what they could have done differently had they known they were in serious trouble. By the time they realized they were on a collision course, they could not stop the negative spiral.

Most all relationships that begin with common dreams and abundant love end with those positi...

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When you cultivate the courage to really BE yourself and say what you mean... to your friends... your family... your boss and your lover you become incredibly POWERFUL in your life. 

The secret sauce is being ready and willing to accept others regardless if they agree with your perspective on what is  right or wrong. 

I have seen over and over again that this is the master key to...

Great sexual relationships .... deep love... commitment and trust... general happiness and contentment with life and being the SUCCESS you want to be!

Because intimacy depends upon you sharing exactly who you are - which means sharing exactly how you feel no matter how ugly you think those feelings to be... it all starts with being Truthful and Authentic  as YOU.

It is beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind, the essence of you... someone who takes the time to undress and appreciate your conscience and make love with your thoughts... someone that wants to help you slowly take down the walls you have built up around your heart and let them inside to share "intimacy" with you and you alone. 

To love all your vulnerabilities in embracing you... that is "Intimate Communion". ~ Ange Fonce



In Intimate Communion

"Spirituality is a Divine Gift... Sexuality is a Divine Gift... They may together be called... Intimate Communion.

The Art of Loving maybe the ultimate gift... to connect the Mind... and Body... the absolute in non-denial." ~ Ange Fonce

People who regularly experience pleasure tend to be more happy... and are almost certainly a lot nicer to be around... sex is one of the healthiest... and most beautiful ways to experience pleasure.

A committed long-term relationship legitimises sex... and offers the needed safety... and security to help you open to the many delights of sexual pleasure.

Sacred sexuality practices such as Tantric and Taoist sex offer the further possibility of elevating your relationship to become a spiritual practice,.. thus reuniting sex and spirit.

In this way it is possible to set your self free by celebrating your body rather than denying it.


"Women are Highly Sexual creatures...  women crave really good SEX and for many women... really good sex is rare to find.

Sometimes they have it... and do not realize how rare it is until later... once a woman has experienced it with a Masculine Lover nothing else will do... she will always crave it... period. 

Woman make the investment to make Sex better and they are frustrated when their man is not willing to do the same... giving a woman an orgasm is not the "goal"... it is the very  minimum requirement... it is the BEGINNING!" ~ Ange Fonce


Do not think about getting sex... instead think about giving really GOOD Sex! 

There is certainly opportunity there... that is the correct intent and motivation  to bring out the decadent... primal... carnal... insatiable... hungry... ruthlessly... expressive... natural sexual being in you... that drive will do the rest!

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