So How Does A Man Court In His Mature Years?

By Ange Fonce

Should you act different? 

Should you BE different?

And how do you successfully court as you leave the ricochet and climb out of your Prince years and begin to step into being the KING that women look for from a man of a more mature age.

Today I want to share with you some thoughts I have about your expression of Kingship as it relates to ORDER.

Maybe it is me and maybe it is you too that when I get into a womans car and it is a cluttered and filthy mess I turn off.

To me it reflects not only her hygiene and how she might keep house and it is a reflection of how she worships or does not worship her own body as a vehicle of the radiant feminine.

I like the women in my life to be a deliverer of grace and beauty into my life and when we go out or when we stay in or when we make love I would like her to deliver what I cannot which is a kind of liquid sensual environment... a shimmering and delicious bed of being for me to take and taste and shape and raise.

So what does SHE expect from you and from me?

She wants a MAN!

Not a boy. 

A boys room is a mess... a college guys room stinks of strewn laundry... okay no problem.

Yet a man of 35 Of 40... 50 or more that is a problem!

As you move into KINGSHIP in your life you become a SOURCE OF ORDER for your woman... a reassuring bulwark against chaos... the chaos of lifes dangers of her whipsawing emotions... her inner demons... her fears and yes of economic worries too.

In archetypal terms  the King is a slayer of Chaos... represented in the old stories as demons... dragons... serpents and monsters. 

The King slays chaos and establishes order and allows the realm to flourish... Men can work in peace... Women can sleep safely at night... Children can play and grow... you convey to women this CRUCIAL ARCHETYPAL KING ENERGY by demonstrating that you have created order in your own life and what may seem small to you such as dishes in the sink... socks on the floor... papers strewn around your living space  may grow magnified in a womans eyes and this chaos at home or in your car subtly conveys to her that you are NOT a force of order therefore not of safety.

Do you display manly Order to women or boyish disorder? 

There are of course larger indications that you are not a Bringer of Order including messiness in your personal relationships... you may not like everyone you meet and you may genuinely resent your ex and if you continually and repeatedly rage against others... any others including your ex... you are showing women that you are GIVING OTHER PEOPLE POWER over your internal order... you are not King of your inner realm.

So if you are feeling rage at others... handle it. 

This may and probably does require the help a therapist or a trained coach or a sustained relationship with a spiritual teacher or practice in my opinion a solid Masculine Man who can call you on your shit is more important than all of these... it is my experience that there is nothing as powerful as having another Man equally committed to the journey of personal mastery to help you achieve Kingship... you must keep order in your car... your home... your finances... your internal emotional life.

Get help by refining yourself always in the company of other good men and demonstrate to women that you are continually embodying King energies by embodying order... tending both your external and your internal realms.

Do Looks Matter Or Being A Personality Model?

Looks really matter for that first impression yet after that it is your personality that counts. 

Odds are you are far more physically attractive than me... I am a solid built... pale and white haired and 50 something and my personality turns me into a runway model!

To many men make the mistake that our reality must be the same as a womans and this is just wrong. 

We are attracted to swimsuit models so we think that women must be attracted to looks just as much as we are... yet the biggest attractor for most women is your ability to display attractive qualities via your personality... so become a personality model and you will find women wanting to connect with you... in my younger days I was not very good with women and I used to get jealous of super hot girls because they seemed to have unfair power... now I reflect on the fact that I get to be a personality model my entire life!

The simple fact is this... the higher your real world value the easier it is to be attractive to others... this is why there is a common misconception that looks matter because we see examples every day of good looking guys getting what they want... wake up guys that is hype and marketing

In nearly all surveys conducted about the qualities women value and look for in men... they are as follows...

1... Confidence

2... Humour

3... Personality or Intelligence

4... Nice Smile

It is only when you get lower down the list that the physical qualities of men are picked and it is usually strong arms... broad shoulders... slim waste and a nice butt!

The fact is that the more physically attractive or wealthy or powerful or preselected you are and what do I mean by preselected?

It is not only what you know it is great help in who you know then the easier it is to succeed.

That said anyone with a good personality... attractive qualities and the ability to convey them... in other words anyone with good social skills and able to relate to women will have more women in their life...the bottom line is that if you are average looking and you have a great personality you will be living the same reality as good looking guys.  

An Easy Way To Get More Done When Your The King!

Okay this may not having much to do with courting on the surface... yet allow me to share a productivity tip I read about and use for myself.

First some background... you might or might not know that  one way to stay creative and focused is to have a routine and paradoxically, you might also know that a way to recharge your creative batteries is to trade in that routine for another one from time to time.

This is one of those tips...  a tip for doing both of those or something like that... no wonder you are thinking those creative types seem so confused... what I am saying is that I have a routine that you might like and it works great and  it involves using a timer and it only  requires you to set a timer for a certain time and then you focus all your efforts on the task to do and that is it.

The difference here is the amount of time... try for 60 minutes exactly and during that time you are only allowed to work and focus on one task at a time... not to answer email or take calls or be distracted unless it is a real emergency... those other distractions do not count.

Actual being productive with that... 

"I can stand back and physically look at what I have accomplished."

And just ONE task not twenty as multi tasking is for chumps... suckers and the over caffeinated.

When the timer rings get up and take a real break a big one... even a half hour or so... take a nap if you need to... take a shower or go for a run... then come  back and do another 60 minutes... and then another large break... then another 60 minute session and a break... then a further 60 minutes and a break... then finally concluded with a forth and final 60 minute session for the day... then you are done... altogether that is just 5 hours of focused and productive work and I am still full of steam to focus on my other projects and this jibes too with what other successful men have shared with me... because all work and no play leads to a very dull and unattractive man who has little or no time for courting and meeting women.

Because a Man who is King rules his own world and that in itself is attractive to women and a Man that can say...

“'I will handle it.''

Speaks magic words to a woman.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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