Is this OK With You? To Approach A Man And Ask For A Date. 

Want to know "Is it Ok to approach a man?"

I will tell you...

The answer is... Yes.

But only IF you know how to communicate with him in a way that does not put you in the chasing or "convincer" role that I often talk about. AND... more importantly... it is ok to approach a man if you get how ATTRACTION works, and how to create attraction when you talk with a man.

  • Do you know how attraction works with a man?
  • Do you know what makes a man feel it?
Even if a woman walks up to him and is obviously interested in him?

And do you know what makes a man feel attracted to a woman for reasons DEEPER than just a physical connection?

If you don't, I'd like to show you how.

Quick question:

Why do some women seem to just "have it" in love and have the complete devotion and attention of a man... yet they are not the smartest, most beautiful or most successful?

While other women who are amazing people, smart, independent and a real "catch" seem to have problems just getting past the 3rd or 4th date without things going wrong?

What do women who are NOT as attractive or smart as you know about attracting men and driving them "crazy" with desire?

You know the kind of women I am talking about...

They are not necessarily supermodels or highly successful or even all that "together" sometimes.

But they have a "natural" ability to be irresistible to men, so men are always asking them out and working hard for their attention.

They also have an "easy" time with relationships, because keeping a guy interested in something real and long-term never seems to be a problem.

So if it is not about "looks" or "brains" or even PHYSICAL attraction, what is it about?

What is it about a woman that triggers that deep longing in a man?

If you are interested in becoming the kind of woman who naturally ATTRACTS a man for MORE than a dead- end and "going nowhere" kind of relationship, then contact me and work with me and I will share with you the SECRETS to natural and lasting ATTRACTION with a man.

Now lets get to the question of what this article is about...
How to approach a man and ask for a date?

I am going to share with you how to transform dating into the fun, exciting, and successful process of truly connecting with a man.

But first, let me ask you something...

When you start talking to a man who you are "interested" in, what is your attitude toward him?

How do you treat him?

And what are you THINKING ABOUT?

  • Do you start the interaction by trying to figure out if he is single and how to get him to be into you?
  • Do you assume that if he is anything close to attractive and interesting, then he is probably married or has a girlfriend?
And if he is "taken," do you secretly hope that he is not too into her and that he will take notice of YOU?

Or tell me if you have ever done this?

You meet a man who is absolutely your TYPE and you would love for him to be interested in you enough to ask you out, but you PRETEND you are not "into him" that way, and instead you look away when he looks at you, you get busy in a conversation with someone when he approaches you, or you distract yourself with something right after you talk so he cannot see how nervous you feel?

And do you do these things hoping he will make a "move" or do or say something that will send a signal that he is interested in you, too?

If you are thinking, "yeah, that totally sounds like the kind of stuff I do when I meet someone I am attracted to!" then you are not alone.

Why What You Are Doing Is Not Working And What Does.

The fact is, most women take the same approach when trying to spark interest in a man.

They leave it up to men, or to "fate," to decide what happens in their situation, and they are UNAWARE of the kind of signals they are actually sending to the guy.

They think they are making the right move by "playing it cool," but in reality they are coming off as disinterested, boring or maybe just "cold."

Hmm...Not the way you would want a man you are interested in to describe you, is it?

Now, most women will not ADMIT that in reality, when they meet a man they are attracted to, they will try to do or say whatever it takes to get his attention and interest - if they only knew what that was.

And they will not ADMIT that they are even mentally anticipating what a man is going to think or do so they can respond to it in the "right" way.

The reality is that women spend a lot of time THINKING about how to attract a good man, instead of doing the things that actually draw a good man to them.

And they do this ALL THE TIME.

Let me explain...

Out of a random sample of 100 handsome guys, you would probably find that only 20 of them (or so) are:

  • Single
  • Emotionally stable and at least semi-mature
  • Able to carry on an interesting conversation
  • Open to a relationship, should the right woman come along
  • Not a player, or looking for just "fun"
This is just an estimate from my own personal experience, but I think you get the point.

Now, here is the important part of this concept...

Let us say that you started talking to all of these 100 men, one after the other, and you had to use the same basic attitude and conversational style with each of them.

What would you do?

If you treated all of them like they were probably NOT single, interesting, stable, open, mature, etc, (which is the case for most of them), then you would probably scare off the single ones who actually were the good ones, because they would think YOU were acting strange, or that something was "off" with you.

For instance, let us say you started a conversation with a very attractive guy who was open-minded and funny.

But let us say that you were "playing it cool," not saying anything that might offend or appear "too forward" and generally treating him and talking to him like he might be a good "friend."

You would probably be trying to figure out if he was single, what his "story" was, and ask him some questions to get to know a bit about him.

"So, what do you do?"

"Where are you from?"

"How did you get so funny?"

And then, when the conversation was over and even though he had not asked for your number, you would give it to him and say...

"So, why don't you call me sometime?"

And what is this hot, smart, desirable man thinking while you say this?

Right... unless he is purely physically attracted to you, he is thinking that you and he did not really "hit it off" and that you must be kind of desperate to ask him out when you did not share any real "chemistry" or connection.

(Remember, you were playing it cool the whole time - you were not flirting, you were not trying to do or say anything that gave away how you really felt. All you were doing was asking him a bunch of questions about his everyday life.)

The Sure Way To Have More "AVAILABLE" Men To Choose From.

Now, let us take the flip side of talking to these 100 men.

Stay with me here...

Let us say that you treated ALL of the 100 attractive men like they were fun, good people, open, smart, available, interesting, etc.

What do you think would happen if you did that?

Well, you would probably start flirting with them all right from the beginning because YOU would be in a more comfortable and open place within yourself.

But, more importantly, you would also naturally communicate that you were not just another woman asking them about their job or trying to be "friendly" and figure out what they were all about.

Instead, you would actually be "connecting" with these men in a deeper more personal and authentic way - even if you were not as consciously "trying" to do so.

And what might happen then?

Well, for starters the men who were either unavailable or unable to have a normal conversation with you would end up standing out as "red flags" more often since you were in a calm place yourself, and because you were open to and talking with other men who you could compare them to.

And this would be doubly so if you were carrying your open and interested attitude that showed you were comfortable, enjoying yourself, and that you were the one doing the "choosing," and that only "real men" would be considered.

But unfortunately, this is not always the case for lots of single women.

The reality is that a lot of women, for many different reasons, are NOT in this open and curious place to talk to men without expectation, and with genuine interest.

And one of the most common reasons that many women are not in this place themselves is that the THOUGHT of being "rejected" by a man they're interested in, or of opening themselves up and having their heart broken again, scared the daylights out of them.

So what do women do instead?

They unconsciously switch off that open place in their heart which is the light that captures a man's genuine attention and interest for more than just the physical. 

And they take in the attention of the men who CHOOSE THEM, rather than them creating their own reality and taking it upon themselves to find and start choosing for THEMSELVES.

And when you do this, you miss the opportunities with all of those wonderful, single, open, emotionally available men who are out looking for a woman who has the confidence to find them.

Are you waiting for a prince (so called) to find you?

Or are you living the life that would bring you both together?
The Power Of TRUSTING In Your LOVE Life

So what do you think could happen if you yourself suspended your disbelief that there were not many great men out there...

And instead you lived your life with the generosity that only comes from an open heart who is willing to seek out the best in people?

How do you think men would respond if you were that woman who thought that every man you start talking to could be interesting, SINGLE, and that he is probably a great man?

And how do you think men would FEEL around you if they did not see that you looked at them suspiciously as though they might be like some of the other men who were not acting so great?

There's an old principle that stands true in the world of advertising...

It basically says that out of 100 people reading your ad or seeing your commercial, maybe ONE of them is that someone who would buy your product. 

The rest will tune your message out even if it's a great message.

Which means, if you try and talk to the 100 people in your ad, you will fail to grab that 1 real genuine buyers attention.

To put it another way... 

"Don't worry about the DOGS, concentrate on selling the FOXES."

It's great metaphor I borrowed from a smart writer I know named Gary Halbert.

The point to the men you meet AS IF they're single, open, interesting, and wonderful. 

And then do not worry about the ones who do not turn out to actually BE single, open, interesting, available, and wonderful.

Use the things you are learning from me, and KEEP USING THEM - even if they do not work every time, and in every situation.

This is True for everything you do in life. 

The more you practice, learn, practice the better and more successful you become at what you do. 

The same goes for meeting men.

There are all kinds of reasons why men are not "ready" or interested, or stop being interested, or whatever. 

But this does not mean that you should stop doing what works! 

Which leads me to my next point...

You are probably wondering... 

"Ange, so how do I behave AS IF the man I am meeting will likely turn out to be a good guy...or even be my "Mr. Right"?

Good question. I will tell you how...

When you first start talking to a man, your ATTITUDES and BEHAVIOURS about men, dating, and relationships are CRITICAL.

If you do not know how to communicate in a way that INSTANTLY shows a man that you are one of the women who "gets it," has confidence, and is attractive both inside and out, then you will probably be overlooked and mentally discounted by a man within SECONDS.

Or a man will want to be with you for the WRONG REASONS, or for only a short and uncertain amount of time.

Of course, in order to PROJECT the correct attitudes and behaviours that are attractive to men, you must KNOW WHAT THEY ARE and UNDERSTAND THEM.

In other words, you cannot just "fake" them. 

You actually have to have a DEEP understanding of how men think and what makes them feel a POWERFUL, gut-level emotional ATTRACTION for a woman.

It has taken me YEARS to figure out this critical point (Science, yes there is REAL Science here in dating and relationships)...and several more years to observe and study so I could help women do this quickly and easily.

And without doing all kinds of "kooky" and out there stuff, or stuff that does not feel "real."

As one of my clients said to me...

"Thank god you are not one of them cheesy, fluff masters."

Like not calling a guy back right away, or pretending you are busy when you are not, or saying one thing but feeling another (WITHOUT a smile on your face as you are saying it.)

Anyway, you get what all of that means.

No one likes to play "games" or have games played with them. 

There is a way to completely AVOID PLAYING GAMES and get straight to the kind of connection and indirect communication that brings a man and a woman closer than by simply using words.

You cannot learn to be a professional opera singer or an expert in martial arts just by learning a few "techniques."

It takes a DEEPER, more profound understanding. of practise, dedication, practice and dedication until it is your nature.

And you cannot learn how to be become more successful in your single life, or in your relationship by learning a few of the right things to say.

It just does not work this way.

(Think of men who believe in and try to use canned "pick- up lines" on women.) 

My comment on this....DOH!

This is why I am not going to give you a list of "pick up lines" to say to men to spark their interest in this article, because it just will not work for you unless you understand the ATTITUDE that has to come before any words come out of your mouth.

After spending literally YEARS seeing women (And men making mistakes......And Yes, myself included here.) 

I know through making mistakes, trying different things, and putting the pieces together in my own studies, research, observation, and teaching, what works and what does not work.

I have created a systematic way for women to learn ALL of the various aspects of how to be successful with men and dating.

And I have created specific educational tools so you can learn this skill - right from the comfort of your own home.

There is many powerful tools that you will learn when you work with me to build REAL, Authentic, Natural & Lasting Attraction. 

You will learn...

How and why men are attracted to some women and not others

Specific techniques to use to get a man's attention FAST and keep him coming back for more again and again

How to overcome fears of meeting and dating men

The 6 essential keys to ATTRACTION you need to know in order to take your relationship beyond just a physical bond, and create the kind of deep EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with a man that will LAST.

And there is so much more.

Lots of women go their WHOLE LIVES never learning how love and commitment actually works for a man.

As you probably already know, a man can be very RESISTANT to committing to a relationship with a woman...

Even if he loves her.

In other words, just because a man falls for you, it does not always mean that he will feel like TRULY COMMITTING to you.

If you know a man feels strongly for you, or even loves you...and you are having trouble growing the relationship and moving forward together into a more SECURE and CERTAIN place, then it is time for you to take action.

You can learn what it takes for a man to fall in love with you and ONLY you...and how to keep his commitment to you for the long-term.

As ever...Always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy...

Ange Fonce


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