Is He Losing Interest In Sex With You? 3 Tips To Fire His Attraction Again

If you're in a long term relationship and your man seems less and less interested sex...Or if it just seems like your sex drive is way higher than his is (or his just isn't as high as it used to be)...

Then good news: I can help you fix that.

For some women reading this, applying a few of the quick tips in this article will get you INSTANT RESULTS...

But depending upon YOU and your man, it could take some work, strong intention, love,and little time to make these tips work for you.

Here's the big solution, right up front, and then I'll drill down a bit and explain how it works:

Men are not sexually attracted to your career, to your ability as a mother or life partner, to your brilliant intellect or great decision making, or even to your great cooking (turns out that the way to a man's heart, is NOT, in fact, through his stomach).

Men are sexually attracted to WOMEN.

(I considered using the word "girl" here instead, because "woman" feels so politically charged these days, and I really mean to imply here those soft, receptive, feminine, bright, sweet, and occasionally maddening qualities that we generally associate with the word, "girl")

Typically, during the course of a relationship, you will be less and less like a woman and more and more like a partner, friend, and someone who can get stuff done.

This is caused by 3 things...

1) It's natural for you to start acting that way

2) He starts treating you that way, and you respond in kind

3) He's acting less like a man... which makes it more difficult for you to feel feminine around him.

Now dealing with 2 & 3 is important, but the good news is that if you put enough intention into 1, it will fix 2 & 3 automatically.

Here are some quick tips to turning your relationship from blah to BLAZING with passion...

1) It's not all about your physical appearance but...

It helps of course, and I don't want to pretend otherwise for the sake of being politically correct.

This comes down to self care.  When you are taking care of your body, your exercise, your nutrition, your grooming... it shows not just in your appearance, but in your self-esteem.

It tells a man that you care about looking good for yourself and for him.  

And even if you're one of those die hard, "looks shouldn't matter" folks...

Good health from keeping fit also sends out all kinds of good hormones that make you more attractive in ways that are more than skin deep.  

Vitality, energy, more happy moods, and even pheromones flow from health.

I think of healthy habits and taking time to look great as a way of giving your body love, and when you love you it's much easier for men to love you.

2) Flirt with him.

This is so basic and so important.  If you want romance, then be the kind the woman who provokes  romance...

Compliment him, crawl into his lap and cuddle on him, spray water at him when you're washing dishes together, hit him with a pillow, lean into him and be interested when he's speaking, laugh at his jokes - even when they're not funny, simply because you enjoy being with him.

You probably did these things when you first met.  It's crazy that couples ever stop doing these things because...


And it sets the tone for sexual polarity, for him feeling like you are a girl and he is a boy, and for feeling erotic impulses when you're together.

3) Let yourself be feminine... and ENJOY it.

Go out dancing with girlfriends (this is important at any age!), or at least set time to be with your girlfriends and do something other than complain about your men!

Dance in front of the mirror all by yourself when a good song comes on.

Pick a flower when you're out walking and put it in your hair.  

Take a bath with bubbles or salts or bubbles.

Light candles whenever you feel like it.

Brush your hair for a long time just because it feels so good.

Recharging your feminine radiance in these ways will change the way you look, the way you act, and the sparkle in your eye.  It will make you much more sexy without any effort at all.

I teach my clients that they can flip the on-switch to their feminine radiance just by closing their eyes for a moment and imagining that they are smelling a flower.  

Try that next time you are talking to him and see how he responds differently to you!

And, by the way, if he catches you dancing in front of the mirror or putting a flower in your hair and he teases you about it...

GREAT! That means it's working!

4) Let him be masculine

This is probably the easiest one to overlook and the hardest to fix...

Throughout the day, in many subtle and and hidden ways, you are probably emasculating him.

This is the number one reason that women don't get as much sex in their relationship as they'd like.

For him to feel sexual around you, he needs to feel masculine around you.

The cute bartender that laughs at his joke and makes him feel manly gives him that little charge of feeling like a sexual creature, and she gets a better tip for her efforts.

You'd get way more if you could manage the same trick of letting him feel masculine.

But every time you say "no" when he offers his help, every time you are dismissive of his opinion, every time you are mildly irritated by him just being himself, every time you disagree with him (when it really didn't matter to you at all), every time you make him "wrong" for something that isn't actually wrong (but just not the way YOU would have done it.)

Every time you are less than confident in his judgement or roll your eyes at his decisions...

Every time you make him feel wrong that he's not more romantic or hasn't made love to you in a while...

All of these things chip away at his masculinity.

And his masculinity is exactly what is required for him to feel turn-on when you're in the room.

With most couples I work with, the woman isn't even aware she's doing these things!

But here's the way it happens...

If he didn't make love to you last night and that disappointed you, then you are not feeling like you want to treat him like a man.

So you make a comment about how he could have handled that rude waiter better...

And he doesn't make love to you again tonight...

So tomorrow at breakfast when he offers to help you slice the bread, you shove him off with your shoulder and say, "I've got it!"

Who started it?

In my experience, the start, the first little hurt, was just a misunderstanding.  You thought he meant something B when he said A, or vice-versa.  And nobody said anything about it, nobody wanted to make a big deal out of it...

But then it just grew.  Little irritation on top of little irritation.

And now this is just the way you treat each other.

More important is this: IT DOESN'T MATTER who started it.  Life is too short to care about that detail.

Be the one to make the first moves on ALLOWING him to feel masculine around you.

You will be amazed by how differently he starts to treat you, and how it can snowball into a better relationship, better sex, and a deep and abiding happiness in your life.

For Passion,

Ange Fonce


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