How Your Masculine Attitude And Essence Attracts Great Women

By Ange Fonce

I am going to reveal the single most powerful thing you can demonstrate with your personality and masculinity to get any woman interested in you. 

It is so important that I constantly mention this in articles I publish for men and women... now have you ever noticed how we men love to rate things?

We love to give something a grade or a rating.

"She is a 10!"

"Two thumbs up!"

"I gave her an 'A' for effort..."

"He will never make it to first base."

And so on and have you ever been to the web sites where you get to rate people?

Like Hot or not where they flash you a picture of either women or men and you get to click what you think they are on a scale from 1 to 10 and it can be actually addicting when you sit there for a while because you start to get invested in the process of grading people based on their looks.

Yet the shame of it is that there is one important thing that is left completely out of this process and there is nothing to indicate if this person is even like able or not.

Their personality!

What if she is a negative moaning bitch?

What if she is a selfish little me monkey?

Is she trustworthy?
Does she take pride in herself?
Is she confident or very needy?

You cannot tell from the picture alone and as a result I will not ever rate a woman as a 10 as you cannot make that high a grade with me without having a good personality and character and nobody gets a rating higher than 8 no matter how hot they look without having the complete package.

Now I realize that I am different and that has come from experience and knowing what I like and that physical beauty is only skin deep... there maybe great packaging yet what about the content?

Most men will easily give up the highest rating for a woman based on looks alone and in fact they will even fall in lust over a woman and start selling their blood plasma based on her appearance and in my book that is the worst kind of mistake to make as a man.


Because there is no QUALIFICATION going on.

You Have Been Sold On Beauty Alone

Now remember that because we are going to come back to it again the whole rating people thing.

They has been studies done where they compared the features of men and women and had people judge whether they were attractive or not just like on that web site I was talking about... when men graded the women they found a standard of what was considered attractive and they could even pinpoint it to a ratio of proportions on a womans face...  like distances were standard between the eyes... from the eyes to the mouth... from the eyes to the nose etc and what they found out was that what men found hot was actually pretty predictable and the composite ideal of female beauty was formed and the marketeers have had a field day with that idea ever since.

When the women rated the men on their appearance they found that they were more scattered as women had different criteria... some things were standard sure like a strong jaw line was important for most yet really there was not a lot that they agreed on as female tastes were all over the map... some liked big noses... some liked small ears... some liked facial hair... some did not.

If you have ever been around women rating men they are just like this as very few will agree on what they find attractive.

Why is this?

It is because women know they need to know the man before they can make that call and women invest time to decide whether or not they are attracted to you because they want to know that your CONFIDENCE and MASCULINE ATTITUDE is real and not false.

Now back to qualification...

You may have even heard of this term before so what does it mean?

It is a simple definition that works... Qualification is when you decide to be CHOOSY... really that is all there is to it.

It is the attitude that says...

You are not going to settle for just anyone
You are not desperate
You are not sold on her yet
You might even be a little suspicious

When you make a snap decision that a woman is worth chasing and pursuing without any kind of qualification you immediately become less attractive in her eyes and your attitude changes in a hundred different ways that you do not notice and you do little things that clue her in to the fact that you are NOT very choosy and most men do not even realize they are doing this.

After a few hours in front of a computer screen rating women you start to forget that they are not just pretty faces and they have personalities and a lot of them have personalities that could make you potentially VERY miserable.

You have got to really TALK to these women and you have got to invest time being around them for longer than a few hours at a time.

What Happens When You Do Not Qualify Her

I once courted this Russian model that was unbelievably hot and I am talking 9+ on most guys scales for looks.. she was fine and I actually met her when I presenting a workshop about the miss use of drugs and she was also really cocky and sure of herself and her attitude just impressed me... so I called her and asked her out and we had a decent first meet up with a little smooching at the end of the evening and the next time we went out I had my goal in mind yet what I was beginning to realize was that I was dreading being around her.

She was constantly talking and it was all about her...

"Look what I have done." 

"I am so proud of myself..."

And so on which is fine to a point as we all like to talk about ourselves yet it starts to wear thin when it is me that and me this and no or little interest is shown in the other person yet she was so dam HOT and so damn annoying!

I distinctly remember going back to her place on the third meet up and hanging out there while she read me a truckload of her bad poetry and I was all "that is great" and "how beautiful" and when I think of this now writing this article I want to slap myself.

What I forgot was that I should have had standards.

I did not QUALIFY her... I let her beauty make me stupid.

And in the end she ended up pushing me out the door and telling me that she was not going to sleep with me after making me tell her how much I thought of her and how great an ass she had and sucking up to her and her bad poetry.

DOH talk about humiliating and I deserved it because I was an idiot and I let beauty sucker my Brain as my other "brain" was doing the thinking for me and I forgot my standards.

Ever since that experience I remembered my lesson and I kept it on the front of my mind so that I learned from it... you might notice that I have no problem telling you about my mistakes because I want you to realize that I have made a lot of the same ones you have and in making those mistakes I learnt and grew more and it is totally fine for me to be relaxed as ME around women.

The BIG Lesson Was This

I had her interested in me and demonstrated My Masculine Power when I had first meet her and THAT was what got her interest spiked! 

I was Qualifying her that whole time demanding that she tell ME why I should be interested in her and if I had just kept qualifying her a little more called her out on her self centred behaviour and told her that her poetry needed a few less five syllable words and basically kept qualifying her the way I had been from when I was getting to know her I would have been able to either satisfy my carnal curiosity or walked away from HER before she drove me totally nuts.

And since my Big Lesson I have done just that and will not put up with womens bullshit behaviour and I reject women all the time when I sense that they are going to be bad energy to deal with.

Let me tell you it feels GREAT! 

And my posture of qualification drives them crazy because I have a reverse attitude in that I am the Prize a woman has to prove that she is worthy to WIN me that I will let her win.

Now on the surface that sounds like an arrogant attitude and lets be really honest here... all confident high esteem men and women have a touch of arrogance about them and possessing this Mindset cuts a lot of time wasters out of your life... like those who are big on talk and little on action and those women who will suck your energy away and give little in return and for the Women who read my articles possessing this attitude that you are the Prize to be won will cut out a lot of men from your life who waste your time too.

Now YOU need to be the one to decide whether a woman is worth your time and energy and do not give up the reigns of self control so quickly just because she has got a pretty face or pretty everything else and now repeat after me... 

"Beauty is not enough!"

Until you have an opportunity to learn more about her you can only say TSTR!


I do not give up a 10 for ANY woman until I have invested REAL time getting to know her and find out if she is a QUALITY woman. 

Who she is as a person beyond her physical beauty... her values and her qualities!

Okay if your only looking for a one night wonder such things are not exactly going to be top of your agenda and even then they should be.

Because if and when you meet a Quality Woman you will KNOW IT!

Now for you to get to the point where you feel you can turn down women takes a little work and I think I have something that will make it much easier for you to build this... 

Masculine Attitude

I have been creating regular articles over the last few years for Men who want to GROW and be the Best they can be.

What you may not know is that I have also been regularly Coaching Men one to one that helps them bring out their natural masculine attitude and presence and develop the right attitude for men. 

And I have covered topics like these...

HOW TO CALIBRATE to a woman and adjust your conversation and approach...

SOCIAL PROOF and how to use it to your advantage...

TALKING SEXY and the process to get a woman talking sexually with you and how to establish trust and how to read her response and how to avoid the mistakes and how to find out intimate secrets and what to do if she resists the conversation and how to weave in innuendo...

REDEFINE YOURSELF by learning how to recreate yourself and your primary PURPOSE as a Masculine Man and how to give yourself personal definition and tips to maximize your confidence and improve your personal esteem in the process...

APPROACHING WOMEN an introduction to the correct method of approaching women and what you must do when you introduce yourself and why you feel reluctant and nervous and why most men fear disapproval from women and two motivators to get you going and openers and proper use and reading her reactions and the big mistake men make that drive women away...

MASCULINE LIFESTYLE developing Masculine Emotional Maturity and Intelligence and how to know when you are going too far with your assertiveness and Necessary Masculine qualities and examples of situations where you must assert yourself and why you must learn how to say NO and handling your temper...

HOW TO TEASE A WOMAN and bust her chops in a FUN way and finding anchors in conversation and making use of conversational openers and to raise the sexual tension and close the deal and what you must avoid doing or you will annoy her...

SEXING TECHNIQUES to please a woman and secret stimulation tips... the secret to finding out what kind of a lover she will be...

And muh more to list here...

So if you want to learn a lot more about attraction and forming relationships with real quality women that are attracted to your Masculine Essence!

And practically speaking that completes my conversation for this article.

And as ever always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. 

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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