How Your Low Self Esteem Is Ruining Your Social Courting With Women 

By Ange Fonce

What if I told you that there is ONE thing that most men do... more and likely including you... which more than almost ANYTHING else RUINS the chances of most relationships taking off.

Not only that...

What if I told you that this same ONE thing has caused you... probably many times... to walk away from women YOU told yourself were not interested when... in reality... THEY WERE INTO YOU... and to whom you were REALLY attracted... you let your “low self esteem”... screw you up.

“I do not think so Ange”... you say.

Keep reading then... because I am going to show you how you may be walking away from these women who are interested in you.

Bottom Line... Your Low Self Esteem Is Ruining Women For You.

Let me give you the classic example... and see if this sounds familiar to you.

There you are... you are out with a woman you have been out with three or four times... you are getting along great... and you know it... you are having a good time with her.

Then... all of a sudden... she gets scared... which usually happens... maybe she all of a sudden stops calling you... maybe she does not text you back right away... maybe she hesitates about getting together... so what do you usually do? 

You let your “defences” step in to protect you... your "low self esteem” goes to work protecting you... and you say to yourself... 

"Screw it... this is not going to work out."

What is REALLY going on is that your “low self esteem” is just protecting you from becoming even more vulnerable... THEN what happens next is that you RATIONALIZE the situation to yourself by doing things like submerging yourself in your work... cut yourself of from women... when most likely a simple phone call to "find out" to "understand" what is really going... will solve most issues... it is the thought of "rejection" that scares you away.

Sounding like anyone you know?

The truth is that your “low self esteem” is just trying to protect you the whole time.

Not missing that great relationship might just take one more phone call... call that person and say to them... 

"Hey... what is going on... I do not get it... you and I were having a good time... and then you disappear... what is up?"

By calling somebody and asking how they are... and what is going on... instead of being in your own head... you will get a response that will be FAR different than you ever imagined... maybe she just needed that extra push... women like to feel safe... maybe she did get a little bit scared... when a woman gets scared... what does she want? 

She wants to be protected by her man.

A real man is going to make her feel protected and make her feel safe... that is what women are craving for... that feeling of safety and security... women are nester's... nature has evolved them that way.

Women are looking at you as a potential husband or father... and they want to feel very safe... by you saying "screw it" and just walking away at the first little sign of possible rejection... you proved to her that little doubt that she had about you was 100% correct.

You walked away from a woman who wanted you.


It is just because you did not want to become vulnerable... and you had to protect your "low self esteem"... you wanted to save face... from whom did you need to save face anyway?

From your friends? 

From her friends if she talks to them?

If you call her and just ask her what is up... she is going to go to her friends and say...

"He called... and he just wants to know what is going on with me... what should I do?" 

If her friends know that she likes you... all her friends will be encouraging her to call you... so your “low self esteem” is protecting you from NOTHING... there are a hundred other similar scenarios like this... and they all have the same moral to the story... 

You MUST lose the “loser boy” attitude... I have seen so many men blow it with woman because of their "loser boy" mindset.

If you really want a true... spectacular relationship... drop the “loser boy” way of thinking... when you go to meet a woman... drop the “loser boy”... stop worrying about what other people say and just live your life to the fullest every day by being a Confident Masculine Man!

If you want to ELIMINATE your fears... so you never miss a "connection" with a women you desire... and learn how to create the "deep inner confidence" you need to easily and enjoyably meet and attract women. 

Then you need to Contact me... arrange a “meet up” and we can go through what is causing your “low self esteem”... that “loser boy” attitude with women... and how to put that right.

And if you are a woman reading this... much of what I have said applies to you too... in the context of “loser girl.”

What are your thoughts about the "loser boy attitude?" 

Let me know...

As always... leave a man or woman all the better for knowing you.

Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

They are truly Passionate and DYNAMIC Lovers!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce


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