How To Use Dirty Talk And "Spice" Up Your Sexing With Your Man

By Ange Fonce

Please Be Aware That This Article Contains Content Of An Intimate Nature

For many men and probably just as many women too... "dirty talk" in bed can be one of the single biggest turn ons.

It can turn ordinary sexing into EPIC LOVE MAKING... it can be the difference between "everyone else I have ever been with" and the special love making he has only experienced with you and at the same time there are very few other things you can do in bed where if you do not get it right... things can go so horribly wrong!

Dirty talk provides a unique opportunity for coming across creepy... weird and unappealing in bed... so now that I have enticed you and scared you to get us started... here is a question I was asked in response to an article I published...


"Hi Ange,

I am curious about dirty talking in bed.

My lover/fiance loves talking dirty in bed. It turns him on. I am already very vocal in bed, but usually just ahhhhh's and screams and not words.

When I read your article about being vocal, I concur.... he loves it and I am very vocal. BUT he also likes dirty talk and I don't really know where to begin. Perhaps there is a article or something to get me inspired. Sometimes I feel like the words that I say in bed are 'lame' or just not dirty enough.

So I need some inspiration or something to get me on the right track.

Thank you!

I really enjoy your topics, suggestions, etc."

Angela S... UK

For me the make or break factor in GREAT love making is COMMUNICATION.

Now a lot of the best communication between lovers happens without words... yet us humans have evolved this unique thing called language and if communication is the name of the name of the game then language is a great tool and because language is such a direct approach to communication it can really cut both ways... so before I go into EXACTLY HOW to use dirty talk in bed... here is the warning label...

There are things that your lover can say to you that will build intimacy... deepen surrender or get you so turned on that it is almost scary and likewise there are plenty of things that your lover can say in bed that will completely ruin the moment and destroy any possibility of intimacy.

In my experience coaching both men and women in their sexing relationships and this is completely unscientific just my top of mind opinion... I would say that more women enjoy dirty talk in bed than men and when done right... I think that the vast majority of men and women can use sexing language to dramatically improve their sexing and love making.

Now if your man is already talking dirty in bed it is safe to say that you can bring it without too much worry that he will be offended and if he does not... then my advice is... start slow!

For many men it is going to be a HUGE turn on... a revelation of untapped fun and passion that will drive him wild... yet for other men it could break some inner working fantasy of how they relate to you... he may feel like you using sexing language when he has not takes away his dominance or he may have some inner enjoyment of being the aggressor with his submissive lover.

So here is how to do dirty talk right...

1... Find your own Turn On in what you say...

This is the most important rule and the only "rule" that I will give you... faking it is never sexy so be AUTHENTIC!

And please do not tell me... 

"Well I am not the kind of person who enjoys that kind of thing." 

Because that is a very small minded way to think about your SELF... the reality is we humans tend to think we ARE a certain way when in fact we are infinitely flexible.

You are a different person in the office than you are with your lover than you are with a baby than you are talking to a police officer... there are many "aspects of you" inside of you including many delicious ones that you have not even discovered yet!

Play with playing roles... you can be the temptress... the shy girl or the dominatrix... you can try on your coloured personalities of every type and then figure out afterwards which ones are fun.

And you have to play "all in"... anything less is "faking it."

Say things in bed that make you blush or make you feel powerful that make you afraid of what you just offered or make you feel impossibly vulnerable... as long as it serves your own sexing turn on!

2... What To Say...

Here is the simple formula... take one of these...

His body.

Your body.

What he is doing.

What you are doing.

How he feels.

How you feel.

Put it into one of these contexts...

What is happening Right Now!

What you want to Happen Next?

And then tap into the exact description of what is coming up for you in the moment... here are some examples...

His body... Right now..

"Your body feels so strong on top of me.. I love the way you push yourself into me... oh my I love your brawny hardness." 

And if that goes over well you can "dirty" it up some more with... 

"I love the way you f69k me... oh I love your cock!"

What you are doing... Happen next...

"I want to lick every inch of your body and then gag myself on your big cock"

How he feels... Right now...

"You just love f69king me don't you... you want to come inside me on every stroke... you love using me like a dirty little bitch."

Here are a few more examples...

"How badly do you want me right now baby?"

"I want you sooooooo badly baby... you need to f69k me now."

"I love your cock... I can't wait to feel you inside me."

"My tight wet pussy is ready for your big fat cock... F69k me now baby... F69k me hard!"

Get the idea and I have LOADS more to know... some really "juicy" ones that will get you man so WANTING you when you use them in the right way... this stuff is super simple if you choose any one of the categories above and then just feel what is true for you in the moment about that thing.

Take a second and try a practice run in your mind... now imagine making love to your man then think about "your body" and "right now" and what might be true for you in the moment about those things... what parts of your body and how do they feel right now as you are sexing and making love... what they are doing right now... you can put words to that easily... right?

3... The Best Thing To Say Every Time...

All men are different and I am not going to call this a Universal Law... so if you are having any doubts about this stuff... you can always go with this one...

You cannot go wrong saying nice things about his penis and if it happens to be giving you a lot of pleasure at the time it should be pretty easy to come up with some things.

Play it in "happening now" or "what you would like to happen next" and go for it...

"Your cock feels so perfect inside of me... I love every inch of it and I want you to F69K me with that perfect cock forever!"

That is pretty much a guaranteed man pleaser... we are simple creatures.

4... Feel Your Feelings...

The closer you can get to what is authentically and vulnerably true for you the more of a turn on this is going to be for BOTH OF YOU... and the more intimacy and connection you will experience in your sexing and love making.

You can say some shockingly dirty and impolite things and build the sweetest and most loving intimacy... let your feelings guide you into the places that are edgy and scary and true for you... let your feelings guide you into whether you want to whisper seductively in his ear... whine plaintively... scream it out like a banshee or gasp it in ecstasy and do not worry about getting it wrong or getting it perfect... because neither of those things even exist.

Just because you play with "dirty talking" once does not mean you have to do it every time or do it the same every time or do it differently every time.

There are NO RULES... just have fun and enjoy yourself... most of all have trust in yourself and find a place in yourself to trust your partner to accept what you do is giving him your surrender and things will go beautifully for Passion!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


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