How to Increase your Skills in Life, Dating and Relationships DRAMATICALLY
Very few people ever wonder HOW I got all this information on, dating, relationships, sexuality and personal-development. 

Most guys just want the strategies and an understanding of how it all works.

Actually, it's mostly WOMEN wonder how I got all this inside information.

When they discover what I do as a Dating - Relationship Coach and Sex Counsellor, the first question they ask is...

How did you learn all this?

My first answer is...

"Many YEARS of pain, trail and error with a fair degree of suffering and a great deal of study and practice!"

I do not say that this pain and suffering was created by women, because it really was not. 

I created it myself by interacting with women without having a clue about what was going on at the time. being on automatic pilot, guesswork and instinct.

And what "feels" right. (How many times did I get into trouble doing that? To many times to mention).

Most men and women do this same thing, creating more pain for themselves than they need to.

It's as if you walked onto a field to play with 250 lb. professional athletes in a game that you know NOTHING about. You don't know the rules of the game, or how the score is kept, or ANYTHING.

Most people would call you insane for going out there to play without at least having a basic understanding.

Because what is the result going to be......You are going to get a pasting and hurt!

And yet this is what most men and women all over the world are doing when it comes to dating, relationships, sex and Life. Guess work and hope for the best, what "feels" right or putting their trust in some mystical power that it will somehow all work out for them?

But I'm getting off track...

What I want to tell you about is that there are two ways of learning a new skill in life, and I'm about to tell you how they work.

Once you understand these principles, you'll have an idea of how I'm able to help so many men and women get things turned around in their relationships and their lives.

And in case you're wondering what makes Me different than most other "guys" out there," it's this:

I learned this stuff the HARD way and put the time in to LEARN from my mistakes!.

I didn't go out and interview another "expert" or do any "boot camps." (Though, looking back, it would have been nice if these were around, but I still probably couldn't have afforded it at the time.)

I didn't go out and get a bunch of seduction or self-development e-books - because there weren't really any out there then. Just a bunch of "coffee table" books with academic titles with little or no understanding about men and women in the "REAL" world or how to build a great life for yourself in a "real" practical way. They were all logic and no reality.

I don't know about you, but I hate reading about the way it  "should be" when I know dating, relationships and life doesn't work that way. It's the most useless kind of advice.( It is a lot different now, 20 years ago and you could have done a days workshop on "personal- development" and know everything there was to know at that time. Now it would take you 10 years just to catch up with learning what is known in the "Human Behaviour" field. And I have been working in the "Human Behaviour and Relationships" field for 25 years and I am still learning).

I guess you could say I am one of the few remaining "first generation" guys out there that had to learn these things from scratch. I created my own Life "school," in a way.

Take for instance My dating schedule which used to be like this:

  •   Go out every weekend, make lots of mistakes...
  •   Go out on dates, make lots of mistakes ...
  •   Go out on dates from the personal's (No Internet back then) - and make lots of mistakes
  •   Go out to bars and try to meet women. And, you guessed it, make lots of mistakes.
You can see that my education was comprised mostly of mistakes at the start.

But even when I made a lot of mistakes, I got a few girlfriends out of it. I started connecting the dots of my experience into a picture that made a lot of sense. (And as the "Science" developed and evolved about male -female behaviours and sexuality. I invested myself in learning and "understanding" about what makes men and women tick!)

So back now to how you learn things in life.

The first way to learn is simply this:

1) Get as much experience as you possibly can - good AND bad.

I went out and threw myself into the mix as fast as I could, because I knew that the sooner I got started, the sooner I would be a success.

It really is that simple. You only make it complicated by imagining all these horrible consequences that never happen.

90% of success is just getting started.

When I work with clients that I coach I share with them this "Forget about doing everything right. Just get in there and make a mess. We can clean up after wards. You just go get busy, practice and get moving."

What I mean is this....that most people are ALL talk and NO ACTION.

It is the ACTION part that  makes things HAPPEN!

They'll tell you for days and days about how they're going to make lots of money, a million, or they are going to get a great woman or man, they are going to do this and that, blah, blah, blah but you never seem to see them actually WORKING on it.

Go out there and make a mess. 

Having too much action going on is a GOOD problem to have.

Far better then having NO action at all!

The second way to learn is this:

2) Get as much knowledge and understanding as you can.

Really, you have to be doing 2 right along with 1. 

If you try to get every possible bit of information on the subject, you're really suffering from paralysis of analysis. That's where you spend more time trying to learn than using what you learn because a part of you knows it's easier to keep telling yourself that if you just get ONE MORE STRATEGY, you'll have this thing figured out, rather than go out and take a RISK.

This is similar to perfectionism - the neurotic need to do things perfectly. 

Perfectionism is really a performance anxiety that allows you to avoid taking risks by needing to get things "perfectly right" all the time. 

It is also "procrastination" an excuse for not doing the REAL DEAL!

Now, knowledge is vitally important because if you don't try to learn anything new about what you're doing, you're like a chess player that knows how to move the pieces (rooks move in a straight line, bishops move diagonally, etc.) but you have no idea how to make them work together to WIN THE GAME.

You learn how to make them work together by reading about famous strategies of great chess players, and playing the game yourself. And by combining these two methods together, you become a Force to be reckoned with.

These are the two essential ingredients to success in any undertaking. If you want to be a great guitarist, you got to learn your scales and chords, and then start playing in a band to apply them.

If you want to start rock climbing, you have to learn how to tie your knots, how to handle belaying, and how to strap yourself into the harness.

Then you get your ass in one and start climbing.

If you want to start dating beautiful women, or attract a great man, you have to learn how to groom your appearance, establish your confidence, present your body language, and talk to men and women in a way that communicates your "High Social Value!"

But what if you don't know where to start?

This is a common problem for most men and women. A lot of guys don't even know how to walk up to a woman and talk to her, much less apply all the other strategies of male-female interaction.

Or, they just lack the confidence to go up and talk to a woman.

Women don't know how to react or understand how to relate to a great man and often blow it with him in the first moments of meeting him. Because they lack trust and confidence in themselves.

Many of the problems men and women suffer from when it comes to "Confidence" and "Self-esteem". Can, most often, be cured by turning off a lot of self - negative chatter in their brains, as well as giving them the tools they need so that they feel confident talking with beautiful women or cool men and in any social situation.

And when it becomes "one - on - one!"

A moment ago I mentioned about all those mistakes I made early on in my dating life.

There are also two ways you can learn from bad experience:

  •   1) You learn from your own mistakes
  •   2) You learn from OTHER PEOPLE'S mistakes
My "mentor", (yes, I have one) taught me this valuable lesson...

"If you try to make all the mistakes everyone else has made, you're just going to waste time and energy. Don't re-invent the wheel. Get as much information as you can from someone who knows what they're doing so you can benefit from their mistakes. You can learn what it took 10 years for someone to discover in just a few hours by reading what they have learned".

So do you have someone who is a Mentor for you?

A Personal Development Relationship Coach who can work with you and PLAN out what YOU want to ACHIEVE and ACQUIRE for yourself?

That's why so many people live unfulfilled and average lives.

THEY HAVE NO PLAN...Focus or any idea of what they REALLY want to acquire for them selves and their relationships.

That somehow or other it is all going to magically appear and happen for them?

You owe it to yourself to read as much as you can get your hands on about personal development, male- female relationships, sexuality and human behaviour. 

Not "media" stuff, but real advice and learn from experts who have put in the time and gained experience in their field.

You do this and you will be giving yourself a "head start" over the vast majority of people who are wishing, hoping for the "magic" to somehow happen?

Does an "Olympic" athlete, wish, hope that they are going to win that "Gold Medal".....NO!

They work hard, learn, train, practice, compete until they acquire the standard to "GO FOR GOLD!"

I have several ways to help you do this, right from beginner through to your most advanced stages of development from dating to building a fulfilling relationship and PERSONAL SUCCESS that full fills YOU!

I will go through with you all the KEY CONCEPTS and tools I have developed over many years of experience in the world of dating, to creating a long-term relationship - or to handle breaking up. To developing Personal Social Skills and rock solid confidence and high self esteem that leads to YOUR Personal SUCCESS in Life.


All the key principles are covered in Gender Education For Human Relationships!

I do not say it is more than a self-development program for nothing.

It is an "Inter- Personal Relationship Development System".

It will have a DEFINITE dramatic impact on your confidence and self-esteem, your success with men and women - as well as your own personal success.

And of course you have access to all the FREE advice, tips and techniques I write in articles and I post here on "Intimate Communion".

If you are asking "Why do you do this Ange?"

The answer is simple...

I want to HELP and INSPIRE both Men and Women to lead fulfilling lives they "love" living. 


Enjoy SEX and INTIMACY. 

And enjoy PERSONAL SUCCESS in their lives.

That's my PERSONAL MISSION in Life which full fills me.

That's my "GOLD!"

What is yours?

And practically speaking, that completes my conversation.
And remember....always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. Average men and women know only the rules. Masculine Men and Feminine Women know and are the EXCEPTIONS!

For Love, Passion and Intimacy.......

Catch you later

Ange Fonce

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