How To Get Him Loving You And Not Just Lusting For You 

By Ange Fonce

If you are feeling deeply physically and emotionally attached to a man, attracted to him, and frustrated with the way things are going. 

I do have an understanding of how you feel.

If you are deep into that hot, juicy, scary and sometimes painful thing with a man that women call chemistry yet what you are REALLY wanting is to share LOVE and INTIMACY with him.

Then you have to understand there is a difference between love and lust.

What you as a woman call chemistry well I know as... chemicals. 

It is your DNA, biology and yes, your primal sexing drive. 

They hit your nose, and the cells of your body, and they remind the Animal in you of things long ago and turn you on and they make you think you have hit the one.

They make you want to take him home.

They make you want to open up your heart, body and soul to him, with him. 

Have sexing with him!

And it makes you want to trust your feelings that this is true love, your soul mate.

Love and Intimacy, on the other hand - is slow growing.

It makes you bump up, time and time again, against your old habits, stale patterns, your beliefs that have gotten you through life up to this point.

Intimacy challenges your beliefs, and makes you mind rethink it's self.

Intimacy - when you create it, and when a man can do it, and when you feel it - opens up ALL the cells of your heart, mind, body to a relationship with a man.

Chemistry makes you want to merge with a man.

Intimacy makes you want to share with him.

Chemistry makes you want to get from a man.

Intimacy makes us want to receive from him.

Chemistry makes you want to give to a man to get from him.

Intimacy makes you want to give back to him because you are already so filled up.

Chemistry makes you want to make something happen with a man.

Intimacy makes you want to create with him.

Chemistry makes you feel afraid.

Intimacy makes you feel secure.

Chemistry makes you feel you love.

Intimacy makes you feel loved.

How Can You Tell The Difference?

If you are with a man - you get to practice intimacy on him, using these methods.

And what if there IS no man right now?

Then it is all about beginning to create intimacy with every human being you meet.

In a sense, what this method helps you do is practice INTIMACY with everyone you meet, and most importantly intimacy with yourself!

Other wise known as having integrity with yourself and others.

So, whether or not you are in a relationship, you can be Dynamic Dating.

And as you Dynamic Date (essentially simply practising the methods of speaking that I share with you), you will begin to find that intimacy is about your intimacy with YOU much of the time!

It is the question?

"How can I feel sexy, or lovely, or desirable, or "intimate" if there's no man here to feel that with?"

And the answer - if you really ask yourself - has to be?

All this has to happen inside ME, first.

Love has to circulate in your OWN inner system before you can fully experience it in relationship with the world  and with yourself otherwise what happens is...

You intellectually take in that there is a man, in relationship with you.

You think your way through it, you experience the physical aspects of it to some degree, you experience emotionality to some degree, yet all the depth, all of the REAL experience just slips by you.

You are just living on the chemistry.

Where is the real, deep, passionate and Loving Intimacy?

You make assumptions about what is going on. 

About who you are, about who he is, and about what this happening between you both is supposed to look like.

You listen to inner voices that are telling you that this is all for YOU to make up however you wish to make it up and steadfastly choose to see things as they really are.

You assume that a lack of chemistry at the beginning of knowing a man means love is not possible.

You assume true love is what it's like in the movies and romance novels without considering that perhaps it looks and feels completely different in YOUR real life.

You are more impressed by a feeling of yearning inside you than a feeling of REAL contentment.

You judge all kinds of things, and the more power you give to your image of a man, the feelings you imagine you have about a man.

The less power you give to yourself to feel, organically, what feels right for you - and what you think is right for you.

Creating Intimacy Starting Now With You

Intimacy is where it is at - so how can you FEEL a sense of intimacy when there is no man in your life at the moment, or the man in your life just does not feel emotionally intimate to you?

For me, intimacy starts with feeling intimate with myself - where I am feeling ALL my feelings and listening to my thoughts and being "AWARE" of them and not ignoring or denying any of them.

I quote my mission statement here for Dynamic Life Development Systems

"Confidence is about improving "loving relationships" as one very powerful way to cultivate "getting-each-other-ness". I am committed to the possibility of people really "getting" each other. I don't go with the view that you need to hide any aspect of yourself, your truth, and who you really are in the world. When you cultivate the courage to really BE yourself and say what you mean... to your friends, your family, your boss, and your lover, you become incredibly POWERFUL in your life. The secret sauce to this is being ready and willing to ACCEPT others, regardless of whether or not they agree with your perspective on what's "right" or "wrong". I have seen over and over again that this is the master key to...

Great sexual relationships

Deep love, commitment, and trust

General happiness and contentment with life and being the SUCCESS You want to be!

Because intimacy depends upon you sharing exactly who you are - which means sharing exactly how you feel no matter how "ugly" you think those feelings to be. It all starts with beingTruthful and Authentic with YOU.

It is beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind, the essence of you. Someone who takes the time to undress and appreciate your conscience and make love with your thoughts. Someone that wants to help you slowly take down the walls you have built up around your heart and let them inside to share "intimacy" with you and you alone. To love all your vulnerabilities in embracing you. That is "Intimate Communion". 

So, the methods I teach work two ways...

1. They give you the words and body language you need - in a really practical and doable way - to communicate who you are and how you are feeling to a man no matter what is going on.

And these words and body language methods will to bring a man CLOSER to you emotionally - and therefore create more intimacy between you.


2. The methods steer you inside yourself to find out more about you so you CAN share who you are with a man!

In other words - you have to feel what you feel and know what you feel and be able to put words to what you feel in order to really talk with and be with a man in an intimate way.

This is going to begin the process of creating intimacy for your relationship with a man and chemistry too!

By creating intimacy first off between You and You.

And once you have Mastered being Authentic with yourself.

Then you can develop deep loving intimacy with a man.

Because when you develop DEEP intimacy with a man. 

PASSIONATE Chemistry goes into overdrive!

And that also means a more deeper fulfilling LOVE!

Once you learn how to speak to a man in this new language, both with your words and with your body, with your Mind and with your HEART! 

Everything in your life will shift toward more love, deeper intimacy and vibrant chemistry - and you will never want to go back!

Yes you may have chemistry with a man.

Yes you may feel LOVE with a man.

Yet do you SHARE the deepest of INTIMACY with a man?

Where you can be TOTALLY You?

Let me ask you a Question...

Have you have ever felt deeply hurt by a man because you gave him your heart and soul and he suddenly told you he is leaving you because he is not sure or because he is found another  woman, I know how devastating that can feel and I can feel for you.

I have worked with many women who have been in love with a man who after a year or more of being exclusive with her, told her they never really loved them and went on to fall for a woman whom I considered not as pretty or together as the woman I am working with.

Many women can never figure out why this kept happening to them, until they finally learned the REAL reason men fall in love.

I have wrote down a deep truth of what makes a man fall for you in this special article.

Also if you have been trying hard to impress a man because you are very attracted and into him and you want him to be into you.

You might want to read this too.

So read on...

Have you ever had a man tell you that he cares about you, yet he does not have that love feeling for you?

Meanwhile, he turned to you for friendship and advice and may have even slept with you.

How do you FEEL when men do this, and you do not understand how it could be! 

How is it that a man can ACT like he loves you, and not be IN LOVE with you?

It will be because of certain mistakes you made in the way you related to him. He did not FEEL SAFE with You!

That is because I am going to explain how making a man feel safe is actually the most powerful way to a man's HEART

And yes you read that right... SAFE!

Women have been taught to think that the way to a man's heart is by doing something out of the ordinary or by pretending to be a perfect partner, through things like:

Making him feel wanted and desired 

Seducing him 

Looking beautiful, dressing sexy, being physically alluring.

Making him feel cozy with candles and a grand dinner. 

"Being there" for him as in being his free therapist! 

Buying him thoughtful gifts.

Being funny, witty, smart and interesting.

Having things in common, although having shared values is very important.

And I am going to be straight and say... women have been taught WRONG in regard to men in so many ways.

Although any of these things will certainly work to attract a man initially, and make him interested enough to get to know you better, and maybe want to sleep with you, it will do NOTHING to soften a man's heart and make him fall deeply in love with you.

That is because a man does not care if you are dressed to the hilt every time he sees you. Sometimes he likes seeing you in your natural, relaxed mode.

He does not care how many degrees you hold or how much you make at your job. He just wants to know that you are happy and love your life.

He does not care how many opinions you have or how many facts you can recite. He may enjoy your company if you are a great conversationalist, but he will not want to make you his one and only.

The way to a man's heart is to make him feel safe enough to explore and experience his own inner feelings and emotions.

READ that again...

"The way to a man's heart is to make him feel safe enough to explore and experience his own inner feelings and emotions."

Men, especially very masculine, action-oriented men, are not very good at accessing their feelings. That does not mean they do not have them, or that they would not want to FEEL something once in a while. 

They do, and they want so much, to be able to feel something with YOU.

And I will speak for myself here. 

I have done amazing things in my life, many wonderful experiences, and many times they would have been so much more special having that one Great Woman to share those experiences with.

Now are you ready for that simple and deep TRUTH!

If you do not communicate to him that you know what you are feeling or that you are comfortable and confident in your own, feminine skin, he will not feel comfortable or safe opening up to you, either. 

And if he cannot open himself up to you, feel RELAXED with you. He cannot fall in love with you. 

It is as simple as that.

To put it this way...

His Masculine Core wants to feel and be ATTRACTED to your Feminine Core!

Here is what makes a man feel UN-SAFE.






Hidden agendas


Lack of honesty and integrity

It is easy to feel confused about what is magnetic and juicy emotions and what is drama.

A man wants to know you are angry when you are angry and why you are angry. He just does not like it when he THINKS you are angry, and he is not sure, because you are trying hard to stifle it or stuff it down or play games with his head.

That, to him, is drama. And he is not going to feel safe in TRUSTING you!

I wanted to end the confusion that so many women and men suffer from about each other and actually help women and men understand each other more and build deep intimacy in their relationships.

When you work with me, you will learn and understand methods and tools on what really attracts a man.

What makes him give his heart over to you?

What makes him want to be around you and make you his forever?

I will teach you the secret words and body language that you can do, and so much more that will make a man feel utterly hypnotized by you.

You will say something and it will stick in his mind for days. And he will not know why. It is just something about the WAY you said it, or the words you used.

You will move in a way that he cannot help but want to get closer, touch you, caress you. Something will be different about you, and he will not be able to put his finger on it.

He will go home after being with you and think about you over and over. He will feel himself  growing more attached, more in love, and he will not be able to explain quite WHY?

That is how he will suddenly change the way he is toward you, because he will just FEEL different around you, and he will want to be around you more than around anyone else.

This will happen because you will know how the methods work with a man and practice all those hidden ways I share with you.

I will teach you what all these hidden ways are, and NONE of them are about being fake or manipulating a man. 

As a matter of fact, my methods are all about tapping in your authenticity and letting go of all the myths and untruths about what you need to DO in order to be attractive to a man.

Yes it is not easy to change and grow into a woman a man will adore!

It is challenging what I teach you and if you are after a "quick fix."

Then what I offer is not for you.

Because the TRUTH is this.

Has anyone ever taught you how to be Intimate and how to share a deep and loving intimate bond with a man?

Are you one of the many women missing out on this vital and deeply fulfilling part of your relationship with a man?

And yourself and your FEMININITY!

I can assure you that when you live your life with Authentic Intimacy and you are Confident and Love being you. You cannot go back to how things used to be.

Yet why is it most people see it and some people do not and if this is what you want now?

You might not want to learn how to be the most magnetic and alluring woman in your man's life or be that woman men are attracted to and find irresistible.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on this article?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

1... A person with a penchant for Science... creativity... books... writing... communication... fitness... sexing... sexuality... human relationships... psychology... physiology and any other area involving heavy use of the Intellect.

2... A bright person and Intelligent!

3... Ange is an Author and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development and Strategy Coach and Sexologist who works with those men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become creators of their own life... relationships and wealth! 

4... As ever always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. 

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