How To Deepen Intimate
Communication With This Simple Method.

By Ange Fonce

Are you familiar with the concept of a Demonstration of Higher Value.

Yes having interesting things to show people and fantastic stories to tell goes a long way at generating attraction.

Now what if I told you there is another form of demonstrating DHV in a far more powerful way?

There is... it is being authentic in your very way of being.

You can be loving to yourself.

You can be confident.

You can be more sharing.

You can be more loving.

You can be more intimate.

When in life do you give LESS than one hundred percent?

Are you skipping over these questions right now reading the words and not searching yourself for answers?

Seriously are you currently... as you read this article giving less than one hundred percent of yourself and being of HIGH VALUE?

Get it yet?

Well snap out of it... wake up.

I know I am not there with you and be present with me here now because this next part of the article is that powerful DHV I talked about above and you have to BE CONNECTED if you are going to get it.

Now... do not run away from this.

Here it is...

When in life are you like or not like your best authentic self?

How often do you let the people you encounter in life give less than THEIR best?

How dedicated are you to being whoever you have to be to help THEM discover and live in their greatness?

Helping others achieve greatness is truly the next level.

The version of you that shows up in every relationship dedicated to being an inspirational lover may not look exactly how you would expect it and it may take a lot of effort... trial... experimentation, and failure to unlock that part of yourself.

And when this becomes your way of being the value you will bring to the lives around you will far exceed any kind of magic trick or quick fix solution because you are being the Authentic YOU and other people will see it instantly because you will demonstrate value in everything you do.

And they cannot help to be attracted to that... it is powerful stuff... very powerful.

Giving value on the highest level will turn you into a beacon of attraction... magnetically pulling the most fulfilling relationships into your life that you could imagine... it happens to those who truly desire to be great and accept only greatness around them.

You can be great.

Deepen Intimate Communication With This Method

Some of the most interesting things people have learned about communication have come from the field of therapy... there is one intimacy deepening communication method that has spread from counselling rooms to business board rooms and even to government training programs...  the reason?  

It works!  

I would like to share with you a few of the core components of this method... this communication concept has taken on different names and I call it...

The Intimate Shared Moment Communication.

That term comes from the core component that makes it so powerful...  when done correctly and authentically... this intimate shared moment communication causes two people to feel in tune with each other.

Communication is often used to manipulate people and less often to empower people...  we tend to manipulate others to see things from our perspective...  we manipulate others even when we give a compliment in hopes of receiving a positive response...  I once heard a psychology professor claim that all communication is manipulation in one form or another...  I do not agree with that because I have used intimate shared moment communication lots and it is very powerful in connecting with others in an high value way which others respond to with out any form of manipulation... why... because it is AUTHENTIC!

With intimate shared moment communication... you can actually draw the other person into a deeper level of intimacy... even if they are not actively practising intimate shared moment communication themselves.

How does it work?  

Well first I should mention that it is something you practice and get better at over time...  fortunately the practice yields better communication even when you have not perfected the technique...  if it was not for that fact I would not even attempt to compress such an important concept into a single article.

Are you ready to learn the technique?  

Okay then here we go... now first let me warn you that the simplicity of the methods can be deceiving... there is a synergistic effect when the three factors below are combined...  none of these factors seem all that amazing by themselves and together they yield an amazing result.

First... release all intentions and open your mind to experience whatever thoughts naturally arise in your mind in response to the words of the other person you are communicating with... become fully interested in the present moment as it unfolds...  release any thoughts about the past or the future so you can bring your mind back to rest on the unfolding experience of communicating with them right now.

Second... Speak whatever thoughts come up naturally...  converse as if there was no point to the conversation other than the joy of conversation itself.

Third... I want to emphasize that this method requires that you fully appreciate and enjoy the conversation as an experience of shared oneness with another human being...  it is the relaxation and the joy that emanates from this non manipulative form of communication that has no agenda that automatically draws the other person to the same wavelength and the same shared positive experience.

This method has profound effects...  it lowers stress... lowers defensiveness and increases feelings of attraction and intimacy...  the method draws much of its strength from the experience it generates... one of shared appreciation of the present moment.

Cultivating the qualities that come with present moment awareness can lead to amazing advantages in attracting an ideal partner or building deeper intimacy with an existing partner.

Try using the three step method I shared with you above...  the first step is to memorize the three parts.  

The next action step is to practice it with all kinds of people. 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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