How To Blow A Womans Mind The First Time You Have Sexing With Her!

By Ange Fonce

Please Be Aware This Article Is Off An Intimate Nature

Have you ever heard the phrase... "first impressions are everything?"

Have you ever been nervous about the first time you get sexual with a new woman?

Have you even wondered if you did everything right the first time with a new girl?

Have you ever wondered if she enjoyed it or if you were better than her past boyfriends and ahem... even her husband?

If you have then I do not blame you... even now as a Man with a lot of experience I can tell you how nervous I get... good nervous though in expectation of what is to come yet compared to a guy who has little experience I do not even have to perform... I will just flow.

Now if you are a guy who does not have much sexing experience you have it a bit rougher.

Women DO judge a new lover and his sexing and nothing turns off a woman faster than a man who cannot please her and it is not JUST about orgasms it is about the entire sexing experience and how a man makes his new woman FEEL.

Re read that sentence again and take note... Feel... Feeling!

Women are highly EMOTIONAL and SEXUAL Beings... I bet you knew that and if not....WHY NOT?

And if the entire sexing experience did not feel right they do not want to get involved with the guy so many women will stop returning phone calls or make up excuses about how they "got busy" and this does not NEED to happen AND I am not saying you are not good in the bedroom... I am just saying that if you are a with a new girl for the first time most men are pretty much clueless.

I am also not going to say that all women are the same yet I will tell you that the first time you are with a new girl it is totally different for YOU and for HER than being with a familiar lover... so as a Man who is active and works with both men and women in the field of Sex and Gender Eructation in Human Relationships... I want to share with you a few things about the first time with a new lover that MOST women feel...

If you can give a woman an Intense Full Body Orgasm the first time you are sexing with her... she will be YOURS and will want sexing with you whenever and however you want!

Female Fact About First Time Sex 1

If you do not make a woman happy the first time... there probably will NEVER be a 2nd time as many guys think that it is okay if they are not good the first time in bed... not completely true... you see the first time with a woman is actually the MOST IMPORTANT time that you need to make her happy.


Because how you perform in bed the first time is one of the only ways that she can measure you as a man... for many women they want to feel safe and protected by their man... they want to know that he can take care of their needs... if you do not make a woman feel comfortable... feel an emotional connection which you have to know how to do the FIRST TIME and give them orgasms women are simply not impressed.

She wants to be able to FEEL she can TRUST you!


Now I am talking about healthy women here not women with low personal esteem and self worth... MAYBE she will give you a second shot and you really have to work your way back in and she will definitely be seeing other guys too... women like to keep their options open too I can assure you of that... if you do not make her feel happy the first time it sends a deep signal to a woman that...

"This man cannot take care of me."

It is not TOTALLY logical yet they do not have ANY other ways to make a very personal judgement and if at this moment your sitting there going

“Ange... this is a load of b69locks."

Well let me tell you my friend that I have invested over 30 years working and practising in the field of Human relationships and this is one of the ways a woman measures a man to see if he will be a fit mate for her... it is a biological and psychological measure a woman uses to test a man... it is programmed into her sub conscious mind in the primal brain and that is another subject for another time.

Any guy can buy dinner or take a woman out on a date and the man that can make a woman orgasm over and over the first time... now HE is someone special.

This type of Man is very rare and HE is the man that once a woman has experienced him will just want to be with on ANY terms!

Female Fact about First Time Sex 2

Giving your woman an orgasm the FIRST TIME is not about size or stamina it is about "sexing energy."

Many guys think that if they get on top and pound away their new lover will be very excited and come over and over for them... you CAN turn women into silly putty in your arms yet pounding away like a machine is not the way.

And guys porn films are actors and actresses and I can tell you now... that when you really know how to turn a woman on and she is open and flowing she will put those porn stars to shame!

To be fair it is really hard for a man to know this without a woman telling him... you see for women the first time is all about sexing chemistry... check out what women read or the shows that women watch... like Cosmopolitan Magazine or the television show Sex in the City... whenever women TALK about new lovers that were amazing they always talk about the "sexing chemistry."

To put it plain and simple for you guys... sexing chemistry the first time is all about you saying the right things and going from the courting to the sexing SMOOTHLY and naturally... when you do those things right a woman surrender their bodies... minds and their orgasms to you.

Let us keep going...

Female Fact about First Time Sex 3

If you do not GET to the sexing the right way they have already CHECKED YOU OUT before it begins!

Women when with a new lover JUDGE everything... yes of course they judge you... just as you look at them to make sure they are pretty and treat you like you want to be treated and beyond looking to make sure they are not excessive nose hairs and guys take a look at your own nose hair they are really judging HOW you get them to the sexing.

If you do not do foreplay right and remember foreplay is NOT about them giving you a blow job... by the time you are inside most women... they CANNOT come because you just have not warmed her up right with your words... your touches and the steps you took to get a woman naked !

When you do not follow what women consider the "natural" path from courting to sexing they feel awkward and self conscious and when a woman feels like that... you have given her NO opportunity to relax and orgasm!

Female Fact About First Time Sex 4

If you are amazing in bed the first time she will want a relationship with you or just sexing if that is all that she can get!

Every man and girl woman has seen this kind of relationship or possibly will... where the guy is treating the girl terribly because he is a total jerk and she never leaves him!

It's not because she's addicted to the abuse...its because he is so good in bed starting from the FIRST time that she FEELS such a strong attraction to him!

You probably know by now that that women are HIGHLY emotional creatures and if you not only make them orgasm the first time and also make them feel a strong sexing chemistry and do things that make them feel safe and connected to you sexually they are yours HOWEVER you want them.

Yes most women do want to get married yet it is nearly impossible for them to leave a man who rocked their body and mind the first time because of the intense sexual attraction he created... unfortunately it can give the guy total control over what the relationship is... which is often bad news for women.

And I really want to stress a point here...

Yes I write articles and give you tips and pointers yet I never write about the real deep knowledge I know... why?

Because in my practice over the years I have seen women whose life has become a total misery because she got involved with a psychopath and they cannot leave the man because they are totally addicted to the sexing... there are men who know how to get to a woman sexually and totally abuse her and use her for their own ruthless and selfish ends and will only drop her when they have drained her dry.

I do not teach men do this to women as I am totally against it... I am not happy with a lots that is now being taught to men of “how to get to the sex of women” as if the Woman... the Human being is an obstacle that has to be overcome to get sex... this is the stuff of psychopaths that is being taught to men for f69ks sake!


Do not mistake me here... women do love sexing... in fact nature has equipped women to be far more sexual than men and they are also thinking... feeling Human Beings who like you as a Man want to feel respected... admired... appreciated and treated right!

They want to feel they are SPECIAL!

I do not teach Men how to get sex from Woman... what I teach Men is how to give the Gift of themselves as a Great Man... the fullness of their Masculinity and how to lead a Woman so she can surrender and give the fullness of her Femininity to YOU!

A woman will be more than just addicted to you SHE WILL ADORE YOU!

Is that not what being a Man is about... being powerfully Masculine then learning a load of psychopathic mind control tricks to twist a woman inside out and f69k her up?

Female Fact About First Time Sex 5

99% of men use the wrong positions and techniques the first time and forget what Matters Most!

The first time you are with a woman is extremely different for her than ANY other time you are with her that I if you get a second shot... for women they want you to use the positions and techniques and SAY the things that make them feel that sexing chemistry.

First time sex for women is NOT about advanced sex positions or you showing off your crazy skills... it is about you being inside their heads... hearts and body in the way that forever draws them to you sexually and emotionally to put it simply... Seduction!

For the first time it is all about using the techniques and putting a woman in the positions that make them feel safe... relaxed and CONNECTED to you... TRUSTING YOU!

Then they can orgasm for you... often more than once!

Now that I have shared a little on how women think about first time sexing I want to share something with you....

In some cultures in the world when a young man reaches sexual maturity... he will be sent to an older and more experienced women to get a “sexing education” in how to sex a woman... he will learn first hand all about a woman sexually.

Well such practice now is frowned upon in many cultures... the most men get these days is a basic course in what I call plumbing at school and what they see on the internet. “Porn”

And I can tell you now it is not a good way to learn about sexing and women... most men are badly equipped and mis informed about female sexuality... so I am going to share a personal story from me...

I was 15 at the time and working with an uncle on a contract in Belgium at the time and my 16th birthday was coming up... unbeknown to me... my Uncle Ernest had gone to Ostend and found the best “Palais de l'amour” or in English... Palace of Love in the city and he had talked to the Madam and paid for me to have the very best service there.

Well when it come to my birthday... I had finished work... cleaned up myself up and polished up for the night and the guys took me out for a night on the town... my Uncle though was pretty strict on what I was drinking... I did not know it at this at the time that the whole crew was in on what was about to happen.

My Uncle suggested we go to a Club he knew... well we all went of and turned up at this Club and my uncle took me inside... I was a bit puzzled with what was going on and when we went inside at it was like a palace a really beautiful place and My Uncle went of and was talking to a very Beautiful woman.... who kept smiling at me and I still had not a clue what was going on?

Then they both come over and my Uncle said to me as a “Birthday treat” he had booked me a room for the night and I was to get the “5 star treatment”... to me this was cool... little knowing what was to come was going to be so much more so... then this absolutely gorgeous raven haired slender young woman appeared... I still remember her name... silly me how could I forget... “Simone” she was 25 and I was informed she would be taking “care” of me for my stay there.

Well if you have not guessed by now... my Uncle had set up and paid for “my education” into Womanhood and not only that... into Manhood too!

What I learnt that night was Amazing... I went in there as a boy and come out a wiser young Man!

I felt completely different... I had changed and when I returned back to the site and the rest of the guys... there was a whole different vibe.... I was no longer treated as a boy... I had entered Manhood!

My Uncle Ernest is now gone bliss him... that Man taught me so much about being a MAN and how to relate to women and yes he was a Ladies Man... he knew their ways and more importantly... he knew how to Live and be as a Man and was relaxed and comfortable in his Masculinity!

That first sexing experience for me laid a solid foundation for the rest of my life in so many ways... so YES gentlemen the first time is IMPORTANT... it sets the tone for everything else that is to come.

And remember this... sexing is also to be fun and you are only limited by your own imagination!

Always leave a woman all the better for knowing you... she will remember you with affection as a MAN... instead of remembering you as a spineless wimp or a manipulating psycho.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Dynamic Lifers are DOING IT all the time!

Yours Sincerely

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